Secretly in love? These 9 gestures give it away

Are you a Secret Crush? How to recognize that someone is secretly in love

Secretly in love? These 9 gestures give it away

by Lena Grutzmacher 11.08.2021, 8:15 11.08.2021, 8:15

Furtive glances, a heartbeat that is far too loud and a little too much attention: we know exactly how treacherous we are when we are secretly in love. But can you recognize this in other people? We’ll show you the signs that a secret lover is making himself known.

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Being secretly in love is exciting, but also nerve-wracking. Credit: getty images/ Westend61

We all know the feeling, secretly in love to be, because it equals a top-secret CIA undercover mission. Was the look too much, the touch too long, the laugh too high? Yes, because who knows, what he has to pay attention to, he recognizes the secret crush in the group by small signs. We train you as a mentalist, so sharpen your ears!

How can you tell if someone is secretly in love??

Secretly in love: playing with fire

Anyone who has ever been secretly in love knows, how exciting it can be. The sizzle of being in the same room with the other person or the inconspicuous glances, which are thrown to. But if we are honest, the whole thing is exciting and romantic only as long as After a certain time, a relationship actually develops. If this is not the case and you are unhappy in love, secret love can become a torment and even make you sick.

To make sure you don’t get hurt, here are seven signs that you or the person you’re with may be in love secretly in love Is. Have fun!

Disclaimer: In this article we talk about all couple constellations that exist on our colorful earth. Nobody is excluded, because Love is Love!

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If someone is always looking for your closeness, it is a good sign of a secret love. Credit: Getty Images/ Maskot /

1. Your opinion is important

There is a person who likes you constantly asks for your opinion or likes to discuss problems with you? That’s good, because obviously she/he trusts you completely and values your opinion. You don’t know each other that well yet and are more acquaintances than friends? Then this is in any case a first indication of a secret infatuation.

2. It’s always time made for you

No matter when you want to meet, the person just always has time? This is not because he/she doesn’t have a life of his/her own, but most likely because you are prio number one. Friends’ evenings and training sessions are sometimes cancelled for this purpose. If someone does it for you, then the person likes to be around you and appreciates the time spent with you.

3. Secretly in love seek closeness

Is your counterpart always sitting close to you or do you always take care not to have more than two chairs between you?? This is a classic sign when you’re secretly in love. Without seeming creepy, you want to be near the other person.

4. Attention in communication

Do you know when you are talking in a group and you are constantly cut off or not listened to? If your counterpart is really secretly in love with you, he/she will surely not do that. Because then your opinion is important to him/her and also your voice is gladly heard.

Women restaurant talking secretly in love

A meeting only for two, speaks for a secret love. Credit: Drazen Zigic/ /

5. Quite a lot of time together

Let’s face it: if you don’t want anything from someone, you don’t necessarily have to meet him or her alone, either, or? Should be So your counterpart is looking for a meeting only with you, this could be a sign of secret feelings.

6. Compliments en masse

Yes, giving compliments is also a way many secretly in love express their feelings. But especially there you should be careful that remarks do not get out of hand or make you uncomfortable. In fact, in one of our recent podcast episodes, Lisa and Mona talked about how you feel when you’re reduced to your looks or showered with compliments.

7. Attentive gestures& Detailed knowledge

Clear- if you are secretly in love with someone, you want him or her to be well. For this reason you are often very attentive. Whether it is the worry that you come home well or even a visit from the sick – Such gestures often reveal if feelings are involved. Of course, your crush can remember even the smallest details of your last narrative, because he or she listens to you attentively.

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If you are integrated into the circle of friends, that is a really good sign. Credit: shutterstock/bbernard /

8. Invitations to anything

If your counterpart takes you to a birthday, to which actually only he/she is invited, it shows you how important you are to him/her. For isn’t it the most beautiful compliment, if your presence is appreciated and wanted?!

9. The next step?

And no, by that we don’t mean that he/she wants to get you into bed. Much more the next step could be that you you are introduced to his/her circle of friends or you are introduced to siblings. This is actually a pretty sure sign that he/she has feelings for you.

Woman glücklich, glücklich life

Finally confessing one’s feelings to someone has a liberating effect. Credit: Photo:IMAGO / Westend61

secretly in love? confess feelings!

Clear- the initial back and forth is fun and is kind of exciting, but at some point you just want to clear the air. That’s why you shouldn’t take too much time to confess your feelings. Invite your secret love over for ice cream or dinner and speak openly about your feelings. Either they are reciprocated or your counterpart tells you that he/she does not feel this way. Of course, this hurts a lot at first, but at least you will have Clarity and don’t cling to someone who doesn’t share your feelings.

You have confessed your love and now the real dating starts? This Places are perfect for your first date.

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