Change of perspective: seeing things differently

With a Change of perspective put yourself in the position of another person and try to look at a situation through the eyes of the other person.

Such a change of one’s own point of view brings many Advantages with and can even lead to more success – however the conversion is everything else than simple.

Perception is anything but objective and people usually only see what they want to see. Through his own eyes and from his personal position. But it is worth working on a change of perspective and learning, not always only its own view of things to consider, but to think and decide more objectively.

Like you Benefit from a change of perspective..

Change of perspective: Seeing things differently

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Change of perspective: The advantages of a new perspective

Not everyone understands the meaning behind a change of perspective from the start. A frequent question is then: Why should I try to see through the eyes of others?? After all, you want to make up your own mind, find an opinion and rely on what you think, feel and experience. On the one hand understandable and quite positive, but at the same time cause for the problem.

Your subjective perception is by no means always right, even if it may feel that way to you. One advantage of a change of perspective is therefore that you get a more objective picture. Sometimes you are simply stuck in your views and rock-solidly convinced of something that you no longer question this at all. Only when you succeed in looking at things more neutrally and from the outside, you can recognize that you may have been wrong all along.

But also the exact opposite can be a good reason for a change of perspective. With a new perspective, you do not necessarily have to correct yourself and change your opinion. You can also feel confirmed in your views or even find further arguments to support your point of view.

A great advantage of a change of perspective is also that Possibility to solve the problem. When faced with a major challenge or a problem for which you simply do not see a solution, you are sometimes too close to it. You can’t see the proverbial forest for the trees, whereas with a greater distance and the view from the outside there seems to be no real obstacle at all.

With the new perspective you can see, what you yourself have not yet thought of and instead of struggling with a problem, you are literally shown how simple it can be.

Learn more about yourself with a change of perspective

You know yourself best, know your strengths but also your possible weaknesses and understand what makes you tick and what kind of personality you are. Only you know all your thoughts and feelings – how can you learn anything about yourself through a change of perspective?? The crucial point is the difference between Self-perception and perception of others.

From your point of view, you are probably behaving correctly at all times, appearing likeable, competent, helpful… But do your colleagues and other fellow human beings think the same?? Your own External perception is often misjudged and so you may not even know that some of your behaviors are negative to the people around you.

In order to become aware of your own external impact, however, you must be prepared to consider quite self-critically reflect on your own behavior and also be able to possibly admit your own mistakes and change something about them in the future.

This is how it works with the change of perspective

A change of perspective usually takes a bit of practice, and so you probably won’t succeed right away in putting yourself in someone else’s shoes enough to actually see things from their point of view and understand what they are thinking and how they assess the situation.

Fortunately, however, you can learn to do this and there are Various methods and tips, with which a change of perspective can be achieved.

Keep an open mind and an open mind

A change of perspective can only be successful if you remain mentally flexible and do not stiffen up to 120 percent on your views. Allow others to have a different opinion as well, without categorically rejecting or badmouthing them from the start. The more open you are to another person’s perspective, the better you can engage with it and really understand it.

Ask for feedback

One of the best and easiest ways to change perspectives is to ask specifically for someone else’s point of view. For example, approach your colleagues and specifically ask for feedback and other views. What do they think about a particular situation or upcoming problem? How does this perspective differ from your? With this information, you’ll find it much easier to follow the perspective because you won’t have to guess what others are thinking, you’ll already know for sure.

Do things deliberately differently

For a change of perspective, it’s helpful if you don’t do things the same way you always have. Typical behavior and your old habits mean that your view of things also remains the same. Break such patterns and consciously do something different. Changed behavior also stimulates changed ways of thinking and already you can take a fresh look at something.

Take the position of another person

It takes a little imagination and also empathy, but you can achieve a real change of perspective when you can actually put yourself in another person’s shoes. In the process, you can ask yourself specific questions that can help. What does my colleague think of me in this situation? How would I act if I were person X? How might someone else react in my shoes?

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