Wedding in thuringia: run on 2.2.22 – except here

Wedding in Thuringia: Run on 2.2.22 – only in THIS place nobody wants to marry

Wedding in thuringia: run on 2.2.22 - except here

Thuringia: So beautiful is the state

Rush to the registry offices! And that in a marriage-untypical month. Because normally close the fewest Thuringia in February their bond of marriage.

But this year everything is different – and so many lovers also draw their Wedding in the cold and wet month of February. Because the Thuringia want to seal their happiness twice.

No less than two popular Thuringian wedding dates in February

The time has come! On Wednesday, 2. February, ring not only once or twice the wedding bells – but equal to eight couples close the bond of marriage. At least in Gera. And that is quite atypical for the month of. There is a profound reason behind this: the 2.2.22 is an absolute Schnapszahl. And that is to bring as well known luck.

This is the state of Thuringia:

  • the Free State of Thuringia has about 2.1 million inhabitants on 16.000 square kilometers area
  • The state capital and also the largest city is Erfurt
  • has a high density of important cultural sites, including "Classical Weimar" (Unesco World Heritage Site), the Bauhaus in Weimar and Wartburg Castle near Eisenach
  • Prime Minister is Bodo Ramelow (Left), ruling parties are Left, SPD, Greens

But in other parts of the Free State, too, wedding enthusiasts are storming the registry offices: In the state capital of Erfurt, five couples are saying "I do" on this special date. In Weimar, the registry office reaches its maximum capacity and marries four future spouses.

One community, however, stands out negatively: In Ettersberg (Weimarer Land), no one takes advantage of the double chance of luck on Wednesdays. But 20 days later! Because what brings even more luck than the 2.2.22? Right – the 22.2.22! As many as six couples register to get married. However not only in the registry office, but also in the white hall of the popular marriage place lock Ettersburg.

The wedding venues did not expect such a rush either. Normally, the warm months are preferred for marriages, but even then only "sometimes two, sometimes three couples – on Saturdays also sometimes four or five. But it hasn’t been like this for a long time," said a spokeswoman for Ettersburg Castle.

Twelve weddings in Thuringia’s state capital

But Ettersberg is not an isolated case. In Nordhausen, too, only one future married couple wants to celebrate their love on the first date, but five on the second! And attention, this number tops everything: In Erfurt give themselves on the last Tuesday in February altogether twelve love pairs the Jaw word! "On 22.2. would have liked to have wanted more couples – however we cannot carry more personnel out , regret a spokeswoman.

More from Thuringia:

But if you want not only a special date, but also an extraordinary setting for your wedding: In the Saalfeld Fairy Grotto, that happens underground! However, the fairy-tale cathedral on 22.2.22 completely booked out. Both in the morning and in the evening, a couple will bind themselves forever at this location with romantic music and surrounded by stalactites. But the quite spontaneous have still another last chance: On 2.2.22 no one can be married here. (mbe, dpa)

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