#372 – Everything shreds with ascension now

#372 - Everything shreds with ascension now

Disappointment after the final whistle with Sebastian Polter, photo: Matze Koch

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6 Comments on" #372 – Everything is shredding with Ascension now"

…about the guest block not being loud…without a roof over your head it’s really not easy to make a good atmosphere. I am still hoarse today!

@Awe Yes, that’s certainly true. I do not want to accuse anyone of anything. but I had the impression on the main stand and Hans-Martin said this also from his perception in the block.

Thanks for the assessment on Sky commentator. That one was really bizarrely one-sided pro Darmstadt. Even in the middle of half 1, when Union felt they had 80% possession, he seemed to find Darmstadt more convincing.

I love to listen to Sebastian when he really gets going… like this time regarding. three90… :)
Otherwise I hope for the best! It’s a pity that Union couldn’t take advantage of the good opportunity, and I too wish for Schwarzwalder Kirsch with all the trimmings (> Direct ascent!). But it is a good season even now.
Thank you very much for the regular reporting!

just saw liv. vs barca, and it occurs to me that you can also look quite dynamic with ball at the foot ..

@sebastian: congratulations on the invitation at three90. I downloaded the podcast by chance and had to laugh about how a guy from Cologne can rise above the league like that!

A request: can you write here, whether there is for Sunday again a bicycle tour to kopenick. Unfortunately I am not so networked. Thank you

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