Smoked trout – formulation

I have smoked, and would like to show those of you who have never done something like this, once in words and pictures how it is done.
Here’s what we need. ( In my case there were 9 trout.)
Trout= ( 1. 10 pc.)
Water= ( 10 liters )
table salt= ( 500 g )
Juniper berries= ( approx.30g )
Bay leaves = ( 4 pk. )
Beech wood = (dry)
Juniper or alder wood= ( slightly moist )
Smoking hook= ( 1. 10 pk. )
Smoker= ( 1 pc. )
So now enough of the listing we want to start.
The day before smoking we must prepare the brine (water, salt and spices), everything in a bucket and mix well for 1 hour.Let stand and then stir again,the process is called stabilizing thereby the salt is completely dissolved in the water.
The whole is poured over the trout, which can be fresh or frozen, for fresh trout the pickling time is 14 hrs. frozen 12 hrs.

I hope that I could describe you the smoking to some extent.
Have fun trying it out.

Greetings : Frank

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Hello Frank,
this is a nice post and smoking fish is a fine thing to do.
But why do you go so high with the temperature??

If you smoke trout (fish) stay the next time at 60 ° in the oven.
That is to heat up to about 80 °. If you load the oven with fish, the temperature drops to about 60 ° in the sheet oven.
Leave the door open a little and cook the fish (trout) with the door slightly open over the beech wood fire.
This allows the fish to cook gently and the fish protein does not begin to denature.

Muscle proteins of the fish ( cold-blooded ) denature already at about 40 degrees, i.e. at a temperature just above the normal body temperature of warm-blooded animals. The proteins of the collagen denature at 45 degrees. With a constant supply of heat, the twisted protein threads of the collagen melt immediately after the denaturation of the muscle proteins. That’s why fish only has to be warmed up to a core temperature of about 50-55 degrees.Compared to meat, fish has a much lower temperature tolerance.This can be seen by the white denatured fish protein that appears on the tail or between the bones.
The wild salmon is even more sensitive.
Furthermore, the fish remains nice and tender and fatty if it is smoked in the low-temperature process.

If the fish (trout) is dry (finger test, the skin is no longer sticky) close the door and smother the fire (embers) with beech wood chips. It starts to smoke.
Now shoot the smoker and smoke until the fish has turned a golden yellow color.

Smoked trout - formulation
Smoked trout - formulation

Smoked trout - formulation

After smoking, remove the fish from the oven and let it cool in the air.
After that you can peel the skin off the fish from the back and there is a piece of marzipan in front of you on the plate.
Juicy, tender and pink trout meat.
The whole smoking process should take about two to three hours.

By the way:
The eel is the only exception in fish smoking. The will and must be cooked at 90 ° wet, because its blood is toxic and is destroyed at the temperature.
So that the protein does not denature, it comes wet in the oven.


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@ Smoky
You are of course right about the protein but !

The cooking, it takes about 45 80-90 C° with the door closed,( a slight smoke development) is normal and do not forget to add a piece of dry beech wood from time to time.Important is:that in the last 5min.from the cooking process the temperature is raised to 100 C°,so that evtl. existing germs are killed.

So I had written it in my contribution, I am very careful with fish because it belongs to the fast perishable food, because mostly highly loaded.
There I go to Nr. Surely that is why the high temperatures.
Greeting : Frank


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So I must say you both, that looks very appetizing, thanks for the many interesting pictures!

Only I’m always a little worried about hanging fish in my meat-smoking cabinet. I heard, so nothing proven, that you should not do this?

Who can provide any pertinent information on this?


@ horse whisperer,
I live on the coast and I grew up on the harbor. I have been with the fishermen since I was a little boy and a fisherman taught me how to smoke. In our fishing cooperative we also have a smokehouse.Since years a friend of mine smokes everything that comes from the sea.
This is sold directly in the fish store at the harbor.
As long as in the port is smoked none has gone higher in temperature and a smoked fish keeps with cooling 3 days in the counter.
In vacuum longer.
To the germs in the fish I can only say:
Only smoke fresh fish or if it was frozen, put it in the brine frozen. Do not thaw first and then put in the brine.
Fresh fish has no smell of its own. If it smells then of the sea or of the water where it comes from, the eyes are clear, bulging and watery. The gills are light pink and without odor. Finger test – press with the finger in the side of the fish, remains a dent in skin and flesh he is what to fry or barrel. If no bump remains, it is something to be smoked.
Then, the smoke kills a lot of germs in the fish – if there are any at all. And you won’t get rid of the stress from the fish with high temperature, then rather with a magnet or a decontaminant.

The fish gets an aromatic smoke even at 60°, which is reflected in the taste.
Try it, you do not poison yourself but a tasty fish.
No one has ever poisoned himself with smoked fish, on the contrary – omega3 and so!

@ horse butcher,
there you do not need to have any concerns. One can smoke well both one behind the other in the oven.
On the contrary. The stove gets a nice aroma from the fish. The meat sausage ( Lyoner ) is smoked with the same temperature. Just not together in the same oven, because of the stupid regulations. Meat and fish in separate rooms process us so.
For private use it does not matter.
But smoking is not a problem, the smoke also has an antibacterial effect.

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