Build muscle: here’s how it works

Build muscle: here's how it works

In today’s society, an aesthetic and well-toned body has already become a must have. Many fashion magazines and influencers in social media present and brag about their athletic physique, both men but also more and more women. But having a fit body is not only beneficial for aesthetic reasons. It also brings many health benefits, whether mental or physical.

But having a well-toned body can be a tough business, especially if you don’t have good genetic predispositions to it. No matter what is trumpeted around by many "fitness coaches", how to lose weight in the fastest way or. Build muscle, there’s no getting around training hard and changing your diet if necessary to achieve an aesthetically pleasing, well-toned body.

The most important in a nutshell

  • The best way to build muscle is with the hypertrophy approach, i.e. by performing a minimum of six to a maximum of 12 repetitions of three to four sets each. If you look at the training plan of a classic bodybuilder, it shows that they train for hypertrophy.
  • Many people who want to build muscles, but especially beginners still believe the misconception that the more often you work out a week, the more muscles you will also build. This is not the case, however, because the muscle in the resting phase or in the training phase is not under tension. after the training grows and therefore needs to regenerate.
  • Essential for muscle building is a balanced and healthy diet, enriched with proteins. However, it is not obligatory to eat only animal products to meet your protein needs, as there are plenty of plant foods that contain just as much, if not more, protein.

Background: What you should know about muscle building

Fit men (and now also women) are considered attractive and sexy in contrast to people with an average body or a thicker figure. With muscles you look much more confident and influential on the people around you. But the path to a muscular body is no walk in the park.

Depending on how muscular you want to be, hard training, especially in the strength area is needed. In the following the most important aspects around muscle building are listed.

How do our muscles work??

The muscles in the human body are attached to the bones by tendons and consist of bundles of several muscle fibers. The movement of bones in the joints occurs through the contraction and relaxation of muscles. There are two types of muscles: The flexor (z. B. the biceps) and the extensors (z. B. triceps), which are responsible for different movement sequences.

Muscles are attached to tendons and bones, and consist of several muscle fibers.

In addition, muscles are differentiated according to their functions and their structure. Transversely striated muscles, for example, are considered skeletal muscles, of which humans have about 400, and visceral muscles can be called smooth muscles.

We control our muscles by our own will, or rather by the will of our body. our consciousness.Muscles help us humans to perform movements. These cells are capable of shortening and contracting, which is also called muscle contraction.

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