Side job – the lucrative additional income in addition to the main job

What is a side job?

What is a side job?

Many full-time employees are not satisfied with their 40-hour work week busy. Hobbies and family come there partly anyway already quite briefly. It is unimaginable to limit the rare free time even more. However, some people are looking for a second job in addition to their main job lucrative side income by further jobs. This can Vacation cash to supplement one’s income for a planned trip.

Also the realization personal interests, which are not taken into account in the employment contract of the full-time job, can be done in this way.

A part-time job represents a tempting possibility to extend one’s labor to a further area and thus to additionally promote one’s finances. But what exactly is such a sideline position? Is there a difference between a mini-job and a side job? If both tax-free or are the usual taxes also to be paid in the case of a part-time job? In the following guide we explain what you should consider if you want to earn money on the side.

Compact knowledge: Side job

No, a general side job ban is inadmissible. However, the employee may have a side job only if it does not interfere with the full-time employment relationship.

The employer may prohibit secondary employment that his employee performs with competitors or with which the employee himself competes with his employer. If the employee violates this non-competition clause, his employer may under certain circumstances terminate his employment.

First, employees may not exceed the permissible working hours in their part-time job. In addition, it is usually not allowed that they can follow their side job in spite of illness and/or. work disability or work on the side while on vacation.

Side job – What is it actually?

The Right to work as well as the free choice of the respective job are two freedoms of man determined in the German constitution. In Article 12 of the Basic Law (GG) These privileges are included, of which each employee may make use. This authorization covers not only the performance of a main job, but also allows an employee to take a side job to enter.

The former form of activity is probably familiar to most people, and traditionally also represents the common employment model represents. However practice more and more Germans also have a part-time job from (source: Statista). But what exactly is the nature of an occupation in which employees earn extra money in part-time jobs??

Rights and duties in a part-time job

Important regulations on side jobs are contained in the Working Hours Act

The Working Hours Act contains important regulations on part-time jobs.

A side income is therefore always linked to another activity, which the person concerned mainly carries out. Usually this is a full-time position With a fixed-term or permanent employment contract. But also Pupils or students can earn money on the side away from their teaching. School and. study is the main activity.

Due to the parallelism with another – to a certain extent higher-ranking – employment, the weekly working time in the case of a part-time job as a rule limited. According to § 3 of the Working Hours Act (ArbZG) Is the maximum weekday duration of labor 48 hours. If you have a full-time job in which you work 40 hours per week, it is legal for you to also receive a sickness benefit eight hours through a secondary job to earn extra money.

However, according to § 5 ArbZG a period of leave to be observed between the respective working days rest break of at least eleven hours to be taken into account. Accordingly, it is not possible to start a second job after the end of your full-time employment, in which you work through the night without a rest break in order to resume your main job the following morning.

This is given as soon as the main job due to the side job no longer fully realized can be.

The employment contract of your main job may exclude a side job by appropriate clauses

The employment contract of your main job may exclude a side job by appropriate clauses.

It is therefore always important to make sure that the Working hours of main and side job do not overlap. In addition, the employer may prohibit his employee from working in addition at a Competing companies earn money. Thus, you may only take on a side job that does not interfere with your main job in any way time nor in market economy or. entrepreneurial respect impaired.

In principle, regardless of the type of part-time job, there is a Authorization requirement to the employer of the full-time position. The usual ones are Clauses in the employment contract, which expressly stipulate such a requirement for information or even completely exclude additional earnings.

In any case, inform your boss even if there is a lack of time to do so? no contractual regulations exist. Can this namely a good reason such as the aforementioned problem of a competitor company, he is permitted to, prohibit jobs in addition to the main job.

Vacation and sick leave: what applies in the part-time job?

An important role for going on the search for a part-time job on relevant job portals plays the Regulations on vacation and illness. If there is a Entitlement to vacation in a part-time job? In case of illness continued payment of wages instead of?

In the event of illness, the same regulations apply to a part-time job as to a full-time job. A sick leave applies inter-occupational. This means that you should Do not take up either the main or the secondary job. However, an exception applies if the exercise of the side job does not adversely affect the healing process.

For example, if you have Broken finger, you must give your Main job as fitness trainer suspend for the time being. Do you work a part-time Voice actor, you can still continue this unhindered.

The duration of this measure extends to a period of six weeks.

In the case of a side job, continued payment of remuneration is also made in the event of illness

Even in the case of a side job, continued payment of wages in the event of illness is.

The usual regulations also apply to vacation for the part-time job in accordance with Federal Vacation Act. This claim is every employee to. The minimum number is 24 working days.

But beware: The reference value here is workdays, i.e. weekdays and Saturdays, so that this provision is based on a six-day week based. If you work only five days a week, the entitlement is minimized to 20 vacation days.

minimum wage for a second job

Also in the case of Secondary job employers are obligated to pay their employees a minimum wage. The statutory minimum wage has been introduced in Germany in 2015 and at that time was 8,50 Euro. 2017 took place an increase for the first time (8.84 euros), likewise in the years 2019 (9.19 euros) and 2020 (9.35 euros). Now the minimum hourly wage that employers must pay is 9.82 Euro (as of January 2022) gross. This amount applies to main jobs as well as to side jobs.

Excluded from the minimum wage are young people under the age of 18, voluntary workers, people who are compulsorily completing an internship, and the long-term unemployed.

Sideline job wanted? These forms are possible

Typically, the part-time job will take the form of a part-time work perceived. Because this is also time restriction characterized.

This means that the evaluation of an activity as a part-time job does not result from fixed time limits, but is always dependent on the conditions of the respective company linked. If a 40-hour week is contractually imposed on full-time employees in a company, employees with reduced working hours are considered part-time employees.

Always inform the boss of your main job before taking a part-time job

Always inform the boss of your main job before taking a part-time job.

The classic part-time job usually fulfills precisely this characteristic of a lower working time, but is performed in addition to a full-time job, while a Part-time job also for yourself can stand.

From the variety of jobs, which can be performed in addition to the main job, you can find various ways to supplement your salary. From stockers in supermarkets to service staff in restaurants to more unusual jobs such as game testers, extras or gift wrappers, there are plenty of opportunities for those interested countless offers available.

Particularly tempting are side jobs where employees can use their Include hobbies can. For many, this provides a welcome change and a pleasant balance to their main occupation.

However, not only people who already receive a salary from an employment relationship, but also Pupils and students can earn extra money in this way. Therefore, a part-time job is not just a part-time job, instead different models available:

  • student job
  • student job
  • Minijob
How to find a part-time job?

This question cannot be answered in a general way, because the type of part-time job is always also depending on the personal situation. Pupils and students have limited options in terms of the number of hours they can work. Should it be a Tax-free side job be a student job, a mini-job on a 450-euro basis at.

Depending on which aspects are in the foreground for you, the search for employment must be adjusted accordingly. Recommended are the usual Job portals. Online you can find the right part-time job for your type of employment and your interests.

Part-time jobs for students

student job on the job market is a special category see. For their Employment exemptions are even then restricted, if their parents have given their consent. An important basis for this is the Youth Employment Protection Act.

A part-time job is also a lucrative source of income for pupils and students

A part-time job is also a lucrative source of income for pupils and students.

This stipulates that people must work up to the age of 15. age legally as Children and therefore do not have to do any work at all. As of 13. Birthday however, girls and boys are allowed, light work, for example, distributing newspapers or brochures as well as doing household chores. The duration of this performance is limited to two hours limited. In addition, it may not take place during school hours or after 6 p.m.

Excluded from this regulation are young people who are no longer in full-time school are. These are allowed to work eight hours a day in a 40-hour week, for example through a training contract.

How students supplement their finances

If students want to register a part-time job, they are subject to not so strong restrictions such as student. Students are allowed per week 20 hours work. The duration of the part-time jobs is to ensure that sufficient time can still be devoted to studies, as this is considered the main occupation.

In addition to the mini-job that qualifies as a part-time job, students are free to work as part of the Midijobs more than 450 and less than 1.300 euros to earn additional income without incurring full pension, nursing care or unemployment insurance liability.

This wage range is called Gleitzone designates. Within this income tax is also omitted, because the employer takes over the contributions to this with a flat rate of 15%. If the person concerned decides, voluntarily a contribution to the pension insurance to be paid, this is 3.7% (as of January 2017) of the salary.

This Freedom of choice will be charged back from earnings that are 1.300 Euro per month will be waived. The student is then obliged to pay.

part-time job and BAfoG

Important with a combination of such a part-time job and BAfoG is that a certain annual income not exceeded may be. Concretely these are 5.421,84 Euro. Any income in excess of this will then be charged to the person concerned as a repayment demand.

Secondary job on 450-Euro-Basis: Minijob

A part-time job can include very different activities and occupational fields

A part-time job can cover very different activities and professional fields.

The Minijob on a 450-euro basis means, in the case of a side job, a very common variant. Here, it is specified exactly how much you are allowed to earn per month. For other part-time jobs, such a salary limit does not exist.

Unlike a student or pupil job, however, the following are possible no limits on working hours provided. Accordingly, this is not inevitably a Part-time job. In addition Minijobs not always side jobs be. It can also be the only source of remuneration. However, since the low earnings are usually not sufficient to cover the cost of living, this is very often a part-time job.

In the same course, it was also determined that a Exceeding the 450 Euro in the case of such a job a compulsory social security brings with it.

Keep to your side job or. minijob this limitation, your Income taxed at a flat rate of 2. This deduction is then paid by the Employer as well as 13% for health insurance.

In addition he leads 15 % for pension insurance from. If you waive exemption from compulsory pension insurance, you must contribute the difference, which is divided into 3.7% of your salary amounts. For a wage of 450 euros, this is 16.65 euros per month. By means of this payment you acquire entitlement to Reduced earning capacity or Riester pension.

contributions to the Unemployment insurance are omitted with this part-time job completely.

The midijob and its special features

A minijob is a side job on a 450 euro basis

A mini-job is a part-time job on a 450-euro basis.

As already mentioned, it is possible to work a part-time job as a mini-job on a basis of 450 euros. The advantage here is that income must be tax-free remain. However, even a higher salary does not necessarily result in a full social insurance obligation.

At Midijob are Reduced health, pension and unemployment insurance contributions to be paid. The prerequisite for this is that monthly earnings up to 1.300 Euro. Depending on the specific earnings the contribution rates for pension insurance increase. This means that a midijober who earns 500 euros must pay lower contributions than a person who earns 750 euros.

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