Build muscle faster& lose weight on the side: this is how it’s done!

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Women can not build muscle? Evil prejudice.

  1. · Build muscle and lose weight: This is why strength training is so important
  2. · Build muscles: on equipment, with dumbbells or your own body as a weight?
  3. · The best exercises to help the body build muscle quickly
  4. · Build muscle fast with the right diet
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It’s true that women can’t build muscle quite as fast as men can. This is partly because they have more fat and less muscle mass to begin with. In addition, the body hardly produces testosterone. But: it does not matter at all. Very few women want huge mountains of muscle, but rather well-defined muscles. And you can do it without any problems.

Build muscle and lose weight: This is why strength training is so important

Building some muscle is important for several reasons. You are doing something for your body and health. And: if you want to lose weight, you should definitely build muscles specifically. Muscle, after all, burns more fat – even when you’re resting comfortably on the couch. Another plus: more muscle mass increases your basal metabolic rate, d.h. the amount of calories you consume at rest. This is important for those whose basal metabolic rate is very low due to various crash diets. The higher your basal metabolic rate, the more you can eat without gaining weight.

Build muscle: on machines, with dumbbells or your own body as weight?

There are several ways you can build muscle. The good news: Even small workouts and even endurance training strengthen muscles.

No one needs to sign up at the gym to do a little strength training. Although with equipment it is a little easier, because there is less risk of postural errors or incorrect performance of the exercise. But you can just as well work out with dumbbells at home or do exercises with your body weight only. You can also use this to build and shape muscle – you won’t get big muscle packs from it, though.

If you work with weights, you should take the size that you can lift well 10 to 15 times. The muscles should then ache. If you only manage very few reps, the weight is still too heavy.

The best exercises to help your body build muscle quickly

If you’re training at home, there are a few exercises you should definitely do. If you want to build muscle fast, do the exercises at least three days a week.

Push-ups (for arms, chest& Back)
Comes on the knees or on the tops of the feet. Arms are slightly wider than shoulder width, hands are at shoulder height. Tighten your belly and bend your arms low, push your chest to the ground. Make sure that the bottom does not slide up or down.
3 x as many repetitions as possible

Lunges (for legs and buttocks)
Stand up straight, take a small dumbbell in both hands. Tighten the abdomen tightly and then make a big lunge forward with the right leg. Make sure your knee doesn’t extend past the top of your foot. Left knee goes low toward the floor. Return to the starting position and repeat as many times as you can manage. Then change the leg.
3 x as many repetitions as possible per side

Jackknife (for abdominals)
Sit up straight, belly tight.
Variation for the straight abs: Lean your upper body slightly back, lift your legs bent, calves should be parallel to the floor. Now pushes upper body and knees together and apart again as often as possible. Do a total of 3 x as many repetitions as possible

Variation for the oblique abs: Sit at an angle, put your legs bent on one side and do oblique crunches. Do a total of 3 x as many repetitions as possible

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