Set up hotmail account, outlook, live or msn on iphone or ipad

If you want to receive the mails of your Hotmail, Outlook, Live or MSN account also on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, you have to set up the mail account accordingly. We explain to you, which you can easily Hotmail addresses @hotmail.en, and the other Microsoft Mail accounts on the iPhone or iPad can set up.

Receive Hotmail mails or MSN on iOS


First you have to create a Hotmail web account, which you then want to access from your iPhone or iPad. You can do this for free on Microsoft’s new Outlook site. Here, among other things, the e-mail address de. Otherwise the registration is relatively fast. You only have to enter your name and connect it with your date of birth, postal code and password.

Once this is done, you can start to set up Hotmail, Outlook, Live or MSN on iOS. First go to the settings. There iht scroll now to the point "Mail, Contacts, Calendar" and tap on her. Here you will find a list of the accounts you have set up so far, such as your address that Apple hosts. Under this list you will find the button "Add account". Tapping on it will open a small selection of providers. Lucky: is included, under this, tab you can also select the mail accounts for Hotmail, Live and MSN set up.

Setting up the Hotmail, Outlook, MSN or Live address.

After clicking on "" you will be asked in the next step to enter your access data to the Hotmail account, as email address and password. The Description field is only for you to identify which account it is, you can also change it later on. Once the data is entered, click on "Next"


Finally, on the next screen you can select the objects that you want to – i.e. from your Hotmail or Live account – you want to synchronize. You can also synchronize contacts, calendar or reminders in addition to Mail. If you don’t need the other three items, we recommend that you leave them deactivated. Once you have made your settings, you can click on "Save" in the upper right corner.

The Hotmail account is now ready to be created. In the mail app, you can simply check your mail in the inbox. To do this, simply go to the Mail app on the homescreen in iOS and update the messages. By tapping on "Accounts" you can go back one level and even filter the mails by account – here you can also select the Hotmail account.

What is Hotmail and Outlook?

Hotmail is officially called Microsoft Hotmail and was formerly called Windows Live Hotmail and MSN Hotmail. It is a webmail provider from Microsoft, which actually doesn’t exist anymore. Because in spring 2013 it was replaced by the successor replaced. Nevertheless can continue to use your email addresses.

The history of MSN Hotmail goes back to 1995. At that time still independent and founded by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith, the service started back then to symbolically show the internet freedom of various providers on the market. But only two years later, Hotmail was sold for a whopping 400 million US dollars – to none other than Microsoft. Today it is called Outlook.set up com as a competitor to Google’s mail service or T-Online.

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