Wedding invitation – that must be in the text

The date has been set, the guest list has been drawn up, the wedding invitation card has been selected and designed – now all that’s left to do is to come up with a snappy text for the wedding invitation!

What sounds simple can suddenly become a huge task when we sit in front of the famous blank sheet of paper. Suddenly we ask ourselves a bunch of questions.

  • What belongs on the invitation at all?
  • Are our first names enough or do I write out first and last names??
  • How do I elegantly formulate that we would be most pleased with a simple gift of money for the vacation fund?
  • What to write about the outfit of the guests?
  • How do I give my invitation text a personal touch??

In fact, almost every couple that designs their own invitation cards asks themselves such questions. And that’s no wonder: While wedding invitations – like weddings in general – used to be very standardized and strictly formal, nowadays there are only a few fixed rules regarding the wedding invitation text.

For today’s couples, this is both a blessing and a curse. You may find it harder to follow generally accepted standards, but you have a lot more creative design options to do so. So in principle, the good news is: everything can, nothing must!

Text examples for the wedding invitation

Nevertheless, some caution is required: Despite all the freedoms, there are still some more or less fixed rules for the design of a wedding invitation card even today.

Basically, on every invitation card to the wedding should be answered as clearly as possible the four so-called W-questions: What, who, when, where? Whether you choose a more formal or casual wedding invitation: You should place this important information as prominently as possible and recognizable at first glance on your card.

A very classic example could look like this:

If you decide to use a folded card, a very short text like this is perfect for the title page. You can then provide further details on the inside page.

This is how an example of a slightly more detailed main page of your card looks like:

Keep in mind: Your guests are sure to have a stressful daily routine and will only skim the invitation at first. The most important information should be recognizable at a glance. Even if your guests look at the invitation later, they want to see the central facts collected in one place. So don’t hide them like a needle in a haystack in a long text without paragraphs.

Many couples place a nice quote or a romantic wedding saying on the title page or the inside left side of the card. You can find a selection of suitable words on our page for wedding sayings. However, such wedding sayings should not be too long. The general rule for wedding invitations is: less is more.

Classic or modern invitation text?

Generally you should adapt the style of your invitation card to the style of the wedding party. If you have a more informal ceremony in mind, it is best to reflect that in a more casual invitation card.

If, on the other hand, you want a more traditional or particularly festive wedding, you can also express this in a classically worded invitation. In both cases, your guests will have a good idea in advance of what to expect at your party.

For example, a more loosely worded invitation text might look like this:

…Hand in hand into happiness..

For our wedding on


we would like to invite you.

The civil wedding ceremony takes place

at 1 pm in the Wunderstr. 4 instead of.

After the wedding ceremony we will have a party in Wunderallee 7.

You may sing, make speeches and dance as long as it pleases you. There will be food and drink and you are welcome to dress in whatever you feel most comfortable in.

We are looking forward to spending this special day with you!

Mia& Paul

In a very traditional wedding invitation the parents of the bride and groom invite. By the way, this is still common in the USA today. With the names of the parents, the card looks a bit formal, but also particularly solemn.

This is how a typical American-style invitation reads:

Johanna and Max Muller | Sarah and Benjamin Schmidt

are happy about the wedding of their children with all their heart

Mia& Tom

at 14.07.2034 at 12 o’clock

at the miracle church

The subsequent celebration will take place in the Miracle Hall.

For this you are invited from the heart.

Wedding invitation card: layout tips

Also with the layout of the card we recommend you to think rather minimalistically. Too many bright colors, photos and squiggles combined with different fonts will quickly make your card look cluttered and chaotic.

It is better if you limit the graphic design to the essentials. For the font color, black and charcoal are usually the first choice, unless your card has a dark background. As font we recommend a simple, sans-serif typeface.

Different fonts and sizes on your invitation card can be used cleverly to present information more clearly and make your text easier to read. You can emphasize the names of the bridal couple or the introductory text "We are getting married", for example, by using a different font or a larger font size.

About the layout: If you use a simple card, the most important information should of course be on the front. In the case of a folded card, the main text belongs on the right of the two inside pages – this is where the eye first falls when opening the card.

Depending on the layout of your card, you can put additional information on more pages. It’s best to place important details like addresses, directions and accommodations for out-of-town guests on the back of your card. Alternatively, you can place an additional note in the card or refer to the detailed information on your personal wedding website.

Wording for the wedding invitation

With many details on the wedding invitation we struggle to find the right wording. It is not so easy to tell the guests that you prefer to receive money for the honeymoon instead of presents. Or that you also prefer not to greet your buddies from the sports club in jeans and T-shirt.

In fact, most couples ask themselves similar questions over and over again in terms of wording tricky wedding details. Most of the time they revolve around dear money or dress code issues.

Finding the right words: The dress code

When it comes to dress code, you can easily fall back on a number of common terms. Still popular are phrases like "Dress festive and summery" or "Festive wardrobe is requested."But they are recommended only if you want to give your guests as much freedom as possible in the choice of outfit. The downside: they offer a lot of room for interpretation, since each guest understands something different under festive. Formulations like "Wear what you like" or "It is important that you feel comfortable!" unfortunately often have the opposite effect of what they intend to do. Even if a guest prefers to wear jeans and sneakers, he will certainly not feel comfortable at your wedding if all the guests except him strut around in tails and evening dresses.

Some orientation in terms of dress code on the invitation card is therefore not a constraint, but simply a relief for your guests. If you would like to make a more binding statement about the outfit of the guests, a more precise dress code statement is therefore a good idea. In the meantime, the corresponding English terms have become established here:

White Tie/Black Tie
"White Tie" and "Black Tie" respectively are the most formal dress codes. Gentlemen come here necessarily in tailcoat or tuxedo with white resp. black tie. Ladies are encouraged to wear an elegant evening dress that reaches the floor. This strict dress code has become rather rare at weddings today. But if you’re marrying into a noble family, this dress code might be just the ticket for you.

The dress code statement "cocktail" stands for a festive but slightly less formal wedding celebration. For men, it simply means: wear a dark suit with a tie! The ladies, as the name suggests, come in cocktail dresses that should reach to the knees.

Smart Casual
A little less formal is the dress code "Smart Casual" at a celebration. Men come to this indication in chinos, suit pants or dark jeans. For this they wear a shirt with a matching jacket. A tie can be, but does not have to be. Women wear a dress or a combination of skirt or pants with a blouse.

Finding the right words (II): Money gifts

With the gifts it is similar to the outfit: It is always better to give a concrete indication than to leave the guests in uncertainty. Do you have thus a wedding table -egal whether on-line or in a business – point to it in the invitation card.

Many couples want money for their wedding. There are several ways to make this request on your wedding invitation. For example, if you want to express it in a particularly funny or original way, you can find numerous ideas and text templates for this on the web.

We suggest you use an open, direct, simple and nice wording like "As a gift, we would appreciate a contribution to our vacation fund."Because it’s always nice for the gift givers to know what the couple wants to use the money for!

What also belongs on the invitation

Have you really thought of everything? Even if the four famous W-questions are clarified, there are certain details and hints that should not be missing on the invitation card for every wedding celebration. Be sure to inform your guests ..

  • … If you have organized childcare for the younger guests
  • … if you have reserved hotel rooms for guests from out of town
  • … if the celebration takes place outside and it can get chilly in the evening
  • … if there is a schedule with fixed program points for the celebration
  • … how you feel about wedding games and other "creative ideas" of your guests
  • … or if a joint breakfast is planned for the next day

With this information, you should be well equipped to formulate the perfect wedding invitation. We wish you a lot of fun with creative writing.

Ps: In the wedding section of our magazine you will find many helpful tips. Maybe you’re still looking for beautiful table decorations or the perfect wedding dress?

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