Take fantastic photos and videos

iPhone lets you take great photos and videos in any situation – from snapshots to photos you personalize with the Photographic Styles feature. Even in low light, you’ll get well-lit images and you can apply a depth-of-field effect to your videos. After taking your photos and videos, editing tools are available in the Photos app for cropping, adjusting light and color, and more.

Capture the moment

If you have your iPhone handy, you can take great photos whenever you want. Swipe left once across the lock screen – and the "Camera" app is ready to go. The camera focuses the shot and adjusts the exposure. When something worth seeing happens, you can capture the action in a video, even if you’re using Photo mode – just put your finger on the shutter button to start recording a QuickTake video.

Find your style

On iPhone 13 models, the Photographic Styles feature lets you customize how the Camera app takes photos. Choose one of the style options like "High Contrast" or "Bright" and then adjust other settings like the tone and warmth. After you apply a photographic style, the "Camera" app automatically takes photos with these settings that reflect your style and creativity. Here’s how: Choose "Settings"> "Camera "Photographic styles" or tap "Camera" in the app and then tap .

Create videos like a pro

On iPhone 13 models, you can create stunning videos with a depth-of-field effect – in these videos, the focus point stays sharp while the foreground and background are blurred. Open the Camera app, switch to Cinema mode and tap . You can also tap to record a video in cinema mode with the front camera.

Well illuminated night shots

On supported models, night mode lets you automatically take bright, detailed photos even in low-light conditions. If alt="the night mode button"" width="30" height="30" />yellow is displayed, the night mode is active. Tap the shutter button and hold your iPhone steady to take your photo. If you want to experiment with night mode, tap alt="the "Night Mode" button width="30" height="30" />and move the slider below the image to adjust the exposure time.

On iPhone 12 and newer models, the night mode for the front camera is available even if you switch between the zoom factors "0.5x", "1x", "2x", "2.5x" and "3x".

Make fine adjustments

After you take a photo or video, you can use the tools in the "Photos" app to tweak it further. Open a photo or video, tap Edit, and then tap the buttons at the bottom of the screen to adjust the lighting, add a filter, or crop or rotate the shot. While editing you can tap on the photo to compare your changes with the original one.

You want to learn more? Then read the chapters camera and photos in this manual.

Note that not all features are available on all iPhone models.

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