Tips for back-friendly lifting and carrying

Whether in the trades, in logistics, in retail or in care – in many professions, moving heavy loads or people is part of everyday working life. Employers can take specific measures to help prevent back pain among their employees.

How employers support

There are many ways for employers to support employee back health:

  • Lifting aids: With electronic lifting aids, loads can be moved more easily and thus more healthily by machine. They are particularly present in craft and industry.
  • Lifting techniques: Employers should explain back-friendly lifting techniques to employees. For example, when lifting heavy objects, step as close as possible to the load, bend the knees to a 90-degree angle and lift from the knees, not from the back.
  • Load distribution: Even in behavior, small changes can make a big difference. Teamwork is the keyword here: carrying a box together, dividing larger loads into several smaller ones.
  • Targeted strengthening of the muscles: Especially employees who regularly carry heavy loads should be given the opportunity to specifically strengthen surrounding muscles. This can be accomplished with back training or strength training in general, which strengthens the core of the body.

Protection against occupationally induced back disorders

According to the " Load Handling Ordinance ", companies are obliged to protect their employees from back illnesses. For example, limit values must be observed: Men between the ages of 19 and 45 can be expected to lift loads of 55 kilos occasionally; if they do it more frequently, the limit is 30 kilos. Women should only lift 15 kilos occasionally and 10 kilos frequently – regardless of their age.

How the AOK supports you

Outside support is especially recommended for businesses where employees are frequently faced with moving and carrying heavy loads. AOK helps you identify and reduce potential risks in the workplace. Together with you, our experts develop concrete measures for back-friendly lifting and carrying. To discuss in more detail, it is best to contact our relevant AOK experts.

Last checked on: 22.07.2021

Further information

Matching information on the topic of lifting and carrying

Combining work and sports activities goes down well with employees. It strengthens not only health, but also team spirit. Good reasons for company sports.

More momentum on the job: Whether special exercise offers or dynamic sitting – companies can get employees moving with simple measures. Everyone benefits from this.

In a safe and healthy working environment, fewer accidents occur and employees are seldom absent due to illness. This is why you should attach great importance to safety and health in the workplace.

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