Assistance with job application, cover letter and resume

As a basis for a successful career start, a good application is crucial.

For application documents and job interviews the saying applies: "The first impression counts". A good application is therefore like a first business card that you hand in to your future employers. IBB AG offers you the appropriate support for the creation of your application documents, in order to make the start of the application process much easier for you.

For more than 30 years, we have been helping our participants to realize their professional dreams. You too can benefit from our experience and rely on our know-how in the area of Application Management and Mediation. Our employees are highly committed to supporting you on your way into the job market. To be able to do this in the best possible way, we constantly improve our strategies and adjust them to the current requirements of the job market to. A decisive success factor here is, among other things, good and close contact with employers in the region.

Additional free service offer for IBB participants

Assistance with job application, cover letter and resume

Assistance with job application, cover letter and resume

Our extensive offer in the field of application training gives you the opportunity to optimally prepare for job interviews and significantly improve your chances on the job market. Of course, our job coaches at the locations are available to you with advice and support. They will be happy to work out individual strategies with you in a personal meeting so that you can get back to work as quickly as possible. This offer is also free of charge for IBB AG customers.

We also offer a wide range of coaching and job application support for customers with an activation and placement voucher (AVGS).

FAQs on the job application

How to write a good cover letter?

While the resume is relatively static in structure, the cover letter gives you a good opportunity to include in your application flexible to the Requirements of the advertised position and to tell more about yourself, Here should be your Personality and motives, focus on specific position to apply, in the foreground. The most important thing here is to describe, on the basis of concrete examples from your professional experience to explain that you have certain qualities required by the job description. A mere enumeration of the qualities required in the advertisement says nothing about you and how you work. Avoid phrases such as "I am communicative, able to work under pressure and have strong organizational skills". Instead, tell when and how you have proven on the job that you possess these very qualities.

Assistance with job application, cover letter and resume

Assistance with job application, cover letter and resume

Describe in short sentences how you perform in a specific situation, in a project or simply in your daily work. Become the "hero in your own Success story. Through concrete practical examples the reader is able to better imagine you working and filling the vacant position in his company. The decisive factor here is that you short and crisp get to the point.

Please orient yourself in the formulation of the Cover letter roughly to three paragraphs (introduction, main body, conclusion) and always formulate it individual Suitable for the advertised position. To make your work a little easier, you can, for example thematic patterns save them, which you then always reformulate to suit the position and the employer (sample clerical work, sample marketing, sample social work).

Extra tipWith regard to the form of the cover letter, please follow the norm DIN 5008. This sets the design rules for (commercial) correspondence. The cover letter should not exceed the length of one page.

How to write a resume?

Unlike the cover letter, the curriculum vitae is not subject to a concrete DIN. Here you can search through a specific uniform layout or a special structure stand out from your competitors and present your Underline personality. However, there are certain preferences in Germany as to what an optimal resume should look like. Neatly and uniformly structured, not too extravagant and above all in tabular form. Of course, the layout always depends on the industry and is to a certain extent subject to the spirit of the times. Today a female engineer should apply differently than a graphic designer or a baker. One thing is true for all: The CV should not be longer than 2 pages, for very experienced applicants a maximum of 3 pages long. Get to the point!

Assistance with job application, cover letter and resume

Assistance with job application, cover letter and resume

There are two ways to write a resume. Either you choose antichronoligical Form with the most current position first or the classic chronological, starting with the highest school-leaving qualification (nobody is interested in which elementary school you went to …). In any case, the most common variant for people with work experience today is the antichronlogical form. So you start with the most recent work experience and then work your way back to the past. In both cases, meticulously collect all the data with professional context. Self gaps or timesthe job search are to be listed. Here you should, if everything stands, again calmly about possible paraphrases think about and fill in the gaps, etc. explain.

Extra tip: Always save a Prototype of your curriculum vitae, in which you have listed all stations. Only when you apply for a specific job, save another variant, in which you then delete non-relevant content and, if necessary. Rephrase some content. The resume should be as individualized to the job as the cover letter.

Besides the clear and uniform structure a factor falls considerably into the weight: The expressiveness! The person reading your resume must be able to immediately recognize within a few minutes what you bring to the table professionally. Briefly, what you can do. A mere list of employers and/or positions says nothing at all about what you can do professionally. Therefore, under each professional station (or at least under the professional stations of the last 7-10 years) add three to five key points describing the activity. This gives the reader a comprehensive picture of your skills and knowledge.

Say goodbye to the thought: "But that’s in my references", but become a service provider in your own cause!

Extra tipIt is also recommended to write something about private activities (interests, hobbies, etc.).). That makes you catchy, interesting and gives a brief insight into whether and how involved you are in general (club membership, volunteer work) and whether you have a balance to the job (z.B. city trips, Asian cuisine, trail riding). In addition, this point in your application can be a good Occasion for small talk in the job interview its.

Still questions? Our experts will be happy to!

In a personal conversation, we will help you choose the right course and inform you about funding opportunities. Arrange your individual consultation appointment right away or use our immediate telephone consultation – of course free of charge and without obligation!

Or call us directly:

Or call us directly:

Assistance with job application, cover letter and resume

How do I design a good application cover sheet??

Nowadays, a cover sheet is no longer absolutely necessary for your application. Above all, it only makes sense if there is more to see there than your contact details, your photo and the reference to "application as … at the company …". Regardless of whether your contact details are also on a cover sheet, they absolutely must be integrated into your resume. This is not only indispensable in times of automatic selection tools, also the human personnel manager usually reads first (and often unfortunately exclusively) the resume. So, if you decide to use a cover sheet, include a brief skills profile as well, so that it is clear at a glance what added value you can offer the company you are applying to.

What is important in a good application photo??

In Germany it is not obligatory to have a personal photo to be included in the application documents(Anti-discrimination law, AGG). However, it is common and therefore recommended. If you decide to take a photo, then you should always go with a professional photo apply. Selfies or and a clipping from your vacation photo are an absolute no-go!

Make sure that you are suitable for the position, the industry and your age present yourself accordingly. In some industries there is clear dress code.

Assistance with job application, cover letter and resume

Assistance with job application, cover letter and resume

Here are a few more tips:

  • Smile
  • Posture
  • Discreet daytime makeup
  • Neat hairstyle
  • Neatly tied ties
  • Clean and wrinkle-free clothes

What does a meaningful complete application contain??

Assistance with job application, cover letter and resume

Assistance with job application, cover letter and resume

An application always includes Cover letter, the Curriculum vitae as well as Testimonials (max. the last five, with relevance to the job). Depending on the industry or your work, you may also want to consider Work samples (if meaningful or desired), a third page or a letter of motivation are included.

Always apply in the way the employer wants you to (bspw. by e-mail or via the company’s own applicant portal) and with the documents requested by the employer. For example, some companies may forgo a cover letter and initially want to receive only a resume.

What else should be considered when applying online??

The documents are usually PDF format submit. Applicant portals sometimes give you the option to have your cover letter in a free text field to formulate. Find out in advance which documents and contents will be requested and in which form. Then you can already prepare them.

In the case of e-mail applications, your attachments should be max. 2-5 MB are. Best add the Your documents in one file together. This saves the recruiter a lot of clicks.

How to create a speculative application?

In the case of Unsolicited application you can "let off steam" in terms of content and appearance. Since it is no specific job there are also no concrete requirements that you could follow. Therefore, it is extremely important that you are very clear about why you fit into the company and what added value you bring to the company.

Convince them with your personality, your professional achievements and your own vision. In order to provide real value to the business, you need in-depth preliminary research on the status quo as well as the company’s future projections.

important that you send your application to a specific contact person direct. Inform yourself also very thoroughly in advance. In the best case you could in advance already telephone contact and refer to the interview. Orientate yourself on the corporate philosophy and the use of words and language there. Even if you do not necessarily have to follow the recommended rules for the layout of an application, you should still make sure that your application is clear and concise. Structure beats layout!

Extra tip: Show your desire to belong, for example, by mirroring the color scheme or company design in your application.

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