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Daniel Pohler

Porn, violence and hate speech – children can be confronted with disturbing things when surfing the net. For this reason, young boys and girls should only discover the Internet together with their parents. But older children and teenagers also want to chat with friends or surf the net without being disturbed. To protect them in the process, fathers and mothers can turn on the parental controls in the router. In certain cases, the lock also protects against cost traps.

Parental control in the router can hardly be levered out

A parental control in the router offers decisive advantages over a filter program that is installed directly on the child’s computer. This way, the router parental control can filter the entire data traffic of all devices in the home network. In addition, the lock can not be so easily levered out by the Filius. The filter can only be switched off by someone who knows the password to the router’s user interface. So choose a secure password.

Filter Internet pages with the Fritzbox

We will show you how to turn on parental controls using the Fritzbox from the Berlin-based manufacturer AVM as an example. The various versions of the Fritzbox are the best-selling routers in Germany. Numerous Internet providers also send their customers a Fritzbox after they have signed up for the service.

  • Open the user interface of the Fritzbox by typing in the address line of the browser fritz.enter box.
  • At the very bottom left, change the "view" to "expanded" by clicking on the word "default".
  • In the left menu click on "Internet" and then on "Filter.
  • Now you can see the devices that are dialed into your home network. Locate your child’s computer, smartphone, or tablet and click the edit icon to the right of it (note and pencil).
  • Now you can allow or prohibit Internet use at certain times, set an hour limit per day ("time limit"), set up filters for Internet sites or prevent certain programs ("blocked network applications").
  • Under the "Access profiles" tab, you will find ready-made profiles that you can customize. You can also create new profiles there, for example for user groups such as children, young people and guests.

Times and file sharing – A time regulation should be set together with the offspring and should be realistic. This strengthens acceptance and avoids unnecessary conflicts. We also recommend blocking file-sharing applications. Because these are mainly used for illegal downloads. If the police find out, it can be expensive – in case of doubt for the parents. To avoid this, first select "eMule" under "Block network applications" and also "BitTorrent".

Whitelist – A filter for Internet sites is also useful. The safest option is the so-called whitelist ("allow websites"). This is a list of websites your child is allowed to access. All other pages are blocked. On the whitelist you gradually add all the offers you agree with. For example, if your child asks you to unblock Wikipedia, set de.wikipedia.org to the whitelist. This way you keep full control and your child can also not easily get into cost traps through malware or phishing emails. However, free browsing and discovery on the Internet is almost impossible with a whitelist.

Blacklist – If you want to give your child more freedom, use a blacklist ("Block Internet sites") instead. This is a list of sites unsuitable for children that cannot be accessed. All other websites are freely accessible. You do not have to create the blacklist yourself. The Fritzbox manufacturer AVM provides a list of indexed pages from the Federal Review Board for Media Harmful to Young Persons (BPjM). Make sure to check the box "block internet sites harmful to minors (BPjM module)".

Change WLAN password

To ensure that your child does not have free access to the network with other devices, for example a friend’s smartphone, you should change the preset WLAN password. Because this is printed on the back of the Fritzbox – which smart kids should quickly figure out. Enter the new password on your child’s computer, tablet or smartphone without letting anyone look over your shoulder.

Alternatively, you can also set the Fritzbox to prevent unknown computers from accessing the Internet. To do this, click "Computers for which no access rules are active do not have Internet access." However, you must then also set up an access rule for your own computer – a rule that does not restrict your Internet use. Don’t worry: You can’t accidentally lock yourself out; you can always access the Fritzbox user interface with the appropriate password.

If you haven’t already, set up a password for the Fritzbox user interface so your child can’t simply turn off the filter. To do this, click on "System" in the left menu and then on "Fritzbox Users. Then select the "Home network login" tab.

Daniel Pohler

Daniel Pohler is co-pilot in the newsletter team and occasionally on the road as Finanztip’s mobility expert. Daniel studied business administration and worked as a trainee at a telecommunications magazine. His strong passion for good language has landed him another job at Finanztip: deputy head of copywriting.

Daniel Pohler

Status: 5. April 2017

Daniel Pohler is a co-pilot in the newsletter team and occasionally on the road as a mobility expert for Finanztip. Daniel studied business administration and worked as a trainee at a telecommunications magazine. His pronounced passion for good language has earned him another job at Finanztip: that of deputy head of copywriting.

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