Save on heating costs: these 20 tips will help you heat on the cheap

Save heating costs - heat cheaply

Take the test: Ask three colleagues how hot it is in the office, and you will get three different answers. Many believe in heated rooms, that it is actually too cool. Better, therefore, than to speculate about it, is simply to acquire a thermometer. With this, everyone can convince themselves that you can also be cold at 24 degrees – and perhaps even feel much better at 20 degrees.

  • Heating cost saving potential: Low to medium

3. Heating different rooms differently

It does not have to be equally warm everywhere. If you spend most of your time in the living room, you can make it really cozy there – and heat other rooms less in return. In Kitchen and bedroom is usually also 16 degrees.

Caution: Not heating at all in the hard winter can also promote mold, depending on how the environment is heated (for example, by neighbor:inside and the tenant:inside, who live below you), and whether there are strong sources of moisture.

  • Heating Cost Savings Potential: low to medium

4. Better to dress warmer than to heat more

It sounds really banal, but it’s also true: If you want to keep it really warm, you’d better heat less – and dress warmer instead! The to keep feet warm, brings a lot. Because: If the feet are cold, the circulation often doesn’t really get going for many people, especially tall, slim people.

Wool socks help against it, gladly also two or three in the onion principle. In addition to a warm sweater, a simple scarf makes you subjectively feel less cold – a scarf helps even more, of course. In the long run, it is healthier not to be constantly in overheated rooms. Inexpensive heating is not only good for your wallet, but also for your health.

  • Heating cost saving potential: medium

5. Ventilate the room instead of heating it outside

Not uncommon: permanently tilted windows, under which the radiator is happily bubbling. The idea behind them makes sense: You have it both warm and provided for fresh air supply. But it doesn’t work like that. In this way, little air enters the apartment, while at the same time it never heats up properly.

It is better to open the windows really wide several times a day and ventilate specifically – but only for a few minutes. Because then it is possible to exchange the air without the walls and furniture cooling down. If you close the window again after the impact ventilation, the fresh air becomes fast again warmly. This also prevents mold, for example in the bedroom.

  • Heating cost-saving potential: High

Diet in the winter of all things? This is not a good idea, because in the cold season you freeze faster. That’s why you should rather postpone the low carb diet to the summer months. By the way: Also something nice and spicy keeps you warm!

  • Heating cost saving potential: low to medium

Utopia Tip: A nice hot cup of organic herbal tea, for example with a piece of ginger in it! Read also: Making ginger tea yourself: How to prepare it successfully

8. Seal doors properly and save heating costs

There is also a draught through door gaps, and part of the heat disappears. With Foam sealing tapes (u.a. at Amazon**) you can seal the entrance doors of houses and apartments. Even if the rooms are heated to different degrees, you should prevent drafts at the doors as much as possible.

Another tip: A problem is often the bottom edges of the door. Under keywords like "door broom", "brush seal" or "draft stopper" you can find brush-like rails in retail stores that you simply stick, screw or wrap to the bottom side of doors. Lovely unique pieces are available at Etsy**, but you will also find on Ebay** or Amazon**.

  • Heating cost saving potential: medium

9. Secret Tip: Automatic closing Doors

Save heating costs - heat cheaply

Also a good idea: Automatic door closers, available for just a few euros. These consist of a mechanical spring made of metal, which you simply attach to the door hinges. They automatically push the doors shut inside apartments or houses, which helps especially forgetful people. You can buy** them u.a. at Amazon.

  • Heating cost-saving potential: low

10. Clear view of the radiator

Not every apartment is ideally cut, and so many a sofa stands in front of the radiator. This is bad, because the heating not only warms up the apartment by heating up the ambient air, it also emits heat radiation. If this is "intercepted" by sofas, shelves or other furniture or curtains in front of the heaters, it will be less warm.

Remedy: Simpel – ‘free’ your heating!

  • Potential for saving heating costs: medium to high

11. Turn off the heating earlier and Save heating costs

If you go to bed, turn off the heating beforehand. Now this heats up but still some time and this heat is not much use to you. Cleverly thus: Turn half or whole hour before going to bed already times the heating off. This is another way you can save energy and heating costs.

  • Heating cost saving potential: low to medium

Do the Utopia electricity comparison for your ZIP code here, already pre-filtered with reputable seals:

12. Retire fan heaters

Some people who are cold help themselves with an electric fan heater under the table. Pure madness, cheap heating is different: Heating with hot air is extreme energy-intensive, Because the devices consume an immense amount of electricity and do not use it efficiently.

In addition, they do not heat properly: only the air flow is warm and often you freeze even more where the heated air does not reach. The same applies to radiant heaters, which have become rare in the meantime. Better: wear warmer clothes.

  • Heating cost saving potential: high – Fan heaters are huge power guzzlers.

13. Cheap heating with smart thermostats

Smart thermostat

Equip, where that just possible, heaters with programmable Thermostats from. For example, you can automatically lower the temperature to 15 degrees during the night ("night setback") and raise the temperature again half an hour before getting up. In this way, you always have a comfortable room temperature and can still save a lot of heating costs.

For a long time now, there have also been intelligent heating controls that you can operate via apps. You find** them u.a. here at Obi, at Ebay, at Otto, at Tink, Toom or Amazon.

  • Heating cost saving potential: medium to high

14. Passive heating = cheap heating: simply lower the blinds

It is mainly the windows through which buildings lose their heat – even when the windows are closed. Double-glazed windows on the one hand, and blinds and shutters on the other, can help. If you leave them down in unused rooms and at night in the fall and winter, it will increase the insulation of the rooms in question and ensure that heat loss is reduced by less than half.

In combination with smart thermostats (see above) this can be effective, depending of course on the insulating effect of the existing windows and the nature of the blinds.

  • Heating cost saving potential: medium

Heating Thermostat Winter radiator adjust temperature

The numbers on the radiator thermostat are not arranged arbitrarily. They indicate quite accurately how warm it gets in the room….

15. Insulate pipes

In many a house, one or the other piece of pipe carrying hot water is exposed and wastes valuable heat, for example in basement rooms that do not need or should not be heated at all. For these cases it is recommended to use a special pipe insulation made of heat-insulating natural materials, which you simply wrap around the pipes or put as pipe shells around the pipes.

A Additional tip by Utopia reader smarla: Make sure that there is also insulation around the shut-off valves, as heat energy can escape here as well.

  • Heating cost saving potential: medium to high

16. Air in the heater

Some heaters work less efficiently than they could because air has accumulated in them. Here it helps to vent the heating system. In specialized shops (or at Amazon**) you get a vent wrench (usually these are simple inner square wrenches). Use the wrench to unscrew the vent screw – don’t forget a cup to collect the water. We tell you here again exactly how it works:

  • potential for saving heating costs: low

Vent the heating

If there is air in the radiator, you should vent the heating system. Because otherwise the warm water can’t get into..

17. Insulate radiators against outside wall?

Strange common feature of classic radiators: they are always built on the outside of the building, not infrequently under windows and in special niches where the masonry is thinner. Subsequently attached insulation panels or reflective foils should stop the heat dissipation here.

But: They usually consist of heat-insulating Styrofoam, not exactly a natural material. Also, with this kind of insulation, which is somewhat poor in heat, mold can easily form.

  • heating cost saving potential: medium to high, but better hire a professional.

18. Well informed cheap heating

Our tips can of course not cover every individual case. Not all heating systems can be retrofitted with thermostats, houses with special heating systems or underfloor heating systems have special peculiarities, and so on.

Night storage heaters are actually a no-go and should be replaced. For further reading, we recommend the brochures of the Consumer center energy consultation and from as well as our guide Heating properly: the 12 best tips for saving energy.

  • Heating cost-saving potential: medium

In the household, 70 percent of energy consumption is accounted for by heating – heating correctly is the best way to save on heating costs…

19. Save heating costs by heating check or energy consultant:in

The co2online website offers a HeizCheck to find out whether your heating energy consumption is low or too high. If the site identifies potential savings, it helps with practical tips to.

Behind the website is a non-profit consulting firm whose campaigns are funded by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment. Homeowners:inside, as well as tenants:inside, can buy a Heating expertise The site helps to identify potential savings and provides practical tips.

  • Potential for saving heating costs: high

20. Save heating costs: do not overdo it

There’s a good reason not to overdo it when it comes to saving heating costs. Rooms that are too cold or have too great a temperature gradient between rooms always harbor the risk of Mould formation, especially on outside walls and behind cupboard walls.

Especially in the bedroom, the danger of mold is high, and at the same time, mold can be particularly harmful to health here – nowhere do most people spend as much time as in the bedroom. Therefore, be sure to read our guidebook Ventilate correctly.

Saving heating costs – do these tips really help??

Yes, and in cash: each of these measures may only save a few euros, but taken together they can add up to several hundred euros a year.

And: heating cheaply not only benefits your wallet, it also protects the environment: heating produces CO2 emissions, which in turn change the world’s climate. If we don’t start heating more consciously and economically, we may soon have more pressing problems than cold feet.

How you can also save money elsewhere and do something good for the environment, you will learn in our article: Saving electricity: 15 tips for the home

Saving electricity

Saving energy can be very simple! There are many little things you can do to save electricity, heat and water. The..

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