These home remedies help against cat urine odor

Foul-smelling cat urine is persistent and unpleasant. With these home remedies you get the problem under control cheaply and environmentally friendly

Anyone who has ever had to deal with cat urine on sofas, carpets or similar objects that are difficult to clean knows that this is not a problem, How persistent the associated unpleasant odor can be. Conventional stain removers and odor neutralizers quickly reach their limits. There are special cleaners on the market, but they are usually unnecessarily expensive and above all not available when the mishap has just happened.

Fortunately, simple home remedies that you probably have at home anyway have proven to be promising helpers against cat urine. In the best case you can do without expensive special means. And if against the "special scent" If nothing wants to help your favorite, you can still use an odor remover based on effective microorganisms.

Remove cat urine immediately

Regardless of which remedy is used, it is advisable to remove cat urine as soon as it is noticed. Because once it has dried up or even penetrated deep into the tile joints or the parquet floor, it becomes much more difficult to get rid of the unpleasant scent. In addition, cats prefer to do their little business where they have already left their scent mark. This is another reason why you should remove the urine as soon as possible completely. If it takes a little longer, all is not lost.

Home remedies for removing cat urine

If the stains are still wet, it makes sense to absorb the moisture with an absorbent cloth or rag before you tackle the remnants with one of the following home remedies.

Important: Before you apply an agent to a large area, it is best to test in advance in a concealed place, whether materials and paint (e.g., cat urine) are resistant.B. for carpets, sofa etc.) tolerate the treatment.

Baking soda neutralizes the smell of urine

Sodium bicarbonate is very effective against fresh urine odors, but can also neutralize lingering odors in stains that have already dried or have been there for some time. The application is quite simple:

    sprinkle generously on the stain, for a more intensive effect work in with a moistened brush.
  1. Leave to soak for at least 12 hours (e.g. overnight).
  2. Allow the powder to dry completely and then vacuum with a vacuum cleaner.

Übelriechender cat urine is hardnäckig and unpleasant. With these home remedies you get the problem under control cheaply and environmentally friendly

Especially for Cleaning textiles like carpets, blankets and other fabrics, sodium bicarbonate is the remedy of choice.

Tip: In a very similar way you can make your own mattress deodorant with baking soda. Together with vinegar and cornstarch, it also makes an excellent DIY carpet cleaner. Also quite a few other soda applications are possible.

Alcohol eliminates odor-causing bacteria

As a versatile home remedy, alcohol should not be missing in any household. You can also successfully combat foul-smelling cat urine with these home remedies. 40 percent vodka is sufficient for this purpose.

This is how you apply the alcohol:

  1. Spray or drizzle alcohol on the affected area, working it in with a cloth as needed.
  2. Leave to act for some time, if necessary. Wipe with water. Clear alcohol does not leave stains, and the smell disappears after a short time.

Alcohol is particularly suitable for urine stains on Tile, grout and other solid surfaces. You can also use it to pre-treat affected textiles, which are then washed in the washing machine.

Tip: The effect of sodium bicarbonate and alcohol can be combined by making a textile freshener spray out of it in just a few steps, which, in addition to combating all kinds of bad odors, has also proven itself in use against cat urine.

For severe cases: Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide can stop the odor-causing bacteria in cat urine, neutralize the malodorous substances particularly effectively and thus permanently eliminate the odor. You can use a three-percent hydrogen peroxide solution for this purpose just like the alcohol. It works even better when used in combination with odor-binding baking soda.

For one application you need the following ingredients:

  • three-percent hydrogen peroxide solution- Available inexpensively in pharmacies and online
  • Baking soda or baking powder- here we explain the difference

Important: Hydrogen peroxide has a bleaching effect. Therefore, be sure to test in advance on a small area whether the material you want to treat is colorfast.

Cat urine is smelly and unpleasant. With these home remedies you get the problem under control cheaply and environmentally friendly

This is how you apply the odor-fighting duo:

  1. Sprinkle bicarbonate of soda generously on the stain and let it act for one hour.
  2. Then spray or drizzle the hydrogen peroxide solution on the spot and work the stain with a rag or an old toothbrush.
  3. Wipe with clear water. After drying if necessary. Vacuum away any remaining sodium bicarbonate.

For smooth floors, tiles and grout, treatment with hydrogen peroxide alone may be sufficient. Then you can simply omit the first step. For textiles it is recommended to combine both agents.

Biological odor remover with effective microorganisms

If the odor is too intense and the simple home remedies do not bring the desired success, an odor remover based on microorganisms can be the salvation. You can find the product in pet stores and on the Internet.

The products are biodegradable and do not contain any harmful ingredients. To reduce packaging waste, it is advisable to choose a concentrate like this one.

For wooden floors like parquet and laminate experience shows that it is especially difficult to remove the urine odor completely. In stubborn cases, it is definitely worth trying an enzyme cleaner.

Übelriechender cat urine is hardnäckig and unpleasant. With these home remedies you get the problem under control cheaply and environmentally friendly

Avoid cat urine

Cat babies must first become clean, while they are socialized by the cat mother in the first weeks of life. In the process, one or the other "misfortune" can be avoided do not avoid. If, however, older cats suddenly urinate outside the usual place or. If the cat is marked, the changed behavior can usually be traced back to certain causes. Then it makes sense to research the reason and fix it, rather than just treating the symptom. Maybe it is the new cat litter, or the cat gets less petting than usual. Various diseases can also cause animals to no longer have their bladder under control. If you can’t find an explanation on your own, it’s best to talk to a veterinarian you trust.

Übelriechender cat urine is hardnäckig and unpleasant. With these home remedies you get the problem cheap and environmentally friendly under control

Our book tip helps to better understand the language of cats and hopefully solve the problem together with the house pets:

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