“Wedding at first sight” 2021: ralf and fellow candidates celebrate reunion without manuela

The "wedding at first sight" failed for Manuela and Ralf. But Manuel seems to be freshly in love – but with another man.

by Nelly G. 1. February 2022, 9:10

The "wedding at first sight" experiment has failed for Manuela and Ralf. How it goes on for Manuela with love, she has revealed on Instagram. Meanwhile Ralf and other HadeB candidates spent a fun weekend together.

  • Manuela and Ralf have separated after the honeymoon.
  • Manuela revealed how she feels about a new relationship on Instagram.
  • Even before the official separation Manuela has sold her wedding dress.

A few weeks ago, gave Manuela (50) and Ralf (57) announced that they are going their separate ways. The dream couple from "Wedding at First Sight" had drifted apart after their honeymoon.

In a Q&A on Instagram, the 50-year-old now revealed if she’s ready for a new relationship yet again. "I had two meetings with a man, but I’m not ready yet," she revealed to her followers. However, it had not fit also simply between her and the other man.

Manuela is currently happy without a partner by her side, she said. But for the future they wish to have a relationship.

My big wish for 2022 is still to be happy with a wonderful man.

Manuela on Instagram

Joint weekend without Manuela

Meanwhile, Manuela’s ex-husband Ralf was having a good time with other HadeB candidates. Various Instagram stories showed him with his weekend visit in the form of Mario, Lisa, David, Anika and Juliane. When asked by a fan if everyone from season eight had been invited, Ralf replied, "Yes, but getting everyone under one hat in terms of time was just hard…" According to her Instagram profile, Manuela spent a wellness weekend with her sister.

Wedding at first sight

Manuela and Ralf took part in the social experiment "Wedding at First Sight" in 2021 and, unbeknownst to them, said "I do" at the altar. Initially, the newlyweds appeared happy. According to the two, however, it was then not enough for a long-term relationship. The business economist and the team leader in customer service still get along well and are still in contact with each other, they say.

"We had a wonderful time together," Manuela admitted.

Ralf explained his reasoning for the breakup on Instagram:

I didn’t get my feelings in order after finals. I’m afraid I wasn’t as attracted to the Manuela as I should have been, as she deserves to be. Then it flattened. I feel incredibly sorry for Manuela.

Ralf on Instagram

Wedding at first sight: Manuela sells her wedding dress

Even before the finale, Manuela announced that she wanted to sell her wedding dress. Was this a first sign for the separation? Officially Manuela wanted to pass the dress on to the next happy bride to donate the sum afterwards.

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