Smokey eyes make-up: instructions and make-up tips

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Smokey eyes are in high season for the party season. How to make up the extravagant eye make-up in style!

For an exciting party make-up you can dig deeper into the make-up pot. Particularly popular: Smokey Eyes, with which Nefertiti allegedly already ensured beguiling looks in ancient Egypt. Dark, smoky eye makeup is considered particularly expressive, dramatic and seductive. With a few tricks and the right equipment, smokey eyes can be achieved in your own beauty salon – without the dreaded panda eye look!

What do you need for Smokey Eyes?

In addition to the right technique, the equipment is crucial to ensure that the dramatic eye makeup succeeds and lasts long. Here’s what you need to make up smokey eyes:

All smoky tones are suitable: from anthracite to taupe, or mauve, gray or silver, to chocolate and brown tones. The very brave even dare to wear smokey eyes in blue. But the look becomes classic with dark anthracite and gray tones!

How to make up smokey eyes?

First, clean the skin thoroughly and apply cream. Then dab the eyelid with a cosmetic tissue to make it grease-free.

Then apply an eyeshadow base. This makes the eyelids more durable for color, at the same time also small rednesses are evened out.

Now trace the upper and lower lash line with the kohl pencil. Blend the line with either a brush or cotton swab.

Now the lighter shade of eye shadow comes into play: this is applied to the immobile eyelid to the outer corner of the eye and on the lower eyelid.

Then apply the medium, smoky eyeshadow shade to the moving eyelid, at the outer corners of the eye, and on the lower lash line. The more dramatic the smokey eyes are to be, the more intense the color application should be.

Now apply the darkest tone over the moving lid and the crease until the desired, wicked effect is achieved. Rather carefully and sparingly apply eye shadow – too darkly made up eyes otherwise make the eyes visually closer together.

Blend the transitions well with a clean eyeshadow brush or cotton swab. Use the lightest shade in the eyeshadow palette to add subtle highlights under the highest point of the brows.

If you’ve used matte eyeshadow, you can add a bit of powder on top to finish – it fixes it in place.

Finally, the eyelashes are heavily mascaraed – top, bottom and, of course, in black!

Optional: To make eyes look extra radiant, you can use a light kohl to draw a fine line on the lower, inner eyelid.

In addition, the eye shape can be modeled with smokey eyes: Narrow eyes look rounder with intense color in the center of the lid, while round eyes should have less color applied in the center!

Make-up trends from the street

Hübsche woman wears red eye makeup | © Getty Images | Jeremy Moeller

Smokey Eyes – brown eyes

Black smokey eyes look great with any eye color, but if you want to venture into more colorful looks, the eyeshadow color should be matched to the eye color to make the eyes shine especially brightly.

Brown eyes look great with blue and turquoise tones and nude shimmer, but purple and berry tones are also a good choice. The very brave also dare to use bright colors – yellow is a real eye-catcher with brown eyes!

Better not with brown eyes: red tones!

Smokey Eyes – blue eyes

Warm gold and brown tones are perfect for blue eyes. If you want to be a little more daring, try orange tones, this intensifies the blue of the eyes. Purple and pink tones are great for daytime makeup with subtle smokey eyes.

Better not with blue eyes: blue or green tones! These can rob the own eye color the radiance!

Smokey eyes – green eyes

Smokey eyes in silver and gray tones are the perfect contrast to green eyes. Rosy colors and browns also look great and set off your eye color perfectly.

Better not with green eyes: shades of green or turquoise.

Soft Smokey Eyes as discreet day make-up

If the wicked jet-black smokey eyes look is too much for you, you can opt for discreet soft smokey eyes, which are a stylish choice even as daytime makeup. The difference to the classic variant: more muted, natural colors are used. Subtle shades of brown, light shades of gray or light shades of pink are perfect for this purpose!

And this could also be interesting: fix make-up mistakes and make up eyeliner!

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