Sichlor is a Pokemon with the Types Beetle and Flight and has existed since the first game generation. It forms the basic form to Scherox and Axantor.

In the anime, it takes on a more important role as Tracey’s Sichlor.

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Appearance and physique

Sichlor is a medium-sized, bipedal Pokemon, mainly colored green. Its body is slender in shape. The head is reptilian, elongated and has three pointed ends at the upper, rear part. The triangular eyes consist of a white sclera and a black, elongated pupil; the wide mouth is equipped with pointed teeth. Through the neck, the head is connected to the thoracic region, also called the thorax, which in turn opens through a narrow white connecting piece to the abdomen, the abdomen. At the back of the chest are the two insect-like wings. The rather short arms are immediately followed by the two long scythe-like blades. The spherical shoulder and leg joints are additionally equipped with spikes. The short legs merge with the much wider and clawed feet.

In its iridescent form, Sichlor is minimally darker in coloration. The legs and the neck are reddish for it.

Attacks and abilities

Sichlor is characterized by comparatively balanced abilities, from which, however, its speed and high physical strength stand out. It has particularly sharp senses and nimble reflexes, which even earns it the nickname "Ninja. They are reflected in attacks like jerk strike, agility or double team. In combat, Sichlor makes use of the sharp, scythe-like blades on its arms. This can be strengthened by means of Sword Dance and then be used for various cutting attacks such as Slash, Wrath Blade, Cross Scissors or Night Slash. Although it can fly, it rarely makes use of it. Its beetle-like wings, however, allow it to use flight attacks such as flapping wings or slicing the air.

Sichlor’s fighting spirit and stamina is reflected in its Hexaplaga ability, which boosts its bug attacks in crisis situations. Other specimens with technician increase the strength of weaker attacks through virtuoso execution. Rarer specimens can have the hidden ability Rockproof, they are protected from flinching by an iron will.

Behavior and habitat

Sichlor is a Pokemon rarely seen in the wild, although it is native to all other known regions except Hoenn and Einall, so its range is quite wide. As a natural habitat, this Pokemon assumes only areas of tall grass and dense undergrowth when it is fully grown. Young Sichlor, on the other hand, live in small groups deep in the mountains. There they train their speed and practice fighting with the scythes. When an adult Sichlor moves about in its habitat, it can only be glimpsed. It moves through the grass with its scythes so quickly that no human can see it. It is very proud of this high speed. It is even so fast that the enemy cannot see who is hitting it. Nimble as a ninja, it attacks with its sickle-shaped arms, making you think you can see several opponents. In the tall grass it is also almost invisible due to its color. This Pokemon’s scythes are so sharp and powerful that it can split tree trunks in seconds. Its fast, ninja-like reflexes irritate its prey during the hunt. If it then finds a gap in their defenses, it slashes them with its sickles. It then tears and crushes its prey with its sharp sickles before eating it. The sharp scythes on his forearms become even sharper when cutting hard objects. Its special wing structure makes Sichlor even more agile, but it rarely spreads its wings to fly with them.


Sichlor represents the first part of a two-stage evolutionary series and can evolve into Scherox. This in turn is capable of mega development with the help of Scheroxnit. When evolving, its physique remains similar, but the body is covered by a red, metallic layer. Its sickle arms develop into powerful pincers.

The evolution of Sichlor to Scherox is triggered in the main series games by Sichlor carrying a Metal Mantle in an exchange.

Since Pokemon Legends: Arceus, it can evolve into Axantor through the use of Blackaugite.

Sichlor exchange with metal coat exchange with metal coat exchange with metal coat exchange with metal coat blackaugite blackaugite blackaugite blackaugite blackaugite

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