Zodiac sign scorpio

Star sign Scorpio

If you are between 24.October and the 22.November, then from an astrological point of view, you are a Scorpio. Just like the zodiac signs Pisces and Cancer, the Scorpio belongs to the element of water. The ruler planet of the zodiac sign Scorpio is Pluto, even if it is officially no longer considered a planet.

The motto of the zodiac sign Scorpio is: "I desire."

The sign of the Scorpio looks like this ♏

Typical traits of the Scorpio

People with the zodiac sign Scorpio are very intense and passionate personalities. They often don’t show their true feelings directly, which is why they often seem mysterious, but sometimes also dismissive and closed off.

Behind the facade, however, is a sensitive, profound and loyal person who would walk through the fire with you. Scorpios often develop a deep, z over time.T. spiritual understanding of fate, life and death.

The following characteristics are also typical for Scorpios:

  • Fearless
  • strongly
  • sensual
  • persevering
  • analyzing
  • experienced in life

Women with the zodiac sign Scorpio

Scorpio women have an almost magnetic, extravagant charisma. They see through superficial flirting attempts immediately and react to them rather with rejection. If you have conquered the heart of a Scorpio woman through honesty, she shows herself as a passionate, strong partner. However, dishonesty and deceit are an absolute no-go for Scorpio women. So you should definitely not play games with her, because then the Scorpio woman pulls out her poisonous stinger.

Men with the star sign Scorpio

Scorpio men also have an intense personality that is hard to resist. Everything they do, they do with passion, be it at work or in their private life. Scorpios find normality boring in the long run. At first they are still full of suspicion, because they have already been through a lot in life. But once they have gained confidence, they are devoted lovers. But you also have to be careful with Scorpio men, because they quickly become jealous and possessive.

Children with the star sign Scorpio

Scorpio children show themselves rather calm on the outside. Under the surface, however, deep emotions are hidden. They like it when people communicate honestly and openly with them, because their good intuition quickly uncovers fibs. Scorpio children are also very passionate and curious. That’s why they jump into new activities they enjoy full of energy. Stories full of magic they like best.

The biggest challenges and goals for Scorpios

People with the star sign Scorpio are emotional connections extremely important, even if they can show it not always so. They are very afraid of getting hurt, so they never trust other people 100%. If Scorpios are betrayed, they show themselves as vindictive and vindictive, as hardly any other sign of the zodiac.

For people with this zodiac sign, it is therefore important to perceive difficult emotions and then, z.B. with the RAIN method, let go. Dealing with old hurts and losses is also very important to Scorpios. Forgiveness and compassion are the key here, otherwise all the frustration and disappointment will pile up more and more and obstruct trusting, positive relationships for the Scorpio.

Which yoga position suits the zodiac sign Scorpio?

For people with the zodiac sign of Scorpio, the yoga position Sarvangasana is suitable, in which the nervous system in the shoulder stand, respectively. in the candle, calmed down. This exercise helps Scorpios heal old hurts, identify their own needs and feel at one with their own bodies.

What kind of meditation and what mantra are good for Scorpio?

Metta meditation is suitable for Scorpios, as it allows them to establish a loving connection with themselves and their environment. But also the ancestor meditation, as it is in the night of 31. October on the 1. November is performed during the festival of the dead and ancestors Samhain, fits the fascination that Scorpios feel for the subject of death.

The following mantra can help people with the zodiac sign Scorpio to relax:

"I allow myself to let go, feel everything that comes up and be completely with myself."

Which power animal belongs to the zodiac sign Scorpio?

Two particular power animals fit people with the zodiac sign Scorpio particularly well:

  • Snake: The snake is considered a symbol of sexuality in many cultures, as well as the eternal cycle of life and death. Snakes are always evolving, shedding their old skin many times as they grow. People with the zodiac sign of Scorpio also need to leave old experiences behind, especially after failed relationships, in order to look to the future with confidence.
  • Fox: Foxes are true adaptors. Due to their cunning and camouflage methods they find food and retreat almost everywhere. Anyone who has seen an emaciated mother fox also knows that they would do anything for the well-being of their cubs. The strength and loyalty of animals fits very well with people with the zodiac sign Scorpio.

Take the power animal self-test and find out which creatures still suit you.

What colors suit Scorpio?

People with the zodiac sign Scorpio benefit especially from the effect of strong colors, such as. B.:

  • Black
  • Red

The two colors highlight the intense charisma of Scorpios and reflect their power, profundity and passion.

Which gemstone suits the zodiac sign Scorpio?

Scorpios can benefit the most from these three gemstones:

  • Malachite: The dark green malachite promotes honesty and improves decision-making skills. It helps Scorpios to overcome old pains and express feelings better. In addition, Scorpios sense their very own personality through it and thus gain a calmer sense of self-worth.
  • Turquoise: The turquoise protects its owner or. protects its owner from danger, strengthens loyalty, friendship and connection with other people. Scorpios can especially benefit from this, as honest, emotional relationships are very important to them.
  • Fluorite: The dazzling fluorite promotes creativity and understanding of oneself and one’s environment in Scorpio. It also provides clarity by bringing repressed feelings to the surface. The intuition of Scorpios is strengthened by fluorite, so that they can take their lives into their own hands with confidence.

You want to learn more about the meaning of gemstones? Then check out our gemstone oracle.

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