She’s one of the few women who likes to park a 40-ton truck

She's one of the few women who likes to park a 40-ton truck

There are probably only a few women who enjoy parking a 40-ton truck backwards. Christina Scheib is such a rare specimen. The 31-year-old is a trucker by passion.

Bad Tolz/Gmund – When Christina Scheib marries her boyfriend, she won’t go to the registry office in a carriage. But in a semitrailer. And she herself will be behind the wheel. „But I still want to wear a princess dress", says the 31-year-old. She laughs when she talks about her dream wedding, but means every word she says. Because Christina Scheib- blonde, artificial fingernails, thickened eyelashes- Loves truck driving, even made it her part-time job five years ago.

The truck driver’s license cost 9000 euros, thanks to which the Penzberg native is allowed to drive semi-trucks up to 40 tons. At that time, the young woman financed her expensive dream with another typical male profession: roadside assistance. Scheib is still on the road two nights a week throughout the district, towing broken-down cars on behalf of the ADAC (German Automobile Club). The fact that she often gets her well-groomed hands dirty in the process doesn’t bother Scheib. The fact that many customers first ask if she even knows what she’s doing tends to annoy her. "But such prejudices spur me on."

That’s probably the only way to explain why Scheib manages to hold her own in two male domains at once. And just so there’s no confusion: The 31-year-old has a third job: She has just completed her training as an administrative assistant at the Tolz district office. Originally she learned to be a doctor’s assistant. "It’s all a little crazy with me," Scheib says, laughing.

Hobbies: crafts and field hockey

In her private life, too, everything is a bit different than with most women. "I’m totally into ice hockey," enthuses Scheib, who attends SC Riessersee games as often as she can. So it’s no surprise that the blonde from Gmund also likes to swing the hammer from time to time. "If something in the apartment is broken, I won’t wait long."Even simple repairs to cars or trucks are no problem for Scheib.

The fact that she has no problem standing her ground in everyday life, however, does not go down well with everyone. "When I told my grandma I wanted to drive a truck, she said: ‘You’re crazy.’" A few friends also reacted uncomprehendingly, some even turned away from her. "They thought I just wanted recognition," Scheib says. "But that’s not it, I really enjoy it all."

Not always easy to succeed in a man’s job

She still gets a lot of credit. For example, from her boyfriend, who is very proud of his partner, and with whom Scheib would like to start a family later on. Or from her driving instructor, when she reversed a 40-ton truck for the first time – and did it "exemplary," as the expert noted with amazement at the time. Scheib’s trick: "You must not be afraid."Some colleagues, however, can hardly cope with the fact that the blonde can park better than they can. "Especially the older ones have a hard time accepting it."

According to the blonde, it also becomes difficult when one or the other truck driver misunderstands her open and very cordial nature – and suddenly gets his hopes up for more. Or when sayings come that go below the belt. Or the young woman is called to a breakdown at night and doesn’t know what she’s in for. "It’s not always easy," the 31-year-old admits.

compensated by the indescribable feeling of sitting at the wheel of a truck. "It’s like my driving instructor used to say: You’re the ‘king of the road,’" says Scheib. "Or in my case, rather, the princess of the street."

Nickname "Princess" is program

This nickname says it all with Christina Scheib. Because despite her passion for truck driving and despite her work as a breakdown mechanic, Scheib is a "real girl," as she emphasizes. "I love unicorns, pink is my favorite color, and I always have my hairbrush with me."Some kind of compensation for her excursions into the world of men, says Scheib, is just what she needs.

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