Vienna opera ball 2022 – tickets on offer

View of the ballroom, with the stage boxes in the background. Photo Credits: Vienna State Opera / Michael Pohn

Photo: Vienna State Opera / Michael Pohn

The ball of balls, the Vienna Opera Ball, takes place on 24. February 2022 at the Vienna State Opera. You will celebrate a glittering ball party that begins at 10 p.m. and ends at 5 a.m. the following day. We have excellent seats for you in the ballroom at a stage logo table of the 2. reserved for you in the first row, from which you have a very nice view of the Opening and have the dance floor.

Picture: View into the ballroom, in the background the stage boxes.

dress code / mandatory ball attire:
the ladies: floor-length ball gown,
gentlemen: Tailcoat (NO tuxedo).

Tickets in the stage box

View of the opening ceremony of the Vienna Opera Ball from table seats of the stage box in the 2nd tier

View from the seats in the stage box

the total price of the package tour includes

  • 1 Map for the Vienna Opera Ball
  • reserved table seats stage box in the 2. Rank
  • excellent view of the Opening ceremony
  • short way to the dance floor in the main hall
  • Access to all bars in the opera house

Overnight stay in 4* Hotel Astoria

Exterior view of the Hotel Astoria in the old town of Vienna

more info about the hotel

Included in the travel package price:

  • 2x Overnight stay with breakfast buffet
  • almost next to the State Opera

further included in the price:

  • City tour
  • ca. 2h walking tour through the city center

The offer is subject to change – subject to prior sale. Prices not prov.-possible, group rates on request.Your special, also from o.a. We will be happy to process your request for a different visit program.

Travel Agent

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01156 Dresden

Vienna opera ball 2022 - tickets on offer

Ball season at the Vienna Hofburg

Vienna Opera Ball – the highlight of the ball season in Vienna

Tickets for this social event are – which is hardly surprising – usually booked out months in advance. We can also offer you only a limited contingent of Opera Ball tickets. So if you are no stranger to grand robes and mascherl, if the sight of the Belle Epoque chandeliers makes your eyes sparkle and the three-four time makes your heart beat faster – don’t hesitate and find out for yourself how much "Viennese blood" you have in you. Be there when the fanfare sounds and the opening call summons the festively dressed couples to dance.

Vienna Opera Ball, view of the debutantes from the table in the stage box

Opera Ball Vienna, view from the table in the stage box

Enjoy a night until dawn the unique atmosphere at the most famous ball in the world. Let yourself be enchanted by the interplay of lights, the colors of the ball gowns and the music, which will fill the rooms of the State Opera for hours in a variety of styles – from the classical Viennese waltz to jazz and pop touches.

Three-four time in grand style – dress code at the Opera Ball

The "Ball of Balls" lives not least from its sense of tradition and its adherence to a few rules that sometimes seem old-fashioned – but which have ultimately preserved its reputation as a glamorous event with style and elegance reliably through the changing times. The dress code is a central part of this: The lady of the world always appears at the Vienna Opera Ball in grand evening dress, i.e. in a dress at least ankle-length with a wide swinging skirt section. Skin-tight clothing is strictly frowned upon. Even traditional costumes are considered inappropriate for attending the ball. Otherwise, as far as color, cut and style of the robe are concerned: what is allowed is what is liked. First and foremost, of course, the wearer herself and her companion. As a result, one or the other prominent lady is likely to interpret the dress code rather freely again – and thus provide the local gossip press with many an opportunity to poke fun at fashionable lapses in taste..

Dancing at the ball at the Vienna Staasoper

short way from the square to the big dance floor

If you want to do everything right at the Opera Ball, go for rather simple, timelessly elegant evening dresses. For those who do not belong to the "upper ten thousand" and have experienced every ball season since their youth, the relative freedom of choice in jewelry and footwear is a relief. This means, for example: Instead of real jewels, (high-quality) costume jewelry can be worn, and the shoes do not necessarily have to be high heels. However, both should be appropriate for an elegant occasion.

Dancing for everyone at the Vienna Opera Ball

from the table you can quickly get to the dance floor via a nearby staircase

For the gentlemen, the choice of the wardrobe is easier, but also with fewer choices. Black tailcoat and white bow tie (Viennese: "Mascherl") are obligatory. Preferably patent leather shoes. By the way: Wearing wristwatches is prohibited – for both sexes. However, women are allowed to dance a sog. "jewelry watch" without a recognizable dial, the men carry a pocket watch with them.

The Opera Ball – international glamour meets Viennese high culture

The Vienna Opera Ball is – quite rightly and since many decades unbroken – the social event in the Danube metropolis par excellence. Numerous illustrious guests – from the entire Austrian political and cultural celebrities to well-known stars from sports and show business to international stars – lend the annual event the really big glamour factor. Since the reopening of the State Opera House in 1956 at the latest, it has been the case that film stars, Olympic champions, federal ministers and royal couples – all those of distinction show up at the Opera Ball. And who will (or will not) be seated with whom in the exquisite boxes this time – the local and international tabloids have been speculating about this long in advance.

Tickets with reserved table seats in the stage box with service at the seat

Table in the stage box in the 4. Floor with waitress at the place

But not only seeing and being seen counts on this evening. The Vienna Opera Ball is also a cultural asset that keeps the long tradition of festive balls in the former capital of the K.U.K. alive to this day. This is of course particularly evident when the debutante couples enter the ball: around 150 young women and men from Vienna and the surrounding area are given the special honor each year of opening the Opera Ball with a specially rehearsed dance choreography and a left-hand waltz afterwards.

Opening of the Vienna Opera Ball

Watch the opening program of the Vienna Opera Ball from your seat in the stage box

Debutants at the Vienna Opera Ball: entry into high society

The admission rules for this "Young Ladies and Young Gentlemen Committee" are strict. The participating couples must be between 17 and 24 years of age, preferably live in Vienna or Lower Austria (however, applications from all over Austria or abroad are also possible in the meantime) and master the traditional Left Waltz as well as possible. To ensure the latter, an audition takes place a few months before the Opera Ball. Afterwards they rehearse – every dance step has to be right for the big performance. After all, all participants are only allowed to open the Opera Ball once in their lives. Brightly colored hair is taboo for the occasion as well as visible tattoos or piercings.

Opening of the Vienna Opera Ball by the Debutantes

View from the place in the stage box to the opening of the debutantes

But the costs and efforts for a successful application are worth it: because at the beginning of the ball night, the eyes of all guests rest on the young ladies in their snow-white ball gowns and their male dance partners in elegant black tailcoats with white bow ties. The little crown that uniformly adorns the elaborate updos of the debutantes is also part of the big production: weeks before the Opera Ball, all of Vienna discusses the design, which is always in the hands of famous fashion designers such as Dolce& Gabbana lies.

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