St. Nicholas poem – dear and funny poems for children and parents to st. Nicholas

St. Nicholas poems for children and parents, for young people and the young at heart, but also for completely grown-up fans of Santa Claus. When in the night to the 6. December everywhere Santa Claus is again in front of the house and diligently fills the cleaned boots and socks, the anticipation of Christmas increases.

Of course, real traditionalists then have a good St. Nicholas poem ready. This is part of the tradition of Advent, St. Nicholas and generally the whole beautiful time before Christmas.

Rhymes, verses and sayings about St. Nicholas know only the good ones

As custom would have it, Knecht Ruprecht only fills the boots and socks of those who have nicely polished their shoes and stockings with sweets, chocolate and small gifts. freshly washed and who on top of that have been nice and good all year long.

Who then in doubt has a nice Santa Claus poem ready, can often make Santa Claus more lenient. Above all Children love to memorize a few beautiful St. Nicholas poems for St. Nicholas Day.

"How to recognize good poems for St. Nicholas? That the children learn them with joy, because only so they can remember the St. Nicholas poems prima!"

The small poetry on the eve of St. Nicholas skillfully and with fervor recite, then it also works out with the grandiose boot filling. In short: Santa Claus notices very well who has made an effort and who has not.

This quickly adds a valuable pedagogical level to the story. Children train important neural skills when learning poems – without actively noticing it, because it’s fun after all.

Children and Santa Claus poems – that fits like the roof on the house!

The children’s brain development benefits greatly from voluntary playful learning of rhymes and verses. From birth to ten years of age, the most fruitful phase of language development takes place in children. Learning poems and reciting them with emphasis is pure gold for little ones at this stage of their development.

It is amazing how quickly even the youngest children develop their own strategies and methods for learning poems when they are motivated to learn by themselves. Rhymes, verses, themes, contradictions, speech patterns, stylistic flowers – children playfully understand much more in poem form than adults give them credit for.

"If you’ve been good, you get presents for St. Nicholas Day. Being good includes diligence and curiosity. Everyone of every age understands it as easily as music and dancing."

The child’s brain likes poetry and funny sayings in verse. Especially verses and rhymes that are self-contained are popular with children. Of course, also those that are funny and can be recited with humor.

It doesn’t matter if it’s modern poems or ancient traditional poems handed down from grandma and grandpa’s times. The most beautiful St. Nicholas poems remain as relevant today as they were yesterday. Even after many years, good St. Nicholas poems have no expiration date.

Beautiful Santa Claus poems for children and parents

Of course, adults are just as welcome to know and learn Santa Claus poems. What else would you be a role model for your own offspring? It is a double pleasure when young and old can recite the beautiful St. Nicholas poem together.

This is how little poetry for St. Nicholas becomes a great experience in the family. Here are 19 short, long, contemplative, funny, classic and modern St. Nicholas poems for children and adults. short verses and longer rhymes to recite full of fun are included. Newer funny poems are represented just like traditionally well-known folk good.

"Beautiful poems for St. Nicholas Day are simply a poem. Santa Claus also knows exactly."

In addition, we pre-sort for you in recommendations, which poems are suitable approximately from which age. Enjoy discovering that dear Santa Claus poems can be much more than just casual sayings or letters on paper.

The most beautiful poems for St. Nicholas’ Day touch the heart at least as much as the chocolate and presents in St. Nicholas’ boot warm the soul later on. Enjoy St. Nicholas with your loved ones preferably with a good dose of poetry.

Our top 19 Santa Claus poems

"St. Nicholas, be our guest"

St. Nicholas poem, text: unknown author (folk), often also used as a short St. Nicholas song
very suitable for children from 3-4 years of age

St. Nicholas, be our guest,
when you have something in your sack.
If you have something, settle down,
you have nothing, so pack yourself again!

"On St. Nicholas Day"

St. Nicholas poem, text: unknown author (folk heritage)
well suited for children from 3-4 years of age

Listen out once,
soon Mr. Nicholas will come!
It goes around,
he knocks bumbum.

Look up there and in there,
Then he comes in to us.
And empties his little bag with us,
the dear, good Santa Claus!

"Dear good Santa Claus!"

Poem for St. Nicholas, text: © Michael Hempel (2021)
suitable for children from the age of 3-4 years

Dear good Santa Claus,
I put out my boot for you.
Be so good and fill him up,
yes I would like that very much.

I was also good the whole year,
I’m not a fool after all.
No, I’m just a good kid,
that knows what is good and what is true.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart,
you do not leave my boot empty.
And also give my regards to Santa Claus,
that he knows right away how dear I can be.

"Oh, you dear Santa Claus"

St. Nicholas poem, text: Christian Furchtegott Gellert (German poet, 1715-1769)
very well suited for children from 3-4 years of age

Oh, dear Saint Nicholas,
come quickly to our house!
I’ve thought so much about you,
you also brought me something?

Last verse from "St. Nicholas of the forest

St. Nicholas poem, text: unknown author (folk)
very suitable for children from 3-4 years old

You good old St. Nicholas,
you friend of the children near and far,
empty your sack today with us,
we all like you so much!

"Holler boller Rumpelsack"

St. Nicholas poem, text: Albert Sergel (German writer, 1876-1946)
suitable for children from 4-5 years old

Holler boller Rumpelsack,
Niklas carried him piggyback.

Christmas nuts yellow and brown,
wrinkled, punctilious to look at.

Cracks the shell, jumps the core,
I like to eat Christmas nuts.

come back to this house soon
Good old Santa Claus!

"Let us be merry and bright"

St. Nicholas poem, text: Josef Annegarn (German theologian and pedagogue, 1794-1843), can also be sung as a St. Nicholas song
well suited for children from 4-5 years of age

Let’s be merry and bright
And we’ll rejoice with all our hearts!
Funny, funny, tralalalala,
Soon it will be St. Nicholas Eve,
Soon it’ll be St. Nicholas Eve!

Then I put the plate,
Nik’laus certainly puts something on it.
Funny, funny, tralalalala,
Soon it’ll be St. Nicholas Eve,
Soon it will be St. Nicholas Eve!

When I sleep I dream,
now Nik’laus brings something for me.
Funny, funny, tralalalala,

Soon it will be St. Nicholas Eve,
Soon it’s St. Nicholas Eve!

When I get up,
I run quickly to the plate.
Funny, funny, tralalalala,
Today is St. Nicholas Eve there,
Today is St. Nicholas Eve!

Santa Claus is a good man,
whom you can’t thank enough.
Funny, funny, tralalalala,
Today is St. Nicholas’ Eve,
Today is St. Nicholas Eve!

"Dear little Santa Claus"

St. Nicholas poem, text: unknown author (folk)
very suitable for children from 4-5 years old

Dear Saint Nicholas,
come to our house today.

Teach us to think of the poor,
let’s share and give away.

Show us how to give cheerfully,
How to help and how to love.

"Saint Nicholas"

St. Nicholas poem, text: unknown author (folklore)
well suited for children from 4-5 years of age

Long, long years ago
in a faraway land,
once lived a holy bishop,
Saint Nicholas called.

He was loved by big and small,
because he wanted to please everyone,
and still today from the sky he descends,
gives presents to the good children again.

"You children put your shoes outside"

St. Nicholas poem, text: unknown author (folk)
well suited for children from 4-5 years of age

You children, put your shoes outside,
because today Santa Claus comes.
And were you always good and good,
then it’s worth it to you Santa Claus in your sleep.

He brings you apples, figs, nuts
and good baked goods, sweet as sugar.
But for the bad, bad child
he puts down the rod quickly

"St. Nicholas, St. Nicholas, dear man"

St. Nicholas poem, text: unknown author (folk material), can also be sung as a short St. Nicholas song
very suitable for children from 4-5 years old

Santa Claus, Santa Claus, dear man,
knock on our door!
We are good, so here you go,
leave the stick outside.

Santa Claus, Santa Claus, piggyback,
Give us a present from your sack.
Shake out your clothes,
good children are in the house!

"Santa Claus"

St. Nicholas poem, text: unknown author (folk song))
well suited for children from 4-5 years of age

Through the dark fir forest
in the beautiful Christmas time
goes a man, ancient,
whether it storms or snows.

He’s a good man,
everyone can see it!
Come to our house,
dear St. Nicholas!

"Saint Nicholas"

St. Nicholas poem, text: from "Des Knaben Wunderhorn" (1805-1808) by Clemens Brentano and Achim von Arnim (German writers, 1778-1842 resp. 1781-1831)
suitable for children from 4-5 years old

I beg you Saint Nicholas very much,
In my house also stop,
Bring books, clothes and also shoe,
And many more beautiful good things,
So I will learn well,
And be pious as I should.

"Knecht Ruprecht"

St. Nicholas poem, text: Martin Boelitz (German writer, 1874-1918)
well suited for children from 5-6 years of age

Outside it blows bitterly cold,
who’s that coming through the winter forest?
Stipp, stipp, stipp and piggyback –
It’s Santa Claus and his sack.

What is in the sack inside?
Apples, almonds and raisins
and beautiful sugar roses,

also Pfeffernuss’ for the good child;
the others, who are not good,
He knocks them on the pants.

"Santa Claus, you good man"

St. Nicholas poem, text: unknown author (folklore)
suitable for children from 6-7 years old

Santa, you good man,
have a nice coat on.

The buttons are so shiny,
your white beard is well trimmed.

The boots are so shiny,
the pointed cap fine and long.

The eyebrows are so thick,
so dear and good is your face.

You came all the way from far away,
And your hands gladly give.

You know how all children are
I think I was a good child.

Otherwise you would not be here
And would not come to me.

You must surely toil,
to carry the heavy sack.

So please, dear Santa Claus,
so just unpack him!


Poem for St. Nicholas, text: © Michael Hempel (2020)
well suited for children from 8 years of age

It was a coincidence, in the middle of the night,
has troubled me to sleep.

I looked out of the window,
I discovered the sleigh of St. Nicholas.

I already saw his cap there,
oh no, that was the cat flap.

Didn’t something flash out of the sack,
oh my, it was just a reflection from the gate.

But there, his whiskers so long and white
finally turned out to be bare ice.

I’ll close the store again,
went on dozing in hasty rest.

For tomorrow is his time,
then Niklas will come in, forsooth.

"On St. St. Nicholas Eve"

St. Nicholas poem, text: Franz Josef Egenter (German poet and writer, 1805-1890)
well suited for children from the age of 9 and adults

Saint Nicholas, Saint Nicholas,
He’s moving out of the sky today,
He sits on a white steed,
The white steed is as tall as a goat!

From clouds he rides down,
Soon at a gallop and soon at a trot,
At his side hangs a sack,
The steed carries pack in front and behind.

In sack and pack is wrapping and stuffing,
What one only wishes and wants to have,
A fragrance fills the air,
And everything swims in shine and fragrance.

In the back pack, notice it, child!
The brown pointed rods are,
As punishment for the little villain,
Who disobeys and speaks lies.

He rides silently around the village,
And look around for the children,
And if they are good little children,
So he puts in them nice.

Saint Nicholas! Saint Nicholas!
I certainly do not want to be angry,
Come also to my little window,
And unpack your treasures!


St. Nicholas poem, text: Kurt Tucholsky (German writer and journalist, 1890-1935)
suitable for children from the age of 11 and adults

Santa Claus the Good
comes with a rod,
reaches into his full sack –
you a parcel – me a pack.

Ruth Maria gets a book
and a cotton handkerchief,

Noske a saber of honor
and a book from old Bebel,
So to say, for your amusement,
for the expansion of erudition.

Marloh gets a picture of an emperor
and a blank shield of honor.

Colonel Reinhard gets to scorn
the legal pension.

Aunt Lo, who, as you know,
always, always tired,
gets a big pillow from me.

And also behind the scenes
Santa Claus is coming,
takes on some people,
gives there a whole bag of good old artistic taste.

Give the Orska all the roles
Wedekinder, saucy Bollen –
(She does not like trouser rolls:
and all you can see is the face…).

He gets a farmer’s chest,
Fraulein Hippel new shoes,
who holds the dearest hand –

And the land? And the country?

I beg you, as much as I can:
Give him rest – dear Santa Claus!

"Knecht Ruprecht"

St. Nicholas poem, text: Theodor Storm (German writer, 1817-1888)
good for children from the age of 11 and adults

From out of the woods I come here,
I must tell you, it is very Christmassy!
All over the pine tops
I saw golden lights sitting.

And up from the gates of heaven
saw with big eyes the Christ Child.
And as I so strolcht’ through the dark fir,
there it called me with bright voice:

"Knecht Ruprecht," it cried, "old journeyman,
lift your legs and spute yourself quickly!
The candles begin to burn,
The gates of heaven are open.

Old’ and young shall now
From the hunt of life once ruh’n.
And tomorrow I’ll fly down to earth,
for it shall be Christmas again"!

I said: "O dear Lord Christ,
my journey is almost over.
I only have to go to this town,
where there are good children."

"Have you got the sack with you??"
I said, "The little bag, it’s here:
For apples, nuts and almond kernel
eat pious children gladly."

"Do you have the rod with you??"
I said, "The rod, it’s here
But for the children only, the bad ones,
she meets the part, the right."

Christkindlein said: "That’s right:
So go with God, my faithful servant!"
I’ve come from out of the woods,
I’ve got to tell you, it’s Christmastime!!
Now tell me how I find it here inside,
they are good children, they are bad children?

Hello, my name is Susanne. I love Advent and Christmas.

On this website I have published a lot of information, recipes and tips for the most beautiful time of the year for you.

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