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I have always been interested in other people’s stories. The real stories told face to face. I want to know how people are feeling, what they are feeling right now. What fears they have, but also what hopes they have. That’s my idea on "Snapshot." and since then I have skyped with different women.

Anke is 50 years old and lives in Nuremberg, Germany. She has been designing and producing knitwear for over 30 years. Her collection is off the rack, but she also accepts commissioned work. With 4 other women she has a store studio that is open for customers on Fridays.

She was very happy about my invitation to a conversation, because she misses the personal contacts very much right now. Already two weeks before the official contact ban she has isolated herself – to protect her parents and customers. Since then she is at home, enclosed between mountains of wool and every day is a new challenge.

between Wollbergen

Dear Anke, how are you right now??

My emotional state fluctuates from day to day. Actually I have no problem being alone. I am an only child and live alone. But I miss the personal contacts extremely at the moment. That’s why I’m so happy about our conversation, it’s a huge change for me.

My problem is that I lack any structure and simply feel different every day. I am in a state of emotional chaos and sometimes I feel like a defiant child because I want this to be over now.

When I lie in bed in the morning and the sun is shining, I feel fine. Until the current situation comes to my mind again. In the beginning I was in a state of absolute shock and felt very desperate.

But just on the first weekend, when the no-contact order came out, I realized what great customers I have. On Saturdays and Sundays, I received many messages asking how I was doing, if I could be helped, even financial help was offered to me. Vouchers were bought, orders placed – I was very touched by that.

What is worrying you at the moment?

I am very worried about my parents, also about their health. My father is 85, my mother 80 and they are still very active. Her activity is so limited right now and I feel really sorry for her.

Apart from that, I’m worried about the economy. For example, I get my wool from Italy – I wonder how long it will last?

I turned my hobby into my profession, so I don’t mind working 16 hours a day. Normally the time goes faster. At the moment I feel so listless. It was also bad the day when it was announced that the stores would be closed until the 20th.04. have to stay closed. Then I was really down and sad.

What is good for you at the moment?

I go for a walk in the woods every day. That feels unbelievably good. But I also allow myself to sleep in in the morning – for that I work late into the night between wool mountains. What also does me good are phone calls in the evening. With a glass of red wine.

What I find great is that I get nice mail all of a sudden. I always liked to send cards or small gifts myself, but my mailbox was always empty. It is different now.

It’s also nice to see how creativity is bubbling up in so many people now.

What are you looking forward to when this time is over??

I am happy to see my friends again. visiting friends in favorite cities. Giving my parents a hug. We have seen each other for the last 5 weeks, but at a distance. That’s a strange feeling.

A few days ago, I was traveling by car – I even kept my distance from the car in front. Totally crazy, or?

But I am also happy to go shopping again normally. It is a strange feeling to see people with masks everywhere. Even the savings bank has a doorman now. Who knows what other changes we will get?

I also have a question for the nation: Who can explain the toilet paper to me?? Who hoards something like that? I am really a peaceful person, but the selfish behavior of some people has made me really aggressive in the past weeks.

I just have hope that after this crisis there will be more money for those who are holding the fort. Right now I wouldn’t like to have to sit at a cash register or work in a hospital. Unbelievable what they are doing right now!

What a beautiful closing, dear Anke.

Thank you for your time and your answers.

HERE there is more about Anke zwischen Wollbergen and the studio.

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