Saving heating costs: the right heating technology to save energy

After a long summer they are back: heating costs! They are a nuisance, but somehow they are part of living here. After all, home only becomes comfortable when you don’t have to shiver. Once you’ve chosen a prefabricated house, you’re making a valuable contribution to sustainable building – and you can also keep your heating costs well under control. Because the construction method combines energy efficiency and economy. Prefabricated house manufacturers rely on innovative technologies to save raw materials and money in the long term. To help you make the right choice in the breadth of the offer, in this article we show you the most common heating installations and the associated heating costs.

Heating costs for the heat pump

Modern prefabricated houses now have a high degree of smart technology in the house and so, for example, the heating can be controlled with end devices such as smartphones or tablets. Image: pixabay © hutti

On an annual average, a heating system with a heat pump obtains about a quarter of the required energy from the power grid. Picture: pixabay © globalergysystems

A heating installation often used in prefabricated construction with a wide range of Heating costs is the heat pump. Heat pumps draw thermal energy from outside the house and use it for heating and for the hot water circuit. The heat energy can be of various origins: for example, the air-to-water heat pump draws in the outside air and uses the extracted heat to generate energy for heating. This principle is applied in reverse to the refrigerator. When heating with a heat pump, the following applies: the lower the outside temperature, the greater the electricity consumption and the higher the heating costs Heating costs.

On an annual average, a Heating with heat pump about a quarter of the required energy via the power grid. The acquisition costs are usually between 10.000 and 15.000 Euro including installation. Since the air-to-water heat pump actually requires hardly any maintenance, there are no major costs in this regard. Nevertheless, a specialist should regularly take a look at it. The air-to-water heat pump is the most frequently installed variant. Unlike the brine-to-water heat pump or the groundwater heat pump, it can be installed in just about any house. The other heat pumps require drilling to access geothermal heat or groundwater. The cost of drilling is added to the initial cost, which is comparable to that of the air-to-water heat pump. In addition, they entail a greater planning and work effort, as the boreholes must be applied for and approved in advance. The higher purchase price, the two models often make up for it with a high efficiency in use.

Costs of heating with wood

In recent years, heating with wood pellets has enjoyed great popularity. Image: pixabay © Pexels

Pellets are usually quite cheap to buy. Thus, the heating costs for a comfortable indoor climate for a family of four are on average about 1000 euros per year. Picture: pixabay © moses

In recent years, heating with wood pellets enjoys great popularity. Wood is a renewable resource and therefore a way of heating the home that does not use up the earth’s finite resources. The wood pellets pressed from wood shavings or sawdust are burned in a combustion chamber and thus provide the thermal energy for the heating system Heating. Of course, you don’t have to fire the stove yourself. The pellet heating system is an efficient, fully automated heating system which, however, takes up more space than, for example, a heat pump due to the storage and conveying technology.

In the acquisition lies this Heating in similar realms as the heat pump. In addition, however, this time there are the costs for the storage and conveying technology, which are usually around 4000 euros.

For this the pellets are quite favorable in the purchase. In this way Heating costs for a pleasant room climate for a family of four on average about 1000 euros per year. The individual consumption can deviate. Also a classical wood furnace is still popular in many households, although it does not heat without independent firing – thus requires own achievement. Who does before several work steps such as the wood cut or chopped itself, can opposite a furnace-fair supply of finished firewood Heating costs save. Today there are even kitchen stoves that can be heated with wood.

Cost-effective heating with solar energy

A solar thermal system is a particularly environmentally and climate-friendly way of harnessing solar energy to heat your own home

With a Solarthermie one can make oneself particularly pollution free and climaticfriendly the solar energy to use and thereby the Eigenheim heats. In collectors installed on the roof a liquid is heated, which runs to the heat exchanger and from there supplies the heating and hot water circuit of the house with energy. Without sunshine, however, the heat generated by solar thermal energy is also limited, which is why it is usually only used as a supplement to another, constantly operating heating installation. Solar thermal is basically compatible with all types of heating – from heat pumps to wood stoves to gas heating – and is a good start when converting to renewable heating energy as well as lower Heating costs. Those who still have free space on the roof can also consider a photovoltaic system. The generates green electricity from solar energy.

Expert tips for correct heating

The radiator should never be blocked! Even the newest heater is only half its value if it is hidden behind a bulky piece of furniture and has no way to distribute heat reasonably throughout the room

However, anyone who shivers after coming home and briefly sets the heating to the highest level is making a mistake: because the heating system consumes massive amounts of energy in the process in order to heat the cold radiator to the highest level

Beyond these heating systems, there are other options, such as a classic gas heating system or a heating system with an ice storage tank. Once you have found the right heating installation for your home, it is now necessary to put it into operation properly. Apart from a good thermal insulation, as usual in modern wooden prefabricated houses, there are still some further points on which one should pay attention, in order to heat in the cold season correctly and to hold the heating costs in borders.

Important: The radiator should never be blocked! Even the newest Heating is only half the value if it is hidden behind a bulky piece of furniture and has no way to distribute heat reasonably in the room. Heating, are real efficiency killers and will make themselves felt on the next day Heating costs-Settlement guaranteed noticeable. The heating thermostat should also be exposed and not covered by curtains or the like. The otherwise arising accumulated heat can lead to the fact that the Heating not heat up properly and the room remains cool.

In the long run one is well advised with a constant thermostat setting, in order to find as efficiently as possible a constant temperature in your own four walls. Who however after coming home shivers and the Heating If you set the thermostat to the highest setting for a short time, you are making a mistake Heating consumes thereby massively energy, in order to warm up the cold radiator to the highest level. If you then choose a medium thermostat setting, the Heating then work again to cool down the warm radiator. The golden mean is therefore recommended from the outset. And if you do get a brief shiver, a thick sweater or blanket can help. With a cup of tea and a shoulder to lean on – that saves Heating costs and make it at home very cozy.

Ventilation despite heating costs?

Modern windows can make a big difference in saving heating costs and should not be underestimated

If you have mastered the expert tips for proper heating, the next step should be to devote yourself to proper ventilation. Probably the most important tip is: ventilate at regular intervals instead of leaving windows in the tilted position! Due to the small volume of air that enters the room through the tilt position, air circulation is hardly possible. The combination of heat inside the room and cold air around the window can also contribute to mold growth. The best way to ensure fresh air in your home is to air it out several times a day for five to ten minutes. Then the heating warmth is subsequently also less dry, but all the more pleasant and the Heating costs are well invested. Finally, too dry indoor air, caused by constant heating and infrequent ventilation, is neither comfortable, nor healthy.


The Renewable Energies Heat Act (EEWarmeG) stipulates that a certain percentage of the heat energy in a new building must be covered by renewable energies. This percentage varies with different heating systems. The Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) is also an important basis for planning the heating system.

Energy-efficient prefabricated houses in timber construction permanently save heating costs

Wooden prefabricated houses are particularly energy-efficient due to their construction method and drastically minimize heating costs

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