We build your boat – houseboat new building

All houseboat types the Aquino, Kormoran and Febomobil series offer standing height everywhere, generous storage space in easily accessible cupboards and drawers and, in the standard version, one wet room per sleeping cabin.

By many small details you can see that the boats of the Kuhnle shipyard have been improved in practical use, the short wire between charter business and the in-house shipyard proves to be very useful, so the shipyard can offer mature, maintenance-friendly Houseboats and Motor yachts offer. The boats are ideal for cruises on inland waters, but also have the approval for protected sea waters and are also successfully tested there.

The sale takes place exclusively in the boat owner program.

All houseboat types at a glance

Advanced Kormoran

Cormorant with fun gadget in tow

The flagship in our fleet. Available from 1 to 4 cabins and customizable.


our houseboat Febomobil 1180 on a lake with a family on deck

Our floating house with all comforts. Completely customizable with up to 2 cabins.


our houseboat Aquino on a lake with a woman at the helm

If it may be a little more luxury. With many technical refinements and 2 cabins.

Silver Pirate

We build your boat - houseboat new building

This sport boat is easy to maneuver.

The advantages of houseboats

In the series Cormorant and Aquino you can fulfill almost all the wishes you may have for a boat. Why is it so? The reason lies in the development history: The Kormoran was developed in the 90s as a charter boat for inland waters. Charter entrepreneur Harald Kuhnle commissioned yacht designer Peter Sonntag to design a perfect charter boat. Kuhnle made great demands

  • cabins should be equal (no dog bunks or slip cabins without headroom)
  • the galley should be largely like on land (four-burner stove, large refrigerator, hot and cold running water, plenty of work space)
  • each cabin should have its own bathroom with shower, toilet and washbasin
  • The boat should be so easy to maneuver that even beginners can handle it well
  • it should have an indoor and an outdoor control room
  • complicated, susceptible and maintenance-intensive aggregates should be renounced the technical equipment had to be robust, easily accessible and easy to see through
  • the interior should be easy to clean

When the designer Peter Sonntag presented the first sketches, it was quickly clear that Kuhnle had commissioned the right person, all criteria were met and in addition the new boat with dark wood, brass and the ponderous hull came along in a traditional look that made every nautiphile’s heart beat faster.

The Kormoran also successfully passed the test in the hard everyday charter life. Over the years, the Kormoran has been further developed, so that today you can choose between four boat sizes (9.40 meters, 11.40 meters, 12.80 meters, and 15 meters long). Starting from the Kormoran series, the Aquino series was developed in 2009 together with designer Nils Fuhrmann, a boat layout that does not reveal its finesse at first glance and has room for every comfort on board thanks to the deliberately asymmetrical layout.

Individually designed boats

Of course, you can customize the boat floor plan or individual elements as it suits you best: Instead of a transverse berth, prefer a desk? Extra sockets? A connection for the washing machine or dryer? More electronics? Underfloor heating? Air conditioning?

All this and more can be built into a shipyard-new Kormoran. With its own design department and experts in all areas of boat building, the Kuhnle shipyard can meet almost any special request. Suggestions can be found on the following pages. Let nature inspire you, sketch your dream – we build your boat.

The living boat Febomobil

Since 2014 the Kuhnle shipyard builds Living boats in different sizes and equipment variants. The trend of floating homes can not be overlooked on the German waterways and there are the mobile vacation homes in many different shapes and variants.

Kuhnle Werft has focused on the durability of the materials used, as well as safe and comfortable cruising when designing the boats.

The pontoon consisting of two floats is made of seawater resistant aluminum and the superstructure is also built of seawater resistant aluminum as well as glass fiber reinforced plastic. Thus, the residential boats can remain in the water even in winter with ice and do not require any painting.

Long life and inexpensive maintenance

Arguments that make the Febomobil attractive for commercial use as well:

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