Wedding: bride demands this from best friend – “no way”

Wedding: bride demands outrageous things from her best friend – who gets clear: "Not for a bunch of strangers"

Wedding: bride demands this from best friend - "no way"

Weddings: Interesting facts you probably didn’t know

These facts about weddings you definitely didn’t know yet.

At one Wedding friends and family of the bride and groom meet. This can also get awkward and lead to arguments at times.

On this Wedding However, an argument broke out between the bride and her best friend, triggered by an outrageous demand from the bride-to-be.

Wedding: bride’s best friend is having fun at engagement party – but then a call comes in

Even at her best friend’s engagement party, the 23-year-old from the southern U.S. had a strange feeling. Actually, she was having a great time, chatting with her friends. But she was looked at strangely from the side by the bride’s in-laws. "I tried not to take it to heart and ignore it," she wrote on a Reddit forum.

But when her friend called the next day, it was confirmed that something was wrong. "I could tell she was nervous to say something, so I asked her to just spit it out. That’s when she admitted that her in-laws were uncomfortable because of me, and that they couldn’t talk freely with someone like me around."The young woman’s jaw dropped.

Wedding: bride with outrageous demand to best friend – "no way"

The 23-year-old is namely Muslim and wore a hijab, a classic headscarf, as a sign of her faith. But that’s exactly what seemed to bother the groom’s parents. "I said I was sorry that her in-laws were blatantly racist, but it wasn’t like I was marrying them," the friend responded to her friend’s message.

Since she was already hired as a makeup artist, the bride asked if she could just take off her hijab for the wedding and do her makeup "without ‘scaring’ her in-laws". The friend couldn’t believe what the bride was asking her to do. "There’s no way I would change or give up my religion for a bunch of strangers, and I wouldn’t set foot anywhere near her because I don’t want to ‘scare’ her," she responded sarcastically. And things really took off on the Reddit forum, as the Mirror reported.

Wedding: girlfriend to take off headgear – "What the hell?"

"No amount of makeup can make a racist/Islamophobe/Xenophobe look pretty," commented one user. Another felt personally attacked by bride’s demand. "Your hijab is not an accessory you want to wear some days and leave off other days. What the hell is this??"

Popular wedding sayings and congratulations:

  • "We wish you a lifetime of happiness and love."
  • "May your wedding day come and go, but may your love grow forever."
  • "We are happy to be able to celebrate this beautiful day with you together."
  • "Before you marry, have both eyes open, but afterwards squeeze one shut."
  • "You only see well with your heart. The essential is invisible to the eyes."

One user would have liked to see a different outcome to the story. "I was hoping her solution would be, ‘But I’m kicking my in-laws out of the bridal suite so you don’t feel uncomfortable’." And another user calmed the conscience of the girlfriend. "She owes you an apology. In addition, she is not entitled to free makeup. This is officially her problem. Not yours." (mbo)

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