What does a birth look like?

Updated: 30.01.2022 21:00

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With the birth of Helene Fischer’s daughter Nala, some changes are coming to the pop star. But what exactly will change in the future for the singer with her baby?

It is not only one of the news of the year, but the Helene Fischer news of the year. Already around the Christmas holidays, according to the "Bild" brought the pop singer a daughter to the world. So Helene Fischer’s baby is here and according to information from the "Bild" the daughter of the hit star is named Nala. „Nala?“, some fans of the pop queen and Disney connoisseurs ask themselves. After all, this is the name of Simba’s companion from the film "The Lion King".

However, neither the birth nor the name are officially confirmed by Helene Fischer or Thomas Seitel.

Helene Fischer’s baby: meaning of the name derives from Swahili language

Quite right. The meaning of the name of Helene Fischer’s daughter also leans quite clearly on the Disney film. After all, the name of Helene Fischer’s baby Nala in Swahili means "the lioness, the queen", but also "the gift".

Even if the name will probably not meet with cheers from all followers of Germany’s best-known singer, Helene Fischer and her partner Thomas Seitel will probably be quite indifferent to it. For this, the joy about the birth of Helene Fischer’s baby is certainly too big.

Helene Fischer’s baby: the birth of her daughter inevitably brings changes for the pop star

But no matter how great the joy about the birth of Helene Fischer’s first child, there are inevitably also big, yes, drastic changes coming for the pop singer and her partner Thomas Seitel with regard to their joint daughter Nala. It is said that becoming a father is not difficult, but being a father is very difficult. However, the mother Helene Fischer is also certainly prepared for something.

Helene Fischer’s daughter: love of the pop singer gets another quality by the birth of the baby

A statement that at first seems a bit strange and in no way questions the love of the hit star to Thomas Seitel. Rather, this moment that mothers tell of when they see their own child for the first time and hold it in their arms probably surpasses anything that has been experienced before. Helene Fischer will not have felt any different at the sight of her baby Nala. Home birth, as the "Bild" has learned, or delivery in a clinic.

Of course, this shock infatuation, which certainly occurred with Helene Fischer after the birth of her daughter Nala, also had a small downside. Because the joy about the newborn is automatically mixed with the fear for this small, vulnerable being. The birth of a baby, but especially the first child is literally a roller coaster of emotions.

After the birth of Helene Fischer’s daughter, the singer’s organizational skills are more in demand than ever because of the baby

Helene Fischer is known to be a woman who leaves nothing to chance. Her meticulously planned shows are just one example. And even after the birth of her own daughter, this will certainly not change for the pop singer. Nevertheless, having one’s own and especially the first baby brings completely new challenges to light. Here the organization talent of the hit star is in demand. Because being a mother, especially in the first twelve months, is nothing other than a full-time job.

Helene Fischer’s daughter Nala will be no different than any other baby in this respect. In one aspect, however, the pop singer probably has a possible advantage, since the question will probably not arise as to who will do the shopping, buy the diapers or which baby class she will attend? With her superstar status, that’s not even possible, or to put it in the words of the deputy editor-in-chief of "Bild", Tanja May, in the "RTL" interview in connection with the birth: "So from the cleaning lady to the head doctor, Helene Fischer is simply well-known".

Helene Fischer News: daughter of the hit star will provide fatigue

Even if perhaps in addition to the care of the baby with Helene Fischer some things like the household could be omitted, the hurdles will therefore not become smaller. Just the fatigue is a constant companion. The times of sleeping in are simply history, which is probably no longer news for Helene Fischer. The clocks of daughter Nala tick simply differently. Helene Fischer’s baby will probably also – at least from time to time – turn night into day. There it is called to keep calm and use the time when her little girl sleeps and be compensated by Nala’s satisfaction.

In addition, restrictions in the social life come to Helene Fischer and Thomas Seitel with the birth of daughter Nala. Of course, the pop singer attaches great importance to her privacy. Nevertheless, Helene Fischer is being watched with Argus eyes right now after the birth of her baby. After all, fans and press want to catch a glimpse or a first photo of the happy parents with their daughter.

Helene Fischer’s residence: Since the birth of daughter Nala, the home of the hit star resembles a place of pilgrimage

Helene Fischer’s place of residence seems to have become a place of pilgrimage. At least that’s what the "Kronen Zeitung" reported, After the news of the birth of Helene Fischer’s baby had made the rounds. Accordingly, resourceful residents probably use the favor of the hour and have set up booths to provide for the physical well-being of the fans of the hit star, who hope to catch a first glimpse of daughter Nala.

After the birth of the baby: With daughter Nala the togetherness of Helene Fischer and Thomas Seitel becomes rarer

Regardless of the media interest and the attention of fans, the birth of the Schlager baby brings another aspect where stamina is required. Because with the cosy togetherness it is for the time being past. After all, the omnipresent tiredness and the roaring baby don’t exactly scream for an erotic mood. Thomas Seitel’s and Helene Fischer’s baby will probably not make an exception here either.

But this is exactly the challenge that all new parents have to face. Helene Fischer and her partner Thomas Seitel will be no exception. To make matters worse, Helene Fischer’s friends and family also want to marvel at the first child in the limited time available.

Helene Fischer’s baby: In the calm of Schlager star daughter Nala is not necessarily the strength

It’s in the nature of things: babies cry or scream when they are hungry, tired, can’t sleep, when they want to be squeezed or when their diapers are full. In the normal everyday life also Helene Fischer with her baby will have already determined that words such as silence and peace exist actually only in the lexicon.

In fact, these are probably more sparse in any waking moment of daughter Nala. Silence is a foreign word, and when it does occur, parents immediately paint the devil on the wall. Even Helene Fischer will have an uneasy feeling or even a dark premonition when baby Nala shines with unaccustomed silence.

Or we imagine that the child is screaming in the shower or in the kitchen. A chalice that will not pass Helene Fischer by either, as noise will remain a constant companion, as will one’s own fatigue.

Chaos as the normal state: Almost inevitable with the birth of Helene Fischer’s baby

Yes, it’s probably true that despite the chaos of children, there are supposed to be these houses and apartments that look like they’ve been licked, and yet this is certainly not a normal state of affairs. With the birth of Helene Fischer’s baby Nala, chaos is almost pre-programmed. Maybe it doesn’t apply to Helene Fischer and Thomas Seitel that they have to do the laundry, clean the bathroom or tidy up the kitchen on the side in addition to babysitting daughter Nala.

And yet a certain chaos will be unavoidable. Finally, the pop singer and her partner will also accept that a certain amount of disorder does not necessarily mean the end of the world. The time with the own daughter will compensate also Helene Fischer more than only, since a small smile of the own new generation lets said world stand still. And full laundry bins or full diapers that overflow the trash can do little to nothing to change that.

Helene Fischer in baby bliss: no time for TV appearances, show stages or sweating in the studio

In the end, it’s a whole lot of changes that the pop singer and Thomas Seitel will have to adjust to. Changes that Helene Fischer will be only too happy to accept for her baby happiness. Just take care of daughter Nala, give the girl the full attention that Nala needs and when Helene Fischer’s baby falls asleep contentedly in the evening, doze off on the sofa, instead of giving everything at shows, shining at TV appearances or sweating in the studio for the new record.

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