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To take the necessary precautions against the further spread of COVID-19, many retailers cancel certain services you may have purchased. Some of these services are live concerts and events, airline tickets and other travel services.

We ask that you contact the retailer directly to inquire about the status of the booking/event. Klarna will refund orders only to the extent that the merchant refunds them. Please contact the retailer directly to solve problems with your order.

In this regard, Buyer Protection is a service provided by Klarna to buyers residing in Germany to assist you after ordering physical goods, such as receiving defective goods, and therefore does not cover the ordering of services such as events, vouchers or travel services.

We ask you to contact the retailer directly to clarify any questions you may have in connection with your order. As soon as the merchant updates your order, this will be automatically stored in our systems and displayed in your Klarna app.

When shopping on the Internet, some things should be self-evident. Our merchants are quality-conscious, customer-friendly and act very professionally. As a result, incidents rarely occur. Should a problem nevertheless arise, Klarna will be happy to help you.

For the best way to proceed, please see our buyer protection guideline.

No goods? You do not have to pay!

When your goods have not been delivered.

. you don’t need to pay them, of course. You use Klarna invoice or installment purchase? If yes, you have to pay only after receiving the goods. If it has not been delivered within the specified time frame, the following applies: 1. Make sure you haven’t missed any notifications from your delivery service. 2. Inform the seller that your goods have not been delivered. 3. If you have chosen a payment method from Klarna: Use the "Report a problem" option in the Klarna log-in area.de or in the Klarna app or contact our customer service and we will pause your payment while you seek a solution with the seller. 4. We help you to clarify the whereabouts of your goods. You do not have to pay while we check what has happened. If it turns out that the goods were not delivered to you, you do not have to pay Klarna.

You have already paid?

Maybe you have already paid for your goods before they were delivered. This can be the case if you have paid via Klarna with credit card, direct debit or Sofortuberweisung, or if you have already paid your invoice early. Please note that for payments via Sofortuberweisung, buyer protection only applies if Sofortuberweisung is offered by the merchant via a Klarna integration and not as a standalone payment method (outside of the Klarna integration). If one of these possibilities applies to you, please do the following: 1. Make sure that you have not overlooked any notifications from your delivery service, and that your delivery service has not delivered the goods to you. 2. Contact your seller to find out where the goods have been. 3. If you can’t reach a solution, contact our customer service. If you have paid but not received the goods, Klarna will help you to clarify the whereabouts of your goods. If it turns out that the goods were not delivered to you, Klarna will refund you the amount you paid.

There is one exception

There is an exception to this protection. This is the case if you did not allow the seller to deliver the goods to you. For example, if you (or a person authorized by you) have not collected the goods, although you have been notified about the delivery of the goods. In these cases, you may be liable to pay damages according to the relevant legal regulations or to pay a fine. to the acceptance of the commodity and to the payment obliges.

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