Samsung warranty: what do i do in the event of a warranty case??

If you have a warranty issue with a Samsung smartphone or tablet, you can send the device in for free via Samsung Warranty Repair. If the damage is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, you will usually get your device back within 48 hours.

How long is Samsung’s warranty??

The warranty is a voluntary additional service of the manufacturer. The warranty period at Samsung is usually 24 months from the date of purchase or manufacture of the phone or. Smartphones. Accessories included in the original packaging are covered by a six-month warranty. Samsung also makes restrictions on the battery – here Samsung gives only 12 months warranty.

The difference between warranty and guarantee

The warranty is required by law and runs for 24 months for new goods. It covers damage that the goods had from the beginning, at least to some extent. This allows consumers to protect the goods in the first six months simply complain. After six months, however, the buyer must prove that the damage was there from the start.

In contrast, the warranty is a voluntary service provided by the manufacturer (manufacturer’s warranty) or the dealer (dealer warranty). Duration and conditions can be can be freely determined. In addition, the legal warranty always remains.

For used items, the warranty can be excluded if they buy from a private person. However, if the item is from a used dealer, he must give a one-year warranty.

Samsung warranty – What do I do in a warranty case (Image: Pixabay)

Check warranty status

Samsung usually gives 24 months warranty on its devices. You can find out which products are covered by which warranty and what you have to consider in Samsung’s warranty conditions.

If you still have the purchase invoice of your product, your device is still within the warranty if you bought it less than 24 months ago. If you do not have an original invoice, you can call a certified customer service center and ask for the warranty period by phone.

How to sell a cell phone with a defect?

Whether you can still sell a defective cell phone at a profit depends, of course, on the damage to the device. Nevertheless, in most cases you will get only a few euros for it on the well-known reseller marketplaces, such as reBuy, Wirkaufens or eBuy. So if the defect is covered by the 24-month manufacturer’s warranty, you should always claim it first. Afterwards you can sell the device again for a good price.

If the smartphone has a small defect, then do not sell it privately without specifying it. Because it applies to mobile devices as well as to cars: If you deliberately conceal a defect and thereby deceive the buyer, you can in the worst case receive a charge of fraud.

Order SAMSUNG repair 2.0

What happens if the damage is not covered by a warranty after all?

If the damage can not be repaired within the SAMSUNG manufacturer warranty for you free of charge, you will receive an estimate for the repair from the SAMSUNG Customer Service Plaza. After that you can accept or reject this cost estimate. If you refuse the repair, there will be a fee of 39.00 EUR for return shipping. Alternatively, you can ask the Samsung repair service provider to dispose of the device in an environmentally and privacy compliant manner.

The estimated repair costs for damage outside the warranty can be found on the page for SAMSUNG repairs.

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