Build sauna yourself

Several ways lead to your own sauna. One is to build the sauna by yourself. If you also want to build your own sauna, you should first inform yourself about. We have compiled the most important information.

Advantages of building a sauna by yourself

We can understand that many do-it-yourselfers want to do the sauna construction themselves. There are good reasons.

Build sauna yourself

Reason 1: Reduce costs

Whether for indoors or outdoors, the way to your own sauna is linked to costs. Those who build their own sauna can save money compared to installation by a professional. Especially if the sauna construction is to be realized with a low budget, the self-build is an attractive option.

Reason 2: Free time management

With do-it-yourself construction comes a lot of leeway in terms of time management. You decide when and how long you work on your sauna project.

Reason 3: Self-realization

With things that you have made yourself, the appreciation is completely different. You are aware of the expense and know z.B. appreciate detail work much more. As a result, the feeling is also different when taking a sauna – it gives great pleasure to savor the wellness area you have created yourself.

Cost trap self-built sauna

The decision to build your own sauna is made with good intentions, but often the cost advantage compared to purchasing a sauna from a professional is not that great. There is also the risk: sometimes the self-built sauna ends up being much more expensive because things were not taken into account and mistakes were made.

A common reason is the procurement of the materials. Suppliers like us, buy solid wood in large quantities, which results in low prices. Those who buy their own wood usually pay considerably more.

The sauna project threatens to become really expensive if certain work is not carried out professionally. With the indoor sauna, thermal bridges to the actual building can occur, where moisture is deposited. There is not only the threat of mold, but also damage to the shell of the building. Such damage can outweigh the cost of the actual sauna construction many times over. Clever do-it-yourselfers hedge this risk by opting for a high-quality kit.

Poor insulation also threatens increased energy consumption. The result is unnecessary electricity costs, which make sauna use expensive in the long run.

Other dangers and possible disadvantages of self-building

Apart from the cost traps there are other risks that you should be aware of.

SafetyThe sauna heater develops a considerable temperature, which is why the issue of fire safety must be taken into account. The choice of materials but also their processing and the observance of distances are of utmost importance here.

ComfortLack of experience in sauna construction often results in poor planning, so that, for example, no optimal use of the room area is made. Likewise, there is a risk of compromises in the equipment, which actually do not need to be. This will significantly reduce the desired wellness experience.

Durability and design: Best materials as well as a professional execution of the work are indispensable, so that sauna cabin and equipment achieve a long service life. The same applies to the achievable appearance. Those who make wrong decisions or sloppily, have to accept such trade-offs.

Misconceptions about the self-built sauna

Sauna made to measureSome do-it-yourselfers think that self-building would give them more freedom of design to build the home sauna completely to their liking. But these times are long gone. Even inexpensive off-the-shelf solutions are now so modular that the cabin and sauna equipment can be customized to the highest level.

Simple cabin: Even if the cabin was apparently well carpentered, it does not always provide the necessary safety. The prevention of thermal bridges and the resulting protection from condensation, mold, etc. now requires expertise and experience.

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