Anorexia: how do i interpret the signs correctly?

Anorexia is a serious disease that can even end in death. Relatives should therefore act as quickly as possible

The ex of Schalke 04 goalkeeper Ralf Fahrmann died at only 29 years old. Cause of death: anorexia. You can learn how to recognize the signs here.

At the age of 19 Henriette Homke Miss Saxony She was also the wife of Schalke 04 goalkeeper Ralf Fahrmann for many years. Now the former model has died at only 29 years of age.

Allegedly Suffered from end-stage anorexia have, like reported – and already have been very weak.

Anorexia: Without treatment, health consequences are imminent

Nevertheless, Homke continued to do sports and finally died during a training session on vacation in Egypt in April collapse and death. In an interview, her grandfather now revealed that Homke had not been well for a while- but she did not want to admit it. The family and doctors would even have advised her against the vacation- but the model would not hear of it. Many are now asking themselves: Could they still have helped her?

The anorexia is also professionally Anorexia Nervosa called. It is one of the best known eating disorders. Sufferers eat little or nothing at all over a longer period of time. The consequences are: Severe weight loss, usually accompanied by underweight. But there are also Further signs, which relatives should alert:

  • Excessive urge to move
  • Taking of laxatives
  • Those affected still find themselves too fat despite being underweight and are afraid of gaining weight
  • Affected persons usually weigh themselves several times a day and count calories

These are the signs of anorexia

As soon as they notice the first signs in a close person, you should seek advice and help. Pediatricians and adolescent doctors, psychotherapists, family counseling centers and even the family doctor can help you further. It is also advisable to contact the Federal Center for Health Education for anonymous advice. Some hospitals also have counseling centers or special outpatient clinics for eating disorders.

If not reacted to in time, health consequences can threaten – and as in Homke’s case, even lead to death. Possible consequences due to malnutrition are:

  • Circulatory problems
  • Hair loss
  • Cardiac arrhythmia
  • Constant freezing
  • Dry skin, brittle nails
  • Missing the period
  • Osteoporosis
  • Growth disorders (in children or adolescents)
  • Stomach and intestinal problems, constipation and flatulence
  • In an emergency: organ failure

Women in particular are affected by the eating disorder. Finally, they are more susceptible to fashion and beauty ideals. It is therefore particularly difficult for friends and family to differentiate whether the person is already suffering from anorexia or not.

But there is still a clue: The person only thinks about food. "Thoughts and conversations only revolve around food, nutrition and clothing size", explains Professor Stephan Herpertz of the German Society for Psychosomatic Medicine and Medical Psychotherapy (DGPM).

However, since those affected do not want to admit this, they also gradually lose their social connection – many friends and acquaintances turn away. And the ability to concentrate also decreases- with the result that Affected persons no longer perform at the same level at school, at work or in sports can. Since starvation becomes unbearable at some point, 30 percent of cases eventually end in bulimia, or binge eating, according to Herpertz.

Many anorexics feel as if they are in a frenzy- the more they lose weight, the better they feel. However only for a short time: "A suction develops, and with concerning there is no border downward", according to Herpertz.

Don’t look away: This is how you help those affected

Relatives should insist on accompanying sufferers to the doctor or to a counseling center. Even if this resists. Here it helps to remain determined and to communicate one’s concerns to the person. However, if the person refuses, you should seek external help.

Most important: Always follow up- and do not rest. Above all: Mere Do not look away when the person becomes thinner and thinner. Most of the time, the eating disorder is just a symptom of a deeper problem bubbling under the surface.

But anorexia does not only have to have psychological causes- at least that’s what an international team of researchers claims. Their astonishing thesis Eating disorder can also be inherited. So they found out that it was probably a Anorexia gene There is a risk that the disease could develop later in life. For this purpose, they evaluated data from about 3.500 female patients suffering from an eating disorder from- and finally discovered the gene on chromosome twelve.

Anorexia because of predisposition: are eating disorders genetic?

"This region has already been linked to diabetes type 1 and autoimmune diseases", Explains Prof. Dr. Anke Hinney, the head of research, in The American Journal of Psychiatry. In concrete terms, this means that eating disorders could also be associated with other illnesses such as schizophrenia. "These discoveries may permanently change the previous understanding of anorexia.", Hinney is sure.

As a result of the finding Eating disorders are psychologically and physiologically conditioned, a completely new approach to therapy would be possible in the future. And those affected would finally know why, of all people, this disease has hit them.

Read also here why more and more women in their mid-40s are becoming anorexic.

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