Sam-mel-contribution: money rules the world – is that so??

Since the beginning of March you could send us an email with your opinion about money. We have collected your contributions and compiled various excerpts. What does the money do to us and our world??

Banknotes fly through the air

Your answers

Niah writes:

I find it not okay that money rules the world. Many people are poor and it’s not even their fault. They were already born into a family where there was little money. Then maybe they still have to work as children. Because the family just has no money and you need money for EVERYTHING (food, drink, a house, school, everything simply !) ..
And when kids have to work, they can’t go to school. Because they go to work. But if they don’t go to school, they don’t learn the important things that you need to have a good job later. And then when they grow up they still don’t have enough money because they can’t find a good job because they didn’t go to school! So when you grow up like this, you don’t even have a chance to get money! If you have children later, these children have the same problem, because the family still does not have enough money. They can’t go to school either. And so on. That’s why it’s not fair that some grow up with a lot of money and some with little. Because people have completely different chances in life and that is not fair.

This is what wylderking writes:

I think money rules the world! R eich people usually also have the most power! There are so many poor people, simply because they have no money. Yet money is really just printed paper. I can’t really understand this. In the past, things were simply swapped. But there were often conflicts, because no one wanted to have the things you wanted to exchange. Or someone didn’t want to trade their stuff. With money it is of course different! It is much more regulated. Still there are many people who have hardly any money. Especially in countries that are very poor. I think that should be changed!

Ariadna finds:

Today I want to tell you what I think about money and tell you my opinion.

Priceless : Some things you just can’t buy. Like z.B. Love, children, happiness, joy, friends, health and other feelings. You can’t sell all that either. Except children , but that would be illegal.

Wealth : "You are rich when you have a lot of money". Is it really true? I think you can be rich without having a lot of money. One can z.B. Be rich in love, friends n , family, health, happiness, experience and much more. What do you think? Is one only rich if one has a lot of money and expensive things??

Being rich and poor be: Some people have too much money and sometimes they don’t know what to do with it. Others on the other hand have almost no money and no fixed residence and other people from the street give them something . I think that people who are rich now may have become rich by chance. But maybe they worked a lot and made an effort in all things. How they got rich, only they know.

Effort MUST be rewarded/ are paid : Everybody chooses a profession and later on most of them do it. A person can not learn all professions. For example, a supermarket salesman who works 8 hours a day from Monday to Friday gets about 1 200€ a month (this is an example). If one works, he must also be rewarded for that effort. In this case, it means rather : pay. With this money you pay the rent, buy (food), etc.

Small and large wages: A doctor with a lot of work experience and studies gets on average 6 580€ per month . Per year this would be 78.960€ – s uper much money ! It is really hard to learn this profession, that’s why doctors get so much money. The bigger the salary, the bigger are the taxes Taxes which you have to pay for. So a doctor has to pay more taxes than a supermarket clerk. Someone who has a mini-job must have z.B. not pay after-school care fees for the child. Or other costs are reduced because you do not get so much money. The maximum amount an employee can get for a mini-job is 450€. They work less and that’s why their wages are so small.

Money types : There are coins and paper money. Coin money is made of cheaper base metals. The coins are not made of gold and silver, because then there would be no gold and silver. Paper money is printed paper with codes and a silver stripe en . If one holds money into the light, one sees in the center a dark stripe. With counterfeit money there is NOT all this.

Minimalist living: I saw a documentary in which a couple "retired" at the age of 35. They have saved VERY, VERY much . Because: They have a very small house , which has only the most necessary things. You spend money only on a few products and live minimalistically. You have a greenhouse where you grow lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers. They also have chickens. Your car is very small, consumes little electricity and gasoline (for it is a hybrid), and generally has little cost. The car has NOT been in the shop for 10 years. They do EVERYTHING themselves that someone could do in their place. A really crazy and crass couple, I think. What do you think about them?

These were my thoughts, my opinions and everything I have seen in documentaries. I hope you liked everything, because I took a lot of trouble to write this article. A lot of time it also took. But everything was worth it in any case!

Flynn writes about it:

I think money rules the world. Nowadays, you can do almost nothing without money, like for example. B. Going to the cinema, buying food and even water from the tap costs something. In the past, settlements also had to deposit something if they wanted something from another settlement. Then z. B. Skins exchanged for certain stones. It is still similar today. You trade something to get something else.

The homeless have no place to rest, because of lack of money for example. That is why they have to sleep outside. Because of Corona, the stores have closed, so they have not made any more money. With it the economy went down. So goes without money today actually Nothing at all more.

[email protected] writes:

Why do you think money rules the world? – Because nowadays as good as NOTHING more for free is. For everything you need money.

Or do you see it completely different? – No, because you need money for EVERYTHING today!

What does money mean to you? – Money means everything to me! There is almost nothing that is more important to me than money!

Why are there so many rich people and at the same time so many poor ones? – There are several reasons!

  • 1. Sometimes people don’t know how to handle money, but those who don’t know how to handle money have very bad chances to become rich!
  • 2. Sometimes people have inherited a lot of money, this is of course helpful to be rich!
  • 3. Sometimes these people just can’t get rich! Because it z.B. live in poor villages where you can’t earn anything.
  • 4. People are just lazy or have too little self-confidence ! But you can only fix this point yourself, because then it’s your own fault .

This is the opinion of Franzi XD:

This is my opinion about money rules the world: Even if it is said that the most important thing in the world is friendship, money is more important to many people. Because we Germans still have to pay compensation to other countries for the second world war. Other countries that were harmed in this war always want money from Germany as compensation, as compensation for the fact that so many people from these countries died. Does money then even go over life? It depends on who you ask! I think that the death of many warriors from other countries in the second world war is just an excuse to get money. The current generation in Germany can’t help what the previous generation did, as bad as it was. So in my opinion money rules the world, although it is not the most important thing!

Thanks for all your great answers! We found it very interesting to hear so many important opinions from so many different areas from you.

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