Train intuition – listen to your heart and follow your intuition!

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Following your intuition also means living and deciding from your heart. The higher self talks to us through the heart. It speaks to us in the form of feelings, inspirations, impulses and premonitions. Your conscious mind likes to try to get in the way or suppress your subconscious intuitive wisdom. Take care from today on that your conscious, doubting, arguing mind clears the way for your intuition and learn to listen more to your heart. Even if you may not believe it, your intuition always shows you the right way!


"The highest intelligence, the life principle, is constantly knocking at the door of your heart!

Open the door and listen."

Strong guidance around the heart& to follow intuition!

Intuition is equivalent to "listening to your inner self" or "listening to your heart".

All these names have one thing in common: our higher self (soul or our infinite intelligence) is trying to guide us, give advice, make decisions and show us the ideal path in life. The calmer your mind is, the more conscious you are, the better you perceive your inner voice.

The superconscious mind is the source of all inspiration, motivation and excitement you feel when a new idea or opportunity comes to you. It is the source of hunches, of intuition and of lightning-like insights – the inner voice.

Every time you wrestled with a problem and suddenly had a great idea that
it turned out to be the perfect solution, you have tapped into your super consciousness. Every time you gained a new insight into a challenge you faced, your superconscious was at work.

Intuition is not instinct. Instinct, for example, enables birds to build their nests according to an inherited pattern. Instinct is for self-preservation. Intuition, on the other hand, enables us to connect with the treasures of infinity.

The messages of your deeper mind basically serve life and should be heeded at all costs. Your intuition is always trying to protect you and warn you in time of any impending danger. It speaks to you in a clearly understandable way, if you are willing to pay attention to your intuition. And this is what you should do in any case!

"Intuition speaks to you in the form of impulses, feelings& Foreshadowing."

Your conscience (mind) is the voice of those feelings based on your external experiences throughout life. Therefore, your conscience is less your own inner voice and more the voice of other people.

Most of the time it is the voice of all those fears, superstitions, errors, taboos, and prohibitions that were imprinted on your subconscious mind by your parents and teachers in childhood. We often confuse this voice with our intuitive inner voice, which can lead to fatally flawed decisions.

Never let your conscience guide you. Turn exclusively to the infinite intelligence when seeking guidance and inspiration. The message of infinite intelligence are always constructive and always serve life. The voice of conscience, on the other hand, is an expression of different religious and cultural influences.

Intuition is much more far-sighted than the mind. And often intuition advises us to do the exact opposite of what the mind tells us. The mind is there to translate the intuitive messages into concrete action.

That inner voice is sometimes so loud that you are not able to think about anything else. The answer will be so clear and obvious that you will know this is exactly the right thing for you to do. It will not only be right, but it will also feel right.

Always trust your intuition; never go against it. It is your direct pipeline to your superconscious mind and unlimited intelligence.

All successful and satisfied people listen to their intuition and the feeling of a situation. Most of the problems you’ve had in your life, or the mistakes you’ve made, were the result of not paying attention to "certain feelings".


9- Follow your joy

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The only thing you should do is to follow your inner joy.. To follow enthusiasm!

Exercising intuition

Good example of intuition

A woman, let’s call her Louise Bergmann, said: "I was offered a wonderful job. The pay is double my current salary. In addition, I will receive a commission and the opportunity to travel abroad at company expense. The whole thing seems really perfect and my mother urges me to agree – but I can’t. Some inner feeling advises me not to."

She was advised to follow her intuition, which she did. Shortly after, it turned out that the company from which she had received the job offer was insolvent and also involved in a legal dispute with the government.

Based on the objective facts, Louise’s mind had judged the offer to be positive, but Louise’s intuition knew the true nature of the business and the secret motives of the company’s management. Not allowing her objective consciousness to take over and instead following her intuitive voice, Louise made what in hindsight turned out to be the only correct decision.

She has made it a habit to follow the first intuitive impression that came up. This impression always proved to be correct.

Listen to your heart, it knows more than you think!

Your higher self, the infinite intelligence or your soul, – it has many names and it guides you in the form of feelings, flashes, impulses, premonitions and inspirations. You are constantly in contact with it, it or rather "you" constantly sends you information and instructions, now start to perceive them better.

Why you should listen to your inner voice now?

1. Is our heart a kind of second brain?

Your heart emits electromagnetic fields that change based on your feelings.

We think our brain is powerful and it is. It also generates electromagnetic fields, but your heart is 100.000 times electrically stronger and 5.000 times more magnetically powerful than your brain.

So your heart is the power force when it comes to creating or receiving feelings.

Many scientists actually refer to the heart as the little brain because it has over 30,000 neurons. It therefore has its own nervous system, the sensory neurons. So you have a second little brain in your heart.

This is very powerful, because these signals are sent to your brain, which then affect and change your emotional experiences.

2. Something higher slumbers in you!

Are you only flesh and blood or is there more??

There is a power within you that has not yet been properly released. Whether you call this power your guardian angel, your higher self, your soul or the infinite intelligence. In other words, the power that moves the world and guides all galaxies in space is within you. This power is inexhaustible, eternal and infinite. It is available to you at any time and works according to your wishes and expectations. It waits for you to hear it and use it.

Your consciousness is part of the universal consciousness. If you use your consciousness in the right way, you will receive the answer from that higher consciousness.

The only thing you have to do is to detach yourself more from the mind, from your own ego. To feel increased happiness and joy and to realize how powerful you really would be.

Be more aware of your inner power!

Realize how powerful you actually are. Let your mind rest and the voice of intuition becomes stronger. Below you will find the book by Eckhart Tolle about the power of the present and spiritual awakening, if you were interested in the previous lines, this book will help you further.

So the only and essential step to more consciousness and feeling the intuition is:

Learn to disidentify from your mind. Every time you create a break in the stream of thought, the light of your consciousness becomes stronger and you begin to perceive your inner voice more.

Echhart Tolle Consciousness Expansion

Through the present to more awareness!

The success book by Eckhart Tolle here download for free and without mail address.

Exercising intuition – 3 tips to perceive intuition!

We all have this voice in our head that mumbles away all day long and is never really quiet. This is the voice of our mind (ego). If our mind broadcasts non-stop and can therefore be quite loud, the voice of our heart is very restrained and quiet. Therefore, many people have forgotten to perceive this voice at all.

We all have these two voices inside us – the voice of our mind and the voice of our intuition. Mostly the former is much louder than the latter, whereas our heart is almost always the better advisor. With the right methods, however, you can train to perceive the voice of your heart (intuition) more strongly.

We can train it to perceive the voice of our heart more strongly. One way to do this is simply to follow this voice as often as possible. The more often you perceive the voice of your heart and act accordingly, the more self-confident it becomes and the more clearly you will perceive it time after time.

1. The calmer your mind, the better you perceive intuition!

Detach from stress, inner tension, and survival emotions such as anxiety, drama, and general stress! Quiet the many voices in your head so that you can hear the intuitive voice in your head at all. If the head is constantly full of thoughts and concepts, the intuition finds no space for itself. When you are stressed, you usually just work things out mechanically. It is not open to anything new. This also applies when we are afraid. Then we tense up and perceive our environment only through a filter. It is different when we are relaxed. Then we become more sensitive to our environment and our sensations.

Plan a whole hour of solitude where you sit completely still for the whole 60 minutes. Force yourself to do this as soon as possible. During this period of silence, exclude everything else from your mind.

Just put your problems aside for the moment. Let your mind wander. Daydreams. Try not to think about anything in particular. Temporarily step out of your work and personal life. Surrender everything to your superconsciousness, and let go of all worries.

At some point during this hour your mind will become calm and clear. You will feel relaxed and happy. And without any effort on your part, the answer you need at that moment will come to you. Follow at the end
the hour of your intuition. Do what your superconscious directs you to do through intuition. Don’t worry about whether someone else approves or agrees with it. The answer will be exactly the right one.

Meditation helps to create a stronger connection between your conscious and subconscious mind. This will ultimately strengthen your intuitive muscle and your mind will become clearer. Through meditation and mindfulness, over time you will become more aware of the voice of intuition.

2. Meditation& Mindfulness strengthens intuition!

Learn to perceive and interpret your feelings. Intuitions express themselves mainly through gentle, inner impulses. Unlike the mind and emotions, the voice of intuition is very quiet, subtle and delicate. Therefore, in order to perceive intuitions, a good connection to your feelings and body sensations is necessary.

Unfortunately, in our current society, many people suppress their feelings, especially those that are perceived as negative and painful. Or we are so in our routine that all feelings are simply overheard. By doing so, we also block access to our subtle feelings, such as the gentle language of our inner voice.

Meditation helps create a stronger connection between your conscious and subconscious mind. This ultimately leads to the strengthening of your intuitive muscle and your mind becomes clearer. Through meditation and mindfulness you will perceive the voice of intuition more and more clearly over time.

If you want to learn more about feelings and emotions and how to deal with them, click here: Awareness and Control of Emotions.

guided meditation

1- Learn meditation

guided meditation

Learn meditation – from beginner to professional in 15 minutes, the theory is immediately put into practice.

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