Beautiful updos for wigs

Beautiful updos

Already the women in ancient Egypt knew how to set themselves in scene with an updo hairstyle. The nape of the neck and neck come out particularly nicely in this case. Pinned hairstyles are very suitable for wigs with medium or long hair. But also the hair of short wigs can be put up perfectly. Here we have some pretty hairstyles for you, which you can easily style yourself.

Before styling: comb hair well and knead in some styling mousse

To make the styling perfect, comb out the wig carefully and knead some mousse into the hair if necessary. Make sure that the foam is also suitable for the corresponding wig hair. For dividing the individual hair sections, it is best to use a handle comb.

For medium to long hair

Classic bun or bun:

Next to the ponytail, the classic chignon is one of the most popular hairstyles that women wear. Yet the topknot is a hairstyle that can be created very quickly and easily.

1. First, strictly tie the hair at the top of the head into a ponytail.
2. Put a chignon pillow around the braid.
3. Put the hair around the pillow like a fan.
4. Fix the hair around the knot with a hair tie.
5. Twirl strands that hang out and twist them around the topknot.
6. Fixing strands with hairpins.

Neck chignon or low bun:

The low bun is one of the most popular updos, as it captivates with its elegance and variability. Shoulder-length hair is not enough for styling, however. The hair must be longer to form the corresponding loop.

1. Tie hair tightly into a braid at the nape of the neck. The braid is placed either directly in the neck or on the side, depending on your preference.
2. Wrap a hair tie around the braid. When pulling the hair through for the last time, pull it out only halay so that it forms a loop. The size of the loop depends on how big the low bun should be in the end.
3. Now take the end of the braid and wrap the hair around the hair tie.
4. Fix the hair with bobby pins.

Messy bun: the perfect imperfect look

1. Tie your hair in a ponytail at the desired place on your head.
2. Now pull the braid through underneath the hair elastic and pin it with bobby pins.
3. To make the undone look perfect, pull the hair a little apart.
4. Let a few strands hang out and you have the perfect imperfect hairstyle.


1. Tie a ponytail at the top of the head.
2. Now twist the braid together to a kind of snail.
3. Fix the resulting snail with hairpins.

For bridal hairstyles, the chignon can still be decorated with flowers, pearls and other noble hair ornaments.

Braided pinned hairstyle

1. Divide hair into three equal sections and secure the side strands with a clip each first.
2. Then braid the middle section of hair down to the nape as a French braid.
3. Fix the braid at this point with a hair tie.
4. Now divide the lower end into two sections and continue to braid them as normal braids.
5. Detach the side sections of hair from the clips.
6. Increasing individual strands of hair now braid these sections tightly to the head.
7. Place the two side braids over the middle braid and pin with hairpins.
8. Fix the two smaller braids from the middle braid as well with bobby pins.

Pin hairstyles for short hair

Sophisticated updos are easy to style even with short hair. When the side parts at least at the level of the earlobes If you end up with short hair, it is possible to use all of your hair for updos.

1. On the front, comb the hair out of the forehead and fold it into a quiff and pin it down with bobby pins.
2. Twist in the side and back strands and pin them up as well.

Each hairstyle is of course finished with the appropriate, Fixed with hairspray that matches the hair quality of the wig, so that it holds perfectly.

Tip: If you have chosen an updo that makes you look a bit severe, just pluck out a few strands of hair. This will make your face look a little softer.

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