Build your own sauna – variants, material& instruction

Build your own sauna - variants, material & instructions

Build your own sauna – variants, material& Instructions Who would not like to have a own sauna within its four walls have? This is not always possible, because in a rented apartment in most cases such a desire remains unfulfilled. However, those who have their own house or condominium can fulfill this dream. It is also possible to build a sauna yourself if you have your own garden.

The optimal and certainly simplest solution a Building a sauna yourself, is certainly that of a kit. With a so-called kit it is not difficult to design one according to his wishes.

If you want to build a sauna yourself, you should think carefully about the place of installation. Not every place, not every room are suitable for this purpose.

  • the room should have enough space
  • the humidity must be able to be led away to 100%
  • a shower should be in the immediate vicinity
  • the possibility to get outside quickly is an advantage, but not an absolute must
  • there should be enough silence in the room

Modern saunas can be placed in the bathroom if the bathroom is large enough. Similarly, saunas are often installed in the bedroom, if there is an adjoining bathroom. However, in numerous cases, a home sauna is often built in the basement or attic. There is usually enough space.

Before you can build a sauna yourself, the planning usually takes place, you should also think about the desired sauna technology in advance. Furthermore, different types of saunas are available. Which design is the most appealing to you? If you want to build a small sauna, you only need one socket so that it can be put into operation.

To Building a sauna it is not mandatory that you have a large basement or a huge attic. It is possible to build a sauna even in small rooms without any problems. Before building any sauna, regardless of whether it is a smaller or larger model, pay attention to the installation height. There are saunas from manufacturers, which are not larger than a normal shower cabin. In addition to the required space, which you should definitely calculate, the price of course also plays a serious role. Saunas vary extremely in price. A large sauna can very quickly cost more than 3000 euros. However, if you are satisfied with a smaller model, you can purchase it for less than 1000 euros.

However, if you only focus on the price, you often pay double. Cheap saunas are not always of high quality. After a short time of use, you can already quickly set its functions again. The right quality of a sauna depends on the material without question. The wood used is crucial. If you choose, for example, a Nordic spruce, you know something about good quality. It has a high density. But other types of wood can also be used very well for the construction of saunas. Here, for example, Red Cedar or the low-resin Hemlock fir is recommended.

Integrate the sauna into the sloping roof

Often builders are reluctant to integrate a sauna into the roof slope. For this, they always like to turn to professionals to take over this task. However, the installation of a sauna by a professional can be extremely expensive. A kit is the right solution, with such, you will also easily become a professional.

A sauna is especially beautiful when it is located in your own many walls. If one comes in the evening from the work and the back or the shoulders hurt, one does not always have desire still into the Sauna to drive. Having your own sauna at home is certainly the best solution here.

Build your own sauna - variants, material& instruction

Build your own sauna - variants, material& instruction

Build your own sauna - variants, material& instruction

Build your own sauna - variants, material& instruction

It is important, if you install your own sauna in a sloping roof, that you definitely think about an exhaust system. Such a system provides the necessary air exchange. Likewise, it is very important that the air can also circulate around the sauna operation. When building your sauna, you should make sure that it has at least five centimeters of space between it and the ceiling and the rest of the walls. Furthermore, a waterproof subfloor is essential. A water connection and a water drain are also a matter of course. You should not forget this under any circumstances. To integrate such after the fact can be very time consuming and tedious.

The construction of a sauna is easily done in one day, even if you have never built one before. In the best case, the side walls are made of multilayer spruce wood. These are erected relatively quickly and securely using a so-called tongue-and-groove plug-in system. Installation is quick and easy. In the wall construction, which is made of several layers, there are usually three chambers. Air is trapped here. Numerous booths are also different in terms of design. There is a possibility that mineral wool insulation and a vapor barrier is present. Such a design has the great advantage if you want to use it only as a steam sauna.

Build sauna in the basement

Set up a sauna in the basement is often the most chosen method. In the basement it is always quiet and also usually hygienic. This is also possible without problems if you only have small basement rooms. Also when building a sauna in the basement, the choice of the right wood is especially important. Especially in the basement, there is a high risk that the wrong wood can quickly grow mold and you will not enjoy your sauna for a long time. Here the first choice should be a Nordic spruce or you can choose hemlock, which is obtained from the north of Canada.

It is important to always use wood with a low thermal conductivity inside the sauna. If this is not the case, you could get burned when you sit on the bench. Suitable woods for benches are, for example, aspen, cardboard or basswood. If you have decided on a kit, one will have already considered the dangers here. In principle, there are two types of saunas, the solid wood sauna and the elemtsauna. The so-called Elemtsauna consists of a wooden frame construction, this is filled with insulation. A solid wood sauna consists entirely of naturally grown wood. These saunas are much more expensive than element saunas.

The stove

A heater belongs to every sauna, this is essential. Such a heater is usually obtained from the same manufacturer where the sauna comes from. This is important, because the manufacturer can tell you directly which stove is suitable for your sauna. Here you have to pay attention to the right power. Most saunas require 7.5 kilowatts, with a maximum sauna size of 10 cubic meters. Saunas, which are larger, usually need 9 kilowatt stoves.

Likewise, when buying the heater, you must decide whether you need a pure heater, or it should also bring a steam bath function. It is also important whether you prefer a purely electric heater or whether you prefer to choose between a gas, oil or wood heater. A good choice are also stoves, which can be installed under the bench, because these are space-saving. Wall-hung units are also an option, but these take up much more space. If you are building a sauna in a confined space, you should opt for the underbench version. Here the stove is placed under the bench.

Every stove has a control unit, such a unit is very important. Through this you can regulate the temperature and this while you are in the sauna. It would be very costly if you always had to leave the sauna when you want to readjust the temperature. The required cables go from the heater to the control unit and from here on to the power connection. You should not make these connections alone. It is extremely important that you have a professional come to your house for this purpose.

Of course, you can also build a sauna from scratch yourself. However, such a project requires a lot of craftsmanship and knowledge. Only those who have already gained experience in this field should undertake such a project. Good planning is the most important thing here, because only in this way you can manage to build a sauna yourself, even without a kit. But why should you undertake such a mammoth task, when in the end a kit is much cheaper?.

A sauna at home is always a great thing. In the garden you can build yourself a beautiful little house to house your sauna for the winter. If you have a little more space you can also make a small lounge area with it point here you can always live a cozy adventure with friends. The sauna in your own backyard is always a great asset Point you will see how great it feels to have your own sauna at home. It has to do not only with the feel good and the added value for them at home. Rather, hygiene is also always easier to maintain at home than in a public sauna. Especially in times where hygiene and contact with other people is important, it is crucial that you can enjoy the sauna for yourself.

Contact with other people in a public sauna can never be avoided. Especially when it comes to maintaining the contact ban in times of corona. You will see how great it feels to be able to enjoy sauna without caution and danger.

A great eye catcher is also always a sauna barrel. This can be wonderfully self-fired even with an external stove. You can also get this stove for the sauna as a wood stove. so you can operate the sauna ecologically.

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