The wiesmann and the “white wiek

Boltenhagen. Where to go with the little bag? While "He" When the driver has long since arrived at home in the deep seats of the Wiesmann roadster and is curiously fiddling with the many erotic toggle switches in the leather-covered, fragrant dashboard, "She" is standing there still at the car door and hesitates whether she should take her utensils to the front or stow them in the small trunk. This situation should remain the only irritation during a breathtaking 407-horsepower outing from an equally impressive hotel, the Iberotel in Boltenhagen on the Baltic coast- a special arrangement of the Schwerin Internet portal "".

Past poppies and cyclists

Over the freeway A 20, departure Wismar, one approaches Boltenhagen, the third-oldest German seaside resort, on the arrival day in the most beautiful way. For it goes over land and past colorful poppy fields to the Wohlenberger Wiek (bay). Here at the sea, the first view of one of the largest German vacation resorts, the "Weibe Wiek", opens up. It runs like a white and ochre ribbon along the end of the coastline and becomes a fine home for the next two days. No house is higher than the trees that surround it, that catches the eye already positively. Just before reaching the destination, a hint of the Iberotel, the journey ends at a representative traffic circle. Behind it lies the four-story, four-and-a-half-star house. To the left of the entrance, the Wiesmann Roadster MF 4 in balloon white metallic is already parked on a lawn as if ready to pounce. Now just walk through the revolving door and step onto the plank-like dark parquet floor of the Mediterranean lobby. But then don’t head straight for the reception, but first walk through to the other side of the hotel. There the wide windows give a view over the terrace to the sea and the marina (the marina for 290 boats)- and that magically attracts every new guest.

The push of the starter button makes the audience shiver

The next morning, a hotel employee hands the keys and Wiesmann papers to the short-break guests in a dark brown folder made of the same fragrant cocoa leather as the entire interior of the roadster, whose racy lines combine old tradition and the latest technology. And this on a highly individual level: as you can read, the handmade noble sports car from Dulmen is not only equipped with the desired leather color; even the color of the stitching can be determined by the future owner himself. When the engine is started for the first time with the silver starter button, it is not only the two Wiesmann occupants who react. No, all the other guests who hear the sonorous bubbling at a great distance shiver and look around.

Self-esteem is at its peak

For the first few meters, almost all Wiesmann pilots carefully glide along the long straight that leads away from the hotel grounds. Many itineraries suggested by the hotel. Above all, one should cruise along the Mecklenburg avenues in such a vehicle instead of speeding along the autobahn. „We always compare this with Harley riding" says Stephan Kunkel, sales and marketing director of the house. The journey now continues for a few kilometers through Boltenhagen, past the Kurhaus and the pier. Here the seeing and being seen, which belongs to this day indispensably, finds its first climax. At the end of the village, it is advisable to pause at the cliff to take in the Wiesmann work of art undisturbed. The route continues along the old border as far as Lubeck and Travemunde or Timmendorfer Strand. It can happen that you stop next to another Wiesmann and are asked: "Oh, you’re already driving the new one, I still have the predecessor.“ The self-esteem of the short vacationer can no longer be raised after this fateful encounter, it has reached the highest limit. The same can happen in Kuhlungsborn or Heiligendamm, if one chooses the route in the eastern direction. After a maximum of 300 kilometers (that’s how much you have free), the roadster is returned in the evening with the satisfaction of having finally satisfied the gentleman’s archaic longing for an exceptionally racy driving experience. This sensation and the sound merge pleasantly with the memory.

Fine art on a plate

In the "FineArt with its large windows facing the harbor, the day comes to a fitting end at the Wiesmann. The restaurant has been awarded a prize by the gourmet journal "Feinschmecker" named one of the best in Germany. The award was given equally for service, ambience and cuisine. And just as each Wiesmann is unique, each course is a work of art in its own right. A surprise menu awaits, often involving fish – primarily pikeperch – caught the same day by local fishermen. It is not uncommon for guests to spontaneously extend their trip after this short vacation of highlights – simply to prolong the pleasure a little longer.

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