Tip – farming simulator 22 : ls22 make money fast: how to get rich

Even in Farming Simulator 22, nothing in life is free. With these tips and tricks you can make money especially fast. We reveal the ways to get a lot of money legally, without cheats, what to look for when accumulating wealth and what beginner mistakes to avoid. Stick with us and you will soon own your dream equipment and can buy up the entire map and become the greatest farmer ever.

Lease equipment, don’t buy it

Farming Simulator 2022 is once again getting a good bit closer to reality, which in this case means that it is no longer more lucrative to buy important equipment directly. Instead, you can save a small fortune if you first decide to lease tractors, trailers and other technology. Such a vehicle lease will cost you about 5 percent of the new cost of the equipment, and each additional month will cost you almost 1 percent of the new price.

Tip - farming simulator 22 : ls22 make money fast: how to get rich

The bottom line is that it will take about 96 months for the rental price to exceed the purchase price. So a lot of time to earn good money with the rented vehicles, and a smart way to get larger machines and special equipment already at the beginning of the game. But be warned at this point, because who leases too many or too expensive things at once, so the expenses rocket.

A good approach is to keep an eye on the market and look for which products yield particularly much and can be grown by you already. When you can no longer earn much money with the goods, you simply return the rented machines and focus on something else.

Also, keep in mind that you will not need the really big and expensive machines until your fields have grown so large that you can no longer harvest them effectively with the small and medium sized equipment. So, at the beginning of your career as a farmer, you will not have a need for this.

Be careful with the choice of orders

In FS22 you can again accept special orders, some of which will bring relatively large sums of money into your coffers, provided you can bring them to a successful conclusion. Be especially careful here, because there are different orders whose requirements overlap. This way you can kill two or even more birds with one stone and make a good profit.

Supply and demand

Old hands in this game series already know it, of course, beginners should get it into their heads: The price market in this game, just like in the direct predecessor, is in real time. Therefore, you should always keep an eye on the market and compare the different points of sale with each other, because not everyone offers the same price for the same goods.

It would be a pity to take your harvest to an outlet that can’t offer you the highest price.

It is also important to remember that you can influence the price market with your goods. Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to artificially increase the price by storing certain goods instead of selling them and waiting until the demand and thus the price has risen. If the demand is particularly high, you can sell a large amount of goods at once.

Now it is only important not to become greedy, because even if some products can yield particularly much profit, it could drive you into the ruin to cultivate these on your field. For example, harvesting some types of fruit requires very expensive special equipment that you can only use for this one task. See if the appropriate equipment can be rented cheaply, otherwise wait until you can afford the appropriate machines without problems.

Be patient

In Farming Simulator 2022 there are now changing seasons, which among other things have a great influence on the sales behavior. It is therefore advisable to always keep an eye on seasonal price trends, although it can be said that prices behave anticyclically to the harvest season. What was harvested in the summer is usually worth much more in another season, because supply and demand are in a different relationship.

For you and your career as a farmer, this means that you should consider storing your harvest and selling it in another season. Wheat, for example, costs very little between May and August, but is in high demand from September to January and therefore fetches good prices.

Let the others work for you

It is not always necessary to wait until your own fields are ready for harvesting. If you have the spare change, you can take a look around your neighborhood. There you will almost certainly find foreign fields that have already been tilled and are just waiting to be harvested. Buy them and you can directly benefit from the hard work of other farmers. However, make sure that the purchase of the new field does not bankrupt you and that you have the necessary equipment to cultivate another field.

Wind turbines and solar panels

There is a way to earn money even in your sleep in Farming Simulator 2022. The magic word in this case is renewable energy and it comes in the form of wind turbines and solar panels. These are a formidable way to counteract the growing costs in the form of new purchases, rents and wage payments. Because whoever has constant expenditures also wants to have constant revenues.

In the construction menu you will find the generators under the item "Production", which cost quite a bit of money, but also generate money for you permanently. In addition, there are some vehicle halls, such as the hall for contractors, which are already equipped with solar panels and permanently bring money into your coffers.

The only downside is that these generators are very expensive to buy and it takes a long time to pay them off. A wind turbine, for example, will cost you a tremendous 750.000,- Euro, but you will generate 325,- Euro per hour. At least as long as the wind blows. If the weather is right, you will have the costs back in 96 days. In windy months, you’ll generate as much as 7.800,- Euro.

Already a few solar plants at the beginning of the game pay off enormously and if you pay attention in the later course of the game again and again to acquire such buildings, you can effectively catch up your wage, rent and maintenance costs.

Cheap storage space

You will notice very early in the game that storage space in LS22 is quite scarce and that corresponding storage space costs quite a bit. But there is a solution for this problem and it is in the form of public silos, which are usually located near train tracks and can be used by you free of charge. So before you have accumulated your first small fortune, this is a good way to avoid unnecessary costs.

Turn off hidden costs

If you have just started to cultivate your own field, you usually don’t need the support of external workers. As long as you have a small field and hardly any means at your disposal, you should try to take over all the tasks yourselves. But sometimes it can be useful to use helpers at the beginning, for example if your trailers are full and you want to transport the harvest further without interrupting the harvesting.

But these helpers do not only cost you the estimated wage per hour, no, they have hidden costs that you should definitely check before you make use of this function. Look in the menu item "Game Settings" at the bottom for the entry "Helper Settings" and determine there whether your workers should automatically refill consumables such as fuel or seeds.

As for auto-fueling, we can already tell you that your fields are far too small at the beginning of the game for this feature to really do you any good. Instead, it just eats money, making it a perfect candidate for being turned off. However, automatic seed replenishment can be useful depending on the situation, for example, if you forgot to buy seeds.

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