We tell our district anew – and we want to give space for your stories, from the heart of Langwasser!

Whether you like to write or read, experiment with sound or mash things up with clay, there’s something here for everyone.

We collect all the things that make Langwasser and put them on the stage (or in a newspaper, exhibition, on the net. ).

Until summer 2022 there are different projects you can participate in, you can learn to write texts in the writing workshop, make videos in media workshops, mud in the sound workshop, experiment with sounds and "record" the district and much more!

Writing workshop – be there!

You can learn how best to get your story down on paper in free writing workshops with award-winning writer Leonhard F. Learn Seidl.

What you need for the course? Only interested in writing. Everything else comes naturally.
You can’t speak German well yet? Even that is no obstacle, because we have a teacher with us, who will help you to find the right words.
Or would you like to write in a language other than German? This is also possible!

As soon as the corona situation allows it, the 3-month courses will start. Just write us if you want to participate, we are looking forward to you!

To register or if you have any questions, just get in touch with Daniela Steinert via the contact form:

  • Contact form

(Online) readings around the campfire

All year long you have delivered stories, as an early Christmas present you can now lean back and we will bring stories from all over the world to Langwasser! At the campfire in the garden of the community center – or online, depending on the Corona regulations then in effect – a diverse program awaits you!

1.12.20 / 19 o’clock / Oliver Walter and Joey Debp
4.12.20 / 7 pm / Michael Jakob
7.12.20 / 19 h / Maron Fuchs and Alex& The Lights
9.12.20 / 19 h / Leonhard F. Seidl
11.12.20 / 7 pm / Andreas Thamm and Stephan Goldbach
16.12.20 / 19 h / Leonhard F. Seidl
19.12.20 / 4 pm / 5 pm / Tatjana Bilenko and Fritz Mack
21.12.20 / 7 pm / sehbal senyurt Arınlı, Yvonne Richter and Marcus Stadler
26.12. / 7 pm / Iwona Lompart, Shannan Zimani and Georgios Evangelou
28.12.20 / 7 pm / Peter Parkster, GYMMICK, Thomas Schmidt and Michael "Michl" Jakob

  • here you can find more information about the individual events

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A district newspaper for Langwasser!

Actually, we would have liked to go on a voyage of discovery with you already in spring and summer 2020, to form lively groups, to research, to write texts, to make music and to design. Since this was hardly possible at the moment due to the Covid 19 pandemic, we thought of something else to put your stories in the spotlight:

A district newspaper, filled with stories from here, which lands in all mailboxes in Langwasser!
For all people outside Langwasser: You can get the newspaper from us, download it here on the website or look out for it in the various municipal distribution points (museums, Kulturinfo etc). We will also supply cafes and bars!

The background to the project "We.Writing.History"

Langwasser has grown to become Nuremberg’s largest district: almost 40,000 residents live here.000 residents live here.
The rapid growth of the neighborhood has led to a special mix of the district’s population. The WIR Project.WRITE.HISTORY takes a look at the people who live here and puts the diverse district where it belongs: in the spotlight!

  • |
  • Langwasser on stage
  • |
  • . with your stories!
  • |
  • It could look like this
  • |

With WE.WRITE.HISTORY we bring your Langwasser on stage

This is what it looked like at a partner facility in Sejny, Poland, which we visited for inspiration. The little actors and actresses were very happy about our #LNGWSSR balloons!

This is the stage set from the partner project in Sejny – we are very curious to see what kind of landscape of utopian Langwasser will be created here in our district!

Participation is very easy!

Dear versatile interested and creative people from Langwasser, at our project "WE.WRITE.HISTORY" you are exactly right.
Be there too!

The following artists accompany us. You will learn from you in different workshops the necessary skills to collect and process the exciting material:

Group text collection

Leonhard F. Seidl is a multi-award-winning journalist, lecturer in creative writing and writer in demand worldwide. You can learn from him how to interview people to get exciting stories out of them or how to get your own stories on paper successfully.

  • more about Leonhard F. Seidl

Group music and sounds

Tatjana Mate is a sound artist. She was born in London, is familiar with the melodies of the Balkans but at home in many musical places and styles. She will listen to you, improvise and make music with you and compile a soundtrack for Langwasser from your melodies, songs and rhythms.

  • more about Tatjana Liposvsek

Books Group

Judith Hertling is a cultural educator and leads the mobile book workshop of the KinderKunstRaum (KUF). Children and their families or young people from Langwasser are invited to join her in bringing the stories from Langwasser into book form. A lot of fun and eye candy will certainly not be missed out!

  • to the KinderKunstRaum

Ceramics and stage design group

Eva Mandok is a sculptor and is responsible for the formal language of the project. The graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg will build with you a long water from clay. Of course, this is not a real Langwasser, remembered images and landscapes merge into a new neighborhood. Help build the utopia of your district!

  • more about Eva Maria Mandok

Group Neighborhood Theater

Tina Geibinger is a director and freelance theater artist. She takes over the staging of the collection of your narrations, stories, melodies and landscapes. In her theater group you transform the results of all groups into a stage-ready form and show us Langwasser in the spotlight.

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