Buy ps5 in february 2022 – watch out for these retailers today

February 2021 finally saw some movement around the 4. Order wave. The first online retailers offered after a long time again and again to buy the PlayStation 5. And in February 2022, it’s still going on. MeinMMO shows you where prospective buyers should lurk in the coming days.

The article is structured as follows:

  • On page 1, that is this one, you will find only the current week from now on (31.01. – 06.02.) with all their developments
  • On page 2 you will find the progress of the past week (24.01. – 30.01.)
  • On page 3 you can now find the original original news of the article
  • Note: We have removed the entire ticker history from 2021 due to performance issues

Daily reading tips for the waiting period:

Buy PS5 – 31. January to 06. February in the ticker

Update 1. February, 15:30: It all seems like nothing will continue to happen today as well. If we do, we are of course immediately in action for you!

Update 1. February, 14:03: And also as of early afternoon there is still nothing new to report about the availability of the PS5. But of course we will stay tuned for you!

Update 1. February, 12:15: Even at noon, so far it remains quiet about the availability of the PS5. However, we have summarized for you why it currently looks like you could still have a chance to buy a PS5 this week at two specific retailers.

Update 1. February, 10:10 a.m: Tuesday morning is just as quiet as yesterday’s Monday: without any special events regarding new PS5 contingents.

Update 1. February, 08:10: A very good morning to all. It remains very unclear when and where the next PS5 drop will take place. From the heatmap shared yesterday, you can see which days of the week and times of day each vendor prefers to sell, but there is an indeterminate number of weeks between two drops from the same vendor.

Our current favorites remain Otto and its sister Baur. Plus Euronics and Muller. All of the above have yet to have a single PS5 drop in 2022. Therefore, we expect here at the latest now in February with supply.

As always, we’ll keep you updated on all developments and offers.

Update 31. January, 3:57 pm: The industry magazine GamesWirtschaft has created a heatmap, on which it is easy to see when the usual times are for drops of the individual retailers in Germany.
Even though both Expert and GameStop are out of this one, having moved PlayStation5 sales entirely to brick-and-mortar stores for some time now, and Media Markt and Saturn have also been offering offline pre-order promotions on occasion for a few months now, you still probably have the best chance of getting a PS5 at a drop right now.

At this point you will find an external content from Twitter, which complements the article.

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Update 31. January, 2:27 pm: As is not untypical for Montage, there is nothing to report about the availability of the PS5 even in the early afternoon.

However, Sony Interactive confirmed today that the PlayStation-exclusive Gran Turismo 7 will be released in time for 4.3. will be published. On Thursday, you can also get an idea of what the game looks like in the latest State of Play issue.

Update 31. January, 12:45: Towards noon, it remains quiet about the PS5. But we will stay tuned for you!

Update 31. January, 10:15am: Things have remained quiet around Otto/Baur this morning in regards to an upcoming PS5 drop. But we do not completely rule out the chances for today yet. Distributors and shippers are largely concerned with unpredictability, so we continue to keep a close eye on everything.

Update 31. January, 08:00: Good morning to all. The new week starts like the last one ended: Otto/Baur is still on top of our watch list. The usual sale window on this is in the morning at 09:00 am. As soon as there is something new to report about this or other retailers you will of course find out immediately here in the ticker.

Here again is the list of all the traders that you should keep in mind today and also in general:




Important: At Libro and Mediamarkt (Austria) no deliveries to foreign countries are possible. There will only be shipped to Austrian addresses. Also from Switzerland you will not get a PS5 delivered to Germany.

The offers marked here are provided with so-called affiliate links. With a purchase via one of these links you support MeinMMO: Without affecting the price, we receive a small commission from the provider.

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Good luck with your hunt!

People the hope for a PS5 at Muller is gone those who have not received an order confirmation until today but have paid yesterday get no more and the money will be today or in the future. until tomorrow automatically back transferred, it went probably nevertheless not after first in first out….. ?

Thank you for your relentless help on the hunt for the Playstation. I was able to get one at Alza(Austria) on friday. Unfortunately only with the game ratchet&Clank and the HD camera. But at least it is so far that it will be delivered tomorrow. My PS4 can finally retire now, it’s gotten so noisy anyway. If anyone here is interested in the game or the camera, feel free to get in touch. I would give both things at a moderate price.

I would also like to thank you, I had thanks to them here learned the Medimax on 12.01.2022 had a drop, which ran for a while, I had the intuition times to look how it looked with drops and had also read how you had to click despite overloaded server. First I would have had the possibility to buy one with a drive at Medimax in Freiberg, but I couldn’t put it into the shopping cart, because the system hung up.

Later I put the digital then at Medimax in Riesa in the shopping cart, the rest had then worked, I have it, my router was in the security requirements no longer Sufficient, which is why I had to go online via a LAN cable, I also ordered one, which is now there.

My alltes user account of the PS3 brought the message, that I would have to enter a 2-digit machine code, which I got as SMS on my Smartphone. When I signed up for Sony Playstation 2012 I didn’t have a smartphone, they didn’t have my number.

On inquiry with the customer service would have wanted the my user name, which I did not know of 2012 naturally more, there the situation was in such a way, that not even Sony Playstation could activate my account again, I would have had to go there over the Bundestag, that the for me a not bedinkte law change issue, that Sony my customer account again to manufacture would have been able.

Then the easier way was to use my other e-mail address, with this I could then log in and use the console.

This other registration I undertook by the way, because I curious white times on Playstation directly went and there the registration failed, since the technical start difficulties had, I had possiblywhite thereby also my alltes account crashed. I noticed in this context that I could not log on to my PS3 anymore either. I don’t know why exactly, but I’ve been playing Granturismo 6 offline for a while now, but I think I’ve been playing it for a while now. one year my alltes password did not work.

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