What is the name of the song? Search a song once heard& find

Whether randomly listening to the radio, going out at the club or at the beach bar: Suddenly you hear a great song. The melody sounds familiar, but the song title and artist just won’t come to mind. Maybe you have heard a new song, a catchy tune that you want to hear again. But what is the name of the song and how can you search for and find? After all, no one remembers more than a fragment of a song lyric, the chorus melody or a hookline right away. Don’t panic! With our tips you will surely succeed in finding the song.

Song search old school: wait or ask

What is the name of the song? There are several options to find an answer. Before there were smartphones and the Internet, there were a few ways to quench your thirst for knowledge when it came to unknown songs. And – try it – this would still work today or even in a blackout:

1. Wait in front of the radio until the song is played again and the presenter announces title and artist.
2. Hum the tune to a friend and hope they recognize it.
3. Just ask the nice DJ or bartender what’s playing.

Today, however, thanks to networking, there are far better ways to Tools for song detectives.

Shazam& Co. – Search for a song with music recognition apps

Music recognition apps like Shazam, or Beatfind make it much easier to find out the titles and artists of unknown songs. While the unknown music is playing, just launch a recognition app and let it listen to it. Via the microphone built into the smartphone, the respective app records, among other things the sound frequencies and creates a "acoustic fingerprint" of the unknown song. This is matched against a database. If the app finds matches, it gives you an answer to the question "What is the name of the song??". It also shows more info about what you’re listening to, conveniently with purchase notes or links to streaming providers.

Logo of the music recognition app Shazam. Search for a song while it is playing

But there are some LimitationsBecause the databases for recognition are not stored locally, but on a server on the Internet, the song recognition actually works only with Internet connection, which may not be there in the club or on the beach. Get in trouble Shazam& Co. even if not only the music from the loudspeaker, but also voices and other background noises can be heard. And unfortunately you can’t find out the name of the song if you don’t have the phone at hand.

Shazam at least also offers a quasi-Offline mode. With this, the app first records the unknown piece and matches the recording as soon as an internet connection is available again. Practical in clubs, ideal on a distant beach!

Hum something to the smartphone – with SoundHound or Google

The music recognition app SoundHound basically works like Shazam, but additionally advertises that, whistled or hummed melodies to recognize. This doesn’t always work, but it’s well worth a try. The more familiar the song and the greater your ability to hit the notes, the higher the chances that the search will be successful. Like Shazam, SoundHound is directly connected to streaming services like Spotify.

Meanwhile, Google has also learned to understand humming: If you find the Google voice assistant with "Hey Google, what’s the name of this song??"If you start humming the melody, in the best case you will quickly get the song you are looking for. You can also use this function directly in the Google search app.

With finger feeling – Musipedia recognizes the beat of the key

"What is the name of the song?" "The song is called ‘Let it be’." Well, unfortunately it doesn’t work quite that simply. Those who have a sense of rhythm, however, musipedia.org go on song search. You can Type in rhythm via the space bar and synchronize it with the database. Alternatively you can whistle a tune to the open source platform.

Search for a song with the help of the lyrics

If you have at least parts of the song lyrics in your head, this is also a good starting point to answer the question "What is the name of the song??" to answer. When you Spotify users it’s also really easy: You can search for the text fragment you still remember directly via the search. Then you will usually get a number of possible matches. Either it rings directly and you know which is the song you are looking for, or you listen through the search results. This way you can also easily discover new music.

Also about Google you can try to search with the lyrics. If necessary, it helps to add terms like "song" or "lyrics" to the input to get closer to the right result. There are also a number of great Lyrics databases on the net. One of the biggest is Genius. The special feature here: You can find not only countless song lyrics, but also comments and interpretations of the community about them.

A special app for song lyrics is Musixmatch. In it, too, you can simply enter a line or fragment of lyrics you remember – the app will provide you with the matching song, including links to Spotify and YouTube. The highlight: the lyrics are synchronized with the song you’re looking for, so you can Musixmatch super to sing karaoke you can use. This also makes the app a great addition to your favorite streaming service.

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