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We have summarized the best memories from some of our bus trips this year for you.

Many thanks to our team of bus drivers and tour guides for the impressions and Enrico Scheffler for the music!

To the knuckle festival in Prague

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Exclusive overnight stay in Weimar

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Vacation in the emperor bath Heringsdorf

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To the earth pig meal to Loket

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Vacation in Warnemunde

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Dolce Vita on Lake Garda

To the dumpling festival in South Bohemia

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Dolomite magic in South Tyrol

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Baltic Sea vacation in Hamilton Wellness& Spa

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Vacation at the Baltic Sea in beautiful Zingst

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Christmas in Dresden

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Czech beer traditions

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Culinary beginning of spring at the Mediterranean Sea

Dear Sir or Madam, I took part in the New Year’s Eve trip to Krakow together with 9 other people. On behalf of my fellow travelers, I would like to thank you for the wonderful trip. In spite of all Corona skepticism all program points could be fulfilled. Special praise goes to the tour guide Rita and the bus driver Matthias from Winterreisen. We were super cared for and all our wishes were fulfilled. Please pass on the praise to the management.

I wish you a healthy and successful year 2022 with many booked trips. If there is something for us again, we will book again with Schubert Touristik.

With kind regards

Bernd G. on behalf of my fellow travelers

Dear management and employees of the travel company Schubert-Touristik!

Returned from our trip "Dolce Vita at Lake Garda" it is our pleasure to inform you that we were able to experience a wonderful trip. Although we were already ca. 5x we were at the Garda Lake, we have been on the most beautiful trip so far. All your travel services were highly satisfactory, the planning was well coordinated, the hotel "Continental" was very good from the premises, the staff and the daily catering on a high level. Thank you also for arranging the actual day off to organize yourself. So we could go once more in peace to Limone and Malcesine.

We especially want to praise the driver, Frank John and his lovely wife Birgit. We admired the driving skills, his prudence and his pleasant calmness during the whole trip. Birgit John has inspired us with skill, friendliness, kindness and ability. They are a well-rehearsed team, which managed to create a little family atmosphere in the bus. One felt completely comfortable in their care. Our little "four-women-team We have been on many trips together, but we have never had such a good team as Birgit and Frank John on our trips. They deserve a huge praise and thanks for having looked after us so lovingly. Also to the travel enterprise "Schubert tourism" we thank you for the high quality travel offers. In your new catalog we found interesting offers. We especially like the "Picturesque Garda Lake" with a visit to Venice. In due course we will make our booking for the coming year with you. Of great interest on our part is the question, which of the above trip will again be accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. John. We are very keen to plan another trip with them.

Sincerely, we remain the" Four-woman team" from Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt.

Hereby I would like to praise your company for the trip of 10.10. – 15.10.2021.
Hotel, guide and of course Steffi and Gorden accompanied us through the wonderful vacation days. We will recommend your company positively.
LG Mr. and Mrs. R., Mrs. G. and Mrs. K.

Dear management of Schubert-Touristik Aschersleben,

we were able to participate in the bus trip Swiss Railway Experience from 26.09. – 01.10.2021 participate. It was a very nice, well organized bus trip with a great program, many sights, unique landscapes and a beautiful hotel. To get so much for this price is exemplary and certifies your high professionalism. We would like to thank you once again for this wonderful trip.

We would like to give special thanks to your driver Michael Ebeling, who provided a very level-headed and safe, highly concentrated and calm driving style. We felt very well and reliable with him (especially during the mountain trips). The professional competence, mastery and handling of your very high quality coach must also be mentioned. All respect to ! We would also like to thank the tour guide Petra for her kindness, prudence, helpfulness and for the knowledge she offered. Bus driver and tour guide were a very good team you can be proud of.

We had heard a lot of good things about the bus tours of the company Schubert Touristik so far. We can only agree and pass on.

We wish you and your employees,

continued success, health and always an accident-free journey.

Karin and Klaus W.

From 04.08.2021 to 10.08.2021 we booked the bus trip "Vienna Woods and the Wachau". After several trips from you, with which we were always satisfied, we would like to thank you this time especially Thanks to the driver and the tour guides this trip was a special experience. Thanks to Tadjana, who has a very good knowledge of history, and Thomas, the Viennese, we enjoyed this trip very much.

We wish you many satisfied passengers for the future.

Yours sincerely Kurt and Roswita M

Dear Sir or Madam,

returned from an eventful trip with your company, it urges us to thank all participants again quite cordially. This trip is a real highlight and we will definitely recommend it to others. The fairy-tale mountain world with its three- and four-thousand-meter peaks, green meadows and alpine pastures as well as charming little villages has made a deep impression on us. The selection of the daily destinations has succeeded to you excellently. Everything was well and professionally coordinated. The hotel met our expectations, and the excellent quality of the dinner is worthy of mention. Last but not least, the on-board staff of the bus, tour guide Andreas and especially the bus driver Steffen, with whom we have already made a trip in 2019 to Pilsen and Prague, should be highlighted here. The bus driver Steffen is an excellent driver, prudent, with very calm and defensive driving style, where you feel safe at all times, even in often difficult traffic situations. Bus drivers and tour guides are friendly, correct, helpful and attentive to the guests. Also the local tour guides informed us well and interestingly and gave us a lot of fun by humorous and also singing interludes. We will gladly book a trip with your company again. Schubert Touristik has made a good name for itself in the travel market.

With kind regards

Christina and Norbert H. from Erfurt

After a long Corona break we could experience again a wonderful trip with their company.From 11.7-16.7and a wonderful bus driver Frank we experienced Switzerland for the second time with Schubert Reisen and were already as last year enthusiastic.Everything was just right.Even the weather played along.The family-run hotel fulfilled the guests’ wishes to their satisfaction.Since bus driver Frank has already made us the next trip, probably Croatia , our next vacation will be again with Schubert Reisen be.

In the hope to be able to go on vacation again without restrictions remains

Fam.W. from Freyburg

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

we were with Schubert-Touristik from 18.-23.07.2021 at the beautiful Lake Constance.

Once again we would like to thank our bus driver Dirk Wartmann and our travel companion Siegfried Brink.

They were very pleasant companions for us, and we had a lot of fun together.

With kind regards. Greetings

Angelika and Hans-Jurgen K.

The trip to Warnemunde from 4.7-11.7. is now finished.I can only say praiseworthy.Everything was great. Especially pleasant was the travel company by Sabine Wesemann. She is a cordial person, responsive to the passengers, responsible for all small and large questions.I have often traveled with bus companies, but until now I have only had travel guides directly at the vacation destination. Also the return trip from Magdeburg in the shuttle bus directly for me was sensational !The conclusion: one can really recommend Schubert-Reisen !

With kind regards, also on behalf of Mrs. S. Your H.

Hiking at Lake Garda
04.10. – 09.10.2020

Dear employee of Schubert Travel Company,

we, that are the married couple Volkmar and Petra Hoffmeister, were with your company this month at the Garda lake. We would like to make a small assessment of the trip. We would like to sing the praises of our bus driver Steffen and our tour guide Tosten. Both have accompanied us very well on our journey. Steffen is an excellent bus driver, who also provided us with info during the trip. His driving skills he could u. a. in a street narrow in Tenno under prove. Tosten accompanied the hikers for two days and the bikers for two days, which was very well received by all of us. Both are very sociable. Our Italian tour guide Sabine was simply super. She provided us with a lot of information, was in a good mood, friendly and sought a personal contact to everyone. We can imagine to make similar trips again. It was overall very well organized. We always had the feeling of being well taken care of. But we also do not want to diminish the office work. The telephone conversations from booking to departure were also well conducted.
We are completely satisfied. Please keep up the good work. We wish you always satisfied guests.

Best regards from Oberdorfelden near FFM

Dreamlike Lake Misurina
27.09. – 02.10.2020

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

in these difficult times, where the Corona virus is everywhere, it is already a challenge to create a vacation trip. Therefore we would like to thank the travel company Schubert for a wonderful, beautiful but also instructive trip to Lake Misurina. What was offered to us by the driver and the tour guide, is hardly to be outdone. Once again our thanks.
We are already looking forward to the next trip with driver Andreas and tour guide Andrea.

Magic of the Dolomites in South Tyrol
13.09. – 19.09.2020

Dear Sir or Madam,

on this trip we were looked after by the couple John. Frank, an excellent driver and explainer showed us the wonderful scenery, even on his afternoon off he took us to a beautiful spot. Many thanks to both of them. Company Schubert had booked a very nice hotel "Lanerhof" in the Pusta valley. RECOMMENDATION.

Salzburg country& Hamburg
19.08. – 24.08.2020& 31.08. – 03.09.2020

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

We have just returned from our second trip with Schubert Touristik. In August we were in the Salzburger Land and end of September in Hamburg. At this point we would like to thank you for the friendliness, organization and driving performance of the bus drivers as well as the tour guides. We continue to travel with this company. Thank you for these great experiences.

With kind regards

Leipzig Zoo

Dear Mrs. Muller,

I was yesterday with Schubert Reisen in the zoo Leipzig. So- super! Whether in the morning the cab driver, or in the evening the, and the bus driver were super nice! There was still a little coffee in Aschersleben! I would always go with them again. We were also lucky, the weather on Thursday in Leipzig was great and also the trip without problems. So I can only recommend them!

D. Schawaller and U. Vileu

Picturesque Masuria
15.08. – 21.08.2020

Dear Mr. Schubert,

my husband and I drove last week with your company in the "Picturesque Masuria". We wanted to thank you and your staff for making this trip such a great experience, despite the limitations we still had. The driver as well as the bus escort deserve our appreciation. Thank you very much!

With kind regards


Value Mrs. Muller,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the travel company "Schubert Reisen" for the unconventional reversal of our booked trips due to the Coronavirus thank you very much to all employees. We wish you and the management that you will overcome this present situation unharmed and strengthened. We will remain faithful to your travel company in the future.

With kind regards

Lake Worthersee and Carinthia
03.08. – 09.08.2020

We enjoyed the trip in August to Carinthia Worthersee very much. A special thank you to the bus driver Dirk and tour guide Tino they have taken good care of us. Also, the boarding at the terminal Erfurt is praiseworthy.

With kind regards

Great Rhine cruise
27.07. – 03.08.2020

Hello Mrs. Anika Muller,

we are back from the wonderful river cruise and spent 8 wonderful days. The new ship, the crew and the fantastic food, it was just great! Also the weather could not have been better. Only in Rudesheim we started to sweat a lot, towards evening it was still 41,3 °C and that in the Drosselgasse. The many impressions in the short time we must process first of all. It is nice that the excursion program is so packed, but maybe you should think about the average age of the guests. Many have limitations at this age, are not so good on foot or have problems with the air or circulation. I am not that old, but I have a bad leg due to an accident. I couldn’t go on all the excursions either. When there are steep paths or many stairs to climb, there are often problems. Of course we hope to make many more beautiful trips with your company.

Best regards and have a nice summer

K. Trippner& S. Weissenborn

Dreamlike Kleinwalsertal
15.07. – 21.07.2020

Hello dear "Schubert Touristik Team,

as planned are like our adventure trip to Kleinwalsertal on 15.07.2020 for 7 days on time. We were welcomed in a good mood by our tour guide Tino and bus driver Dirk and informed about the arrangement in connection with the Covid-19 crisis. Without any problems we are on time in Mittelberg in the "Apart Hotel" arrived and were warmly welcomed. Our tour guide Tino gave us a lot of information until we reached our destination and was always eager to fulfill all our wishes. We would like to praise our driver Dirk, who always steered the bus calmly and carefully during the trips through the mountains. On site, due to the weather, some day trips were rearranged so that everything was to the satisfaction of the guests. The accommodation, the care and the cordiality in the hotel were to the fullest satisfaction. It was very nice days in Austria.

With kind regards

Dream day in Berlin

Value " Company" Schubert-Touristik,

At this point I would like to thank you once for the day trip to Berlin. The whole trip was a pleasure. Not only the trip itself ; but the company; the driving performance of the bus driver, the friendliness and the wonderful organization. It is not the first trip for me with your company and probably will not be the last one. Great performance and only with conviction you can survive in this market. I had to put it down on paper.

It thanks you
K. Lapsch


Dear Mrs. Muller,

We thank you for the uncomplicated return of the deposit. It is a pity that the trip will not take place,
because it was in the offer a dream destination. So we have to wait again until a new dream comes.
We wish you and the team steadfastness in what will surely be a difficult time for the travel industry.

With kind regards

Swiss railroad experience
06.07. – 11.07.2020

Dear management and employees of the company Schubert Touristik

With these lines we would like to thank you very much for the wonderful trip to Switzerland. Despite the still prevailing restrictions it was a great experience, thanks to our bus driver Frank and his wife Birgit it was an absolutely fantastic vacation.
It will definitely not be the last trip with your company.

Yours sincerely
Family Weise

Provence, Camargue& Côte d’ Azur
26.06. – 05.07.2020

we were from 26.06. until 05.07.2020 on the road with Gorden and Steffi. It was again an all around "carefree trip in beautiful landscape. We came home with great impressions and will remember them fondly later on. Many thanks for that. A drop of bitterness was however with it. According to the travel description Dijon was announced on the first day. Unfortunately, this was not logistically possible, as the overnight stay was in Mulhouse. This might have to be revised on their part. As a compensation we stopped in Speyer and in Colmar and could get to know these two cities. Also very nice, was a super idea of the two.
We will continue to enjoy using your travel services.

With kind regards
Bergmann family

Provence, Camargue& Côte d’ Azur
26.06. – 05.07.2020

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

we just came back from a wonderful trip. We were very happy that this trip took place. Despite Corona times everything was super. If there were any problems with the hotel rooms, Steffi took care of it immediately. Steffi and Gorden did a great job. A big praise to the two. We will not forget this trip so quickly.

Yours sincerely, Salomon family


we thank you for the very informative information at this time. They are a great tourism company.
We keep our fingers crossed that it can start again.

With kind regards


Dear Mr. Schubert,

we are very sorry that we could not start this spa vacation and would like to take the opportunity to thank you and your team for the beautiful and eventful trips. We hope that you and your staff will cope well with this Covid 19 crisis.
Also this time will pass and we will reorient ourselves.

We wish you and your team good health and continued success
remain with best regards


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I thank you for the uncomplicated processing and the refund of the travel price. You are welcome to send me your travel offers in due time. For sure I will find a replacement.

With best regards


Dear Ms. Forster,

thank you for the transfer of the travel price, I was very happy about the complication-free handling. We will have to wait and see how the situation develops and when we will be able to plan a trip again. I wish you and the travel company all the best.

With kind regards


Dear ladies and gentlemen,

I would like to thank you also in the name of my travel companions for the return of our deposit for the planned Paris trip. This was and is by no means a matter of course in the current situation. I hope that we can look forward to new interesting trips with you in the near future. In the meantime, stay healthy and confident all of you and on track.

I keep my fingers crossed for you and remain with best regards


Dear Schubert Touristik Team,

We would like to thank you very much for the refund of the travel price for our AIDA trip in March which did not take place.
Stay healthy you and your team. Until next time.

Yours sincerely


Dear Sir or Madam,

we thank you for the return of the paid travel expenses and wish the whole team all the best and come well through the Corona crisis If we stay healthy we will contact you again in 2021 and book a trip.

With kind regards


Dear Mrs. Muller,

thank you for your quick reply. We are very sorry that the 2020 vacation will certainly not take place for many, as it is impossible to estimate the development of tourism. We wish you and your team all the best and stay all healthy.
We hope that we will soon be able to book our vacations with Schubert Touristik again.

With kind regards


Dear Sir or Madam,

we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the quick reimbursement of our travel expenses for the trip to Dresden.
We are very sorry that this trip could not take place. But in times of Corona it has been the right decision.

We wish you that you can resume your business soon and remain with kind regards


Dear Mrs. Muller,

thank you very much for your understanding. The money has arrived. We wish you and all Schubert Reise employees
in spite of the hard time have a nice easter and stay all healthy.

Kind regards from the Pfeil family


Dear Mrs. Muller,

we thank you for the refund of the travel price. We hope that you and we will pass this critical time healthy in
and survive without major injuries and return to normal conditions as soon as possible.
In this case we would be very happy to plan a new vacation together with you.

With best regards and please stay healthy


Dear Sir or Madam,

We are pleased to see that you have complied with our request for a refund of the cancellation fee. We were well aware of the two sides of this matter, since it has not only a legal significance in these difficult times,
but also a human side. We have been able to make wonderful, eventful trips with your qualified and friendly staff, we hope the same for a near or more distant future.
Thank you very much!

With kind regards


Dear Mrs. Muller,

thank you very much for your quick and competent help in processing my request. Hopefully, we will soon have put this bad time behind us, so that the employees of Schubert-Touristik can very quickly get back to exploring Europe and the world with hopefully many customers. I am very much looking forward to the next trip. Please stay healthy and the whole team.

With kind regards


Dear Schubert family,

I wish you and your employees that you will survive the Corona crisis in good health and economically, so that in not too long time we will be able to use your usual travel service again.


Dear Schubert Touristik Team,

We are very sorry that our joint trip has to be cancelled. However, the event of the Covid 19 crisis does not allow an alternative.
We assure you that we will remain loyal to the travel company in the future, as it has always provided beautiful experiences and personal contact is important to you. We wish you much strength for the coming time, good health as well as the company the necessary economic strength.

To a soon reunion!

Magical Sylt
27.09. – 29.09.2019

Hello Schubert Touristik!

Yesterday we came back from the above bus trip. We are thrilled-especially since we are going to the 1. For the first time we were on the road with your company. The tour guide "Steffi" was attentive and always present. The driver "Andre’" was a cream puff. We felt very well taken care of and since both of them were not responsible for the weather they did the best they could for the group.

We would like to thank you once again.

Karla and Klaus-Dieter Grosche

Picturesque Masuria
17.09. – 23.09.2019

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

We took part in the Masurian trip and would like to give you our feedback once again. It was very nice, thanks to the calm friendly and level-headed driver Daniel and the friendly and dedicated tour guide Steffi. The two of them have enriched the trip very much by their nice way and have told and shown us surely still so some details which went beyond the normal measure. So thank you again to both of them, and we will be happy to book a trip with you again, maybe we will be lucky and go with these two again.

We wish you and your company continued satisfied guests!

Kurt and Sylvia Grobheim

Hungarian impressions
16.09. – 22.09.2019

With Schubert Touristik Andrea, Andreas and Clara we experienced Hungarian impressions wonderfully!
Red gold and white horses, that’s where the luck of the earth is.
Already Viennese Schmah, St. Stephen’s Cathedral and Prater were a blast my dear father. Then only Badapest – with parliament, Danube boat trip, whale and fishermen’s bastion, that was already of the finest oh mei .
In the Puszta and at Lake Balaton we felt very comfortable and cooled down with the good Bor (wine).

Today we would like to thank you in this way and are already planning the next trip
with Schubert Touristik.

Welcome to schubert

Potsdam 7 lakes round trip

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

yesterday we made a day trip with you to Potsdam. My name is Kathrin Tiedtke and my companion was Marina Nafe. I have often traveled with you and my mother (Eva Tiedtke) is also very often in contact with you with their group tours. but I must say – yesterday the trip was really very nice. My companion traveled with you for the first time and she was absolutely thrilled. There are many people who always complain and complain about every little thing, but it must also be praised. First of all I would like to thank the driver (Dirk), he really drove super. We sat directly behind the driver and could observe everything with tension. So a really super safe and nice bus driver. There was never a situation where we had concerns. There should be such bus drivers more often. TOP! Besides our travel companion also really really nice, nice, friendly and also funny. We all had a lot of fun in the bus, even when we were in a traffic jam, he took care of us all. It was the Siggi. And also to him a big praise for his work and his humanity. He had an open ear for everyone and there was satisfaction in the bus. So far, this is the best travel companion I have ever had with you. Such a nice personality attracts people / customers. I wish that with every trip I will book through you, that Siggi is on board with us. TOP staff. Then the course of this trip, that was super planned everything. For me (I was the youngest on board) and also for the older people it was really pleasant. The food in the restaurant was also really sufficient and delicious. Even the mishap with the ship, which it did not come, was super regulated and improvised by Siggi. He pulled out all the stops to make it possible for us to take a boat trip after all. That was then super solved. All made (as I got it with) super with. And we were still able to complete our 7 lakes tour. Finally, after a wonderful day, we landed back in Aschersleben. It was really great. I always rave about your company anyway, but now I have had another positive experience that I will gladly pass on to my friends and acquaintances.

I will definitely book my next trip with you again.

Royal Tour Norway
07.08. – 13.08.2019

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

back from our king tour to Norway we can say, it were 7 very nice and eventful days. Everything worked out very well and a big part in this interesting trip had not least our bus driver Denis. He confidently steered the coach through narrow serpentines and the maze of streets in the cities. But not only as a driver he made sure that we arrived safely, on time and well everywhere, he also spoiled us together with Ines, our travel companion, with culinary specialties that they served us. We would like to thank both Denis and Ines very much. Without their good organization, friendliness, prudence and helpfulness, the trip would certainly not have been quite so nice!

Thank you again to Denis and Ines, with kind regards

Doris Pleib and Ulrich Borsbach

Dream day Berlin

Dear Mrs. Bahar,

I had booked for our women’s group, for 10 people, on the 12th of December.08.19 booked a trip to Berlin. The trip, we all agreed, was unique. We had a wonderful day. The bus driver Peter steered his bus calmly and safely through the many construction sites and the insane traffic in Berlin and the Berlin tour guide impressed us with his extensive knowledge of Berlin. We all enjoyed the stay on the television tower and also the boat trip on the Wannsee found our enthusiasm. I would like to say a big thank you to your company on behalf of our group for the uncomplicated pickup from Ampfurth. We think it was a great day, the price-performance ratio was right and we would love to do another trip with your travel agency next year.

Until then, they greet you on behalf of our group very warmly

North Frisian Islands
16.06.2019 – 21.06.2019

Dear Mr. Schubert, dear employees,

I would like to thank you and your team for the well organized trip, the wonderful days of my trip "North Frisian Islands" from 16.06. to 21.06.2019.

My favorite driver Peter from Ballenstedt and our travel companion Mrs. Andres took care of us the whole trip perfectly! All planned dates worked out exemplary, weather was great anyway and for me it will remain an unforgettable trip!

Congratulations on your achieved certificate: "Top tour operator" – keep it up!

With kind regards

Regina Renner from Meisdorf

Unique dreamlike Amalfi Coast
04.05.2019 – 12.05.2019

Yes, unfortunately it is soon time, it comes to an end, our beautiful time. And as it is, one says "good bye", the experiences pass by once again. What we have seen everything, what we have experienced everything? I think that everyone will save it in their memories. It was never monotonous, there was everything – we had rain, thunderstorms, sun and even snow – and that in May! But that was not so important, important were the destinations. You will confirm it, we had a lot of it. As if they were here at home, Andrea and Andreas could explain everything to us. Claudia, the sweet maid, also amazed and delighted us with her knowledge. She was able to report from antiquity to today, although she came from Germany, she knew a lot about the country and its people. All around the trip was wonderful and who do we have to thank for that? – to the tour guide couple! Schubert Touristik can be proud of you, that’s why we like to join you again! Stay as you are, then you are right, but above all healthy, because that is important.

A huge thank you I say in the name of the travel group "Amalfi" from May 2019

Welcome to schubert

Italian Riviera of Flowers
07.05.2019 – 14.05.2019

Dear Mrs. Pietsch,

I have booked with Schubert-Reisen a trip to the Italian Riviera of Flowers in the period of 07. until 14. 05.2019 made. It was a great trip. We have seen infinitely much and our Italian guide Rosi has explained us everything super and through her we have learned many interesting things. At first I was afraid of the long trip and the many excursions, because I just had a heart operation in April, but our bus driver Peter took a break exactly every 2 hours, we could stretch our legs and because of that and his entertaining contributions I had no problems. These contributions have as, Peter always said, gladdened our hearts. But also our tour guide was "class". Every morning she greeted us in the bus with the saying of the day and drew our attention to many sights during our trip. Great was also the board supply, whether the soups of Peter, or the sausages or drinks Andrea served us, everything tasted great. These two have done their job very well and I wish that they would be with me again for my next bookings. Peter drove the bus safely through the narrow streets of Italy, whether forward or backward. We were often left breathless when we looked out of the window at his driving skills, but Andrea instructed him and so everything went smoothly. They were a well-rehearsed team. I would like to thank Schubert-Reisen, the world’s best bus driver Peter and the world’s best tour guide Andrea once again. I am looking forward to my next trip to Świnoujście on the 28th.7.until 04.08.2019.

With kind regards

Golden island of Krk
10.05.2019 – 16.05.2019

Dear Mr. Schubert, dear ladies and gentlemen,

we were from with your company in Croatia (island KRK). We have been on the road with you many times, but this trip was almost perfect and our most beautiful so far. The team bus driver Olli and tour guide Annett are a super team and absolute top class. Almost every wish was fulfilled and we always felt comfortable. Despite bad weather the atmosphere was always good. The hotels in Croatia, as well as in Austria were equipped with very good, clean and modern rooms and the hospitality, catering was top. The packed lunches of the hotel "Drazica" during the day were very sumptuous and delicious. Many thanks also to our guide Ljubomir, who taught us a lot about the history, country and people of Croatia. Gladly again. Thanks also to everyone at Schubert who helped make this wonderful trip possible. We are already looking forward to our next Schubertreise "Grobe Frankreichrundreise" from from 03.10-13.10.19., gladly again with Olli and Annett.

With kind regards

Antje& Andreas Bartl

Dolomite magic in South Tyrol
05.05.2019 – 11.05.2019

Dear Schubert Team,

our expectations were fully exceeded. Our tour guide was top. Frank drove us sovereign through the mountains, explained us a lot and in a fun way. His wife Birgit provided us very attentive and nice. Also the Winkler-Hotel was great, we have never experienced anything like this before.Our expectations were fully exceeded. Our tour guide was top. Frank drove us sovereign through the mountains, explained us a lot and in a fun way. His wife Birgit was very attentive and nice. The Winkler Hotel was also super, we have not experienced anything as great as this before.

We would like to thank Birgit and Frank very much.

Roselies and Klaus Beuermann

Dolomite magic in South Tyrol
05.05.2019 – 11.05.2019

Dear Sir or Madam,

thank you very much for everything that was offered to us on this trip. The trip with the bus, the service and the entire care by the tour guide Birgit and Frank were simply great. We liked the hotel very much. The tours were varied and very interesting and everything was explained very well. Birgit and Frank have made a great effort overall.
We will reminisce for a long time.

Birgit and Bernd Meyer

New Year’s Eve at Lake Garda
29.12.2018 – 01.01.2019

New Year’s Eve at Lake Garda – That sounded good and was a great experience for us.

We left very early, were all still a bit tired, but were quickly awakened by the good humor of Dirk and Katja. The two drove us with calmness and prudence towards our destination. In the bus we were taken care of in the finest way. Arrived at our hotel in Torbole, we had a delicious dinner and then we had free time.

The following days were filled with trips to pretty little towns that enchanted us with their Italian flair and the direct location on Lake Garda. Dirk knew his way around the area well and was able to show and tell us a lot. Katja supported him and both showed great organizational talent.

The New Year’s Eve party was great. The gala dinner left nothing to be desired, had

8 courses and was super delicious. The musician was in a good mood and his music invited us to dance. Time flew by and in no time we were in 2019.

At some point it was time to say goodbye to Lake Garda. Our journey home took a long time due to the weather conditions, but the beautiful memories, the good service on board and some break surprises shortened the time.

We would like to say thank you to Dirk and Katja. You did your job very well and gladly we would choose you again as travel companions.

Jutta and Ehrhard Rober

Mandarin harvest in sunny Croatia
16.10.2018 – 23.10.2018

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

once again my husband and I made a trip with your company. Also on this trip we were not disappointed.
Since we claimed the pickup service, we were picked up on time by a friendly driver. This also applies to the return trip from Aschersleben to Stabfurt at the end of the trip. Our coach was always clean. Our bus driver Uwe drove us safely through all the countries, landscapes and curves we had to pass. Even the strong storm at the departure he could defy. His demeanor towards us travelers was always friendly. And now to our tour guide Marion. We can only rate them positively. She was always friendly and had a great way with us travelers. Her helpfulness and prudence are to be emphasized respectively. quick reaction to problems to solve them (z.B. with my strong migraine) During the entire trip it proved that Marion has extensive knowledge of the areas, places and landscapes traveled through, so that we were extensively informed by her. We also found it very nice that we were informed about trips in the new catalog, as well as about the company. But we were not only spoiled by their information about the country, but also by their commitment to our physical well-being. The offer in the bus of food and drinks is okay. And now to the local tour guides. All of them also distinguished themselves by very good knowledge which they imparted to us. We especially liked this one in Split. All hotels in which we stayed or. We had a stopover, were very well selected by your company. Food was always tasty as well. Maybe a small downer: the overnight stay in Selce: hotel and food were great, but taking the meal in this huge dining room brought a lot of unrest. But this should only be a small note.

And now for the overall impression of the trip: We liked the harmony in the group very much. The program was well thought out.
We have received your new catalog. Surely we will find again an interesting trip.
Finally, we would like to thank everyone involved in the organization and execution of this trip.

With kind regards Gabriele and Siegfried Bischoff

A voyage of discovery through Italy
16.10.2018 – 21.10.2018

Hello dear team of Schubert Touristik,

we would like to thank you again for this great eventful trip, that we were allowed to experience it in such a way, will remain in our eternal memory. The great travel company with Andreas Harnisch as a bus driver and his wife Andrea; as a service person was fully organized. Be it, the catering with food and drinks, it was a very good service. Also the information about the cities; from Lake Garda to Florence in Tuscany, on to Rome, here Andreas steered the bus without any problems through the so uncontrolled traffic and welcomed us after the city tour as Julius Cesar. The highlight for us was the visit to the Vatican, St. Peter’s Basilica and Andrea gave us, besides the local. Travel guide always accompanied. We went on to Lido di Jesolo, on the blue Adriatic, to a super hotel called "Le Soleil", a beautiful beach and nice service staff.From here we started on 20.10. first by bus and then by boat to Venice, the city of love, with its countless bridges, palaces and narrow streets. We ended this exciting day in Lido di Jesolo and went to the beach again. Unfortunately it went on 21.10.2018 back home, without traffic jams and problems this trip went without stress. We owe it to Andreas and Andrea that it was such a fantastic and eventful trip. They made sure that all travel guests were always on time. They kept us entertained and told jokes every now and then, they also spoiled our birthday children on the bus. And constantly there were cool drinks and fresh coffee during the breaks.

Thank you very much and all the best for Andreas and Andrea stay healthy and always an accident-free trip
wish Dieter and Heike Enke from Wimmelburg

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