Tying a tie: how to make a tie successful

Don’t despair: here’s how easy it is to tie a tie

Tying a tie quickly – this shouldn’t be too difficult, but unfortunately it is for the inexperienced. If you tie a tie only on special occasions and a festive styling, it is always a new challenge to remember the right tie knot. Did the loop now go over . Wait, no, the end has to go through here and then . damn, where to put your hand? Is there no easy way to quickly tie a tie?

The tie dilemma has relationship-killing potential, especially at parties or official events, where you can’t be late under any circumstances. Save yourself and your loved one the stress: Youtube star "Crazy Russian Hacker", who claims to have posted the best tricks of the KGB and the Russian army on the web, has the ultimate trick for tying a tie fast. "How to tie a tie like a ninja" lives up to its name – a finished tie knot is created with just one movement of the hand.

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To quickly tie a tie, according to a tip from the Crazy Russian Hacker, first put the tie in front of him on a table and tie two small loops. After that, all you have to do is twist the left loop once in a fluid hand motion, tuck it into the right loop, and pull the tie end through this double loop. Voilà! The loop sits and the finished tie only needs to be adjusted a little by tugging.

Since it’s pretty quick in the video – here’s the crucial part again:

Nastrovje! Never again be late for a New Year’s Eve party, wedding or theater premiere – with this trick anyone can quickly tie a tie. Let’s hope that the Youtube star with the charming Russian accent will come up with a good trick for the real enemy of men: the impossibly complicated knot that turns a strip of cloth into a bow tie.

Even more instructions for tie knots

So now you know how to tie a simple tie knot in a flash. Very good, then we can continue with the styling for advanced students. What about a Windsor knot, a narrowly tied tie, or rather a wide tie? And then there are nodes with such beautiful names as "Four in Hand" and "Half Windsor. Men and women with style should also master these.

How to tie the "Four in Hand-Knot

This is how the tie succeeds

This uncomplicated, slightly asymmetrical knot is suitable for most ties and collar shapes. And so it goes:

  1. Put the tie around the neck cross the wide tie end to the left over the narrow end.
  2. Then continue and put under the narrow end to the right.
  3. Then put the wide end to the left side around the knot.
  4. Pass the wide end from below through the neck loop.
  5. Grasp the end and tuck it through the resulting loop from top to bottom.
  6. Pull the wide end of the tie down and tug the knot into shape. Ready!

How to tie the "Half Windsor

How to tie the tie

The "Half Windsor is an elegant, triangular knot. It is especially good for narrow ties of not too thick fabric. And so it goes:

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