Smoking pot and driving are not compatible

After smoking pot, driving a car can have fatal consequences

After smoking pot, driving a car can have fatal consequences.

Euphoric serenity, hallucinations, slowed movements, reckless behavior – All these are effects that the consumption of cannabis has on the human body. What in sociable round a quite amusing experience may represent, brings however serious consequences in road traffic with itself.

Motorists who not to drive after smoking pot, are not only a danger for other traffic participants, but also for themselves. After all, in a state of intoxication they could overlooking a red traffic light or a pedestrian and thereby provoke an accident.

What consequences you can expect if you driving stoned and when driving a car after smoking pot is usually no longer represents a risk, you can read in our guide.

Not driving while stoned: What punishment threatens?

To determine whether a person has consumed cannabis while driving, the Occurrence of tetrahydrocannabinol (short: THC) be detected in the blood. It is the psychoactive agent of the drug. A limit value like with alcohol at the wheel (0,5 promille in Germany) there was until 2004 however not.

Who did not abstain from driving after smoking pot and caught with THC in the blood, had to be Revocation of driving license calculate. How much THC could be detected in the blood while driving was there completely irrelevant. However, in today’s world other rules. Most courts in Germany are guided by a Limit of one nanogram THC per milliliter of blood. Two nanograms accepts only the Bavarian Administrative Court.

  • The first time500 Euro fine, two points in Flensburg, driving ban of one month
  • The second time: 1.000 Euro fine, two points in Flensburg, driving ban of three months
  • The third time: 1.500 Euro fine, two points in Flensburg, driving ban of three months

The consumption of marijuana at the wheel is severely punished

The use of marijuana while driving is punished severely.

Also a Medical-psychological examination (MPU) is possible, where the fitness to drive of the driver concerned is checked. To withdraw the Driving license receives this only after passed the MPU back.

Under certain circumstances, however, the consumption of cannabis with subsequent driving also as Crime are considered. In such a case it is with Withdrawal from the driving license not yet done: also a imprisonment can then threaten, if you with THC at the wheel were caught.

When is it safe to drive again after cannabis use?

It depends on many different factors, when motorist can drive again after smoking pot, without fearing the consequences mentioned above. One aspect, for example, is, how often and in what quantities cannabis was consumed, because the Degradation of THC is influenced by it.

In general, those affected at least 24 hours should refrain from driving after smoking weed in order to avoid the not to endanger road traffic. According to unique consumption of cannabis should be driving after maximum one month be possible again without having Punishment having to reckon. However, this is true not for regular consumers: Also after three months or later it is normally still possible with them, To detect THC in the blood while driving and the Driving license to be withdrawn on the basis of this.

FAQ: Smoking weed& driving a car

No, who is caught with drugs at the wheel must expect at least a fine.

Yes, it is possible that an MPU is ordered – especially in the case of repetition.

The Federal Administrative Court has ruled that the driver’s license may not be revoked immediately when drivers drive for the first time under the influence of cannabis. First of all an MPU should examine the fitness to drive.

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There is still a lack of regulations and tests for / against overtired motor vehicle drivers.

Jo, that’s right. There is at least as much danger to be classified, because extreme fatigue makes you just as unresponsive, and you also like to overlook the deer on the side of the road, if not a pedestrian.

Life-threatening I tell you…thousands of traffic accidents every year because of these stoners, constantly drive the pedestrians on crosswalks over the pile or immediately in traffic jams or crowds of people! If we didn’t have so many experienced retirees on our roads, making up for their shortcomings with their years of experience (gained when there were significantly less cars/traffic), there would certainly be more accidents due to stoners. I don’t even want to talk about professional drivers who constantly fall asleep at the wheel and cause really bad accidents..I don’t know when I heard that a pothead drove into a traffic jam or a crowd of people, most of the time they are retired boozers or terrorists and not potheads…think about it before you write such a crap.

I don’t know how long you have been driving, but I can tell you from my own experience that "pensioners" (as you call them) are one of the biggest risks in traffic. Young novice drivers know how to drive, how to behave, just can’t do it perfectly yet. Older people don’t even know the correct, perfect driving style anymore because they are so used to their driving style. And that gets worse from time to time. Cutting corners, forgetting turn signals, overlooking people etc. are only a few examples of behaviors that I have to observe daily among older drivers. Please read up or gain experience before you write something like that..

@Ridiculous: your setting at least matches your name.
Stoners who dare to drive are sometimes more relaxed and attentive than others who have their consumption under control and can control their driving.
I drive a car, buff up beforehand and can concentrate on driving better than usual. All the influences of noise, traffic jams, exhaust fumes, passers-by and above all stress are much more dangerous, as this causes restlessness and one feels compelled to just get to the destination quickly.
Pensioners who are allowed to drive, who have not learned any new driving rules for more than 60 years are of course partly a "danger", but still far from being as bad as drunk driving!!
A pothead does not kill anyone, they are simply focused on the road and even drive slower in statistical terms, alcohol consumption leads to serenity and perception is so impaired that you don’t care about anything (driving fast etc).).

YOU are probably one of the people who accepts alcohol because it is "socially" accepted, but is just the most dangerous thing ever, but since all people think it is ok, this topic is out again.
Most people die from drinking and driving and mostly those who didn’t drink anything; but something is done about it? Everything again on the bad stoners, who take so bad drugs = nonsense!
Do not always believe what others say, especially if you have no idea ;)

Just for the record
One or the other and so also I understood the irony :D

Awesome. You are one thousand percent right

An 18 year old in a 300HP car that should be forbidden, if you really want to ensure safety! But that goes clear, shit no matter if they drive dead bystanders at street races…in every big city there is a scene of speeding and no one cares, although there are laws that could stop the senseless driving.

Not all of them are like that , I had my FS at 18 and got a brand new Scirocco 2 after 4 months.0 TSI with 360 Ps added.
*not by mom and dad* :-)
3 years have passed& nothing has happened yet :-)
So please do not lump everyone together.

Whoever is caught with drugs and alcohol, even if it is only small amounts, should have his driver’s license revoked for life.
Repeat offenders should be at 1. Once get a prison sentence of 5 years, if repeated again, a life sentence, with subsequent security detention.

Driving a vehicle while stoned and drunk is a potential murderer.

Such a punishment I would give on stupid comments on the net from people who have no idea of the matter.
I haven’t had one accident in 7 years of driving stoned – Because the stoner just drives more carefully. if people should be incarcerated, it should be those who fail in drug policy.

Driving under the influence of any drug is not acceptable and must be punished without a doubt. I wouldn’t go as far as Rambaza, after all we don’t chop off thieves hands anymore either. The real problem is that people are hereby punished for cannabis use even if they were not driving under the influence of drugs. It should be noted that alcohol is a much greater danger in road traffic, but is punished more leniently. If even the drug decanat Dusseldorf(?) If the effect of a joint lasts 4 hours, but a driver’s license withdrawal is still possible after days or weeks, there is an insurmountable discrepancy. Anyone who does not drive for 1 to 2 days after a joint is definitely careful enough.

potential murderer, you are then also if you buy Nestle products?
if you go to Primark and generally support anything with slaves and child labor?
Just because it’s offered to us users doesn’t mean that everything you use isn’t affected by it.
Drinking and driving takes away your inhibition and is always dangerous for others. Smoking pot can of course always lead to something, but through my experience many stoners drive more relaxed and careful, myself included.

As soon as everyone knows his limit and how to control himself, it is no problem to smoke a joint, but to call him a murderer is sick! We live in a world where the big powers rule over us and everything you consume, let alone pharmacy is part of exploitation, which you certainly support daily.
Do not judge others when you yourself subconsciously support much worse things that destroy nature, the habitat for your descendants, as well as the part of child labor that takes place every day, because of CONSUMERS like us!
potential murderers are we in this CAPITALISTIC STATE thus all! so think about your own actions and don’t blame others who know what they are doing, especially since you are sober due to noise, tailgaters, traffic jams, exhaust fumes, loud music, etc. also ABGELENKT WIRD! Since we all live with this EGOVERHAALTEN and also sober much can happen!

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