Salzburg gurgles

Salzburg gurgles

The service is free and available while supplies last. One sample set with 10 PCR test kits is available per person. After that, a new test collection by the same person is only possible again after 14 days.

Important: Register before you go to the checkout with your sample set and select "Pick up sample set now". After that you have 20 minutes Time to pick up the sample set at the participating SPAR MARKT at the checkout. To do this, show the 20 minute timer to an employee at the cash desk.

Salzburg gurgles

Sign up& Testing

Log in with the data you used for registration and take a sample. Prepare your sample set according to instructions and press in the user account on "Test now", to set the time of collection. This is important for the validity period of the result and determines when the next test may be done (48 hours later).
Then proceed according to instructions.

If you already have a sample account you can sign up at any time at "Sign in" log in and register your sample directly.

Salzburg gurgles

Salzburg gurgles

Drop off sample at drop-off points

Throw the sample into a collection box.
Please note: Throw in your sample by 10 a.m. If dropped off after 10 a.m., analysis will be delayed one day.

There will be no collection on Sundays and holidays.

Receive result

As soon as the result is available, you will receive an SMS message. In this SMS you will also find a link to the analysis result as PDF. The password requested there is your date of birth.

COVID symptoms or tested positive?

If you have a positive test result or COVID symptoms are present, you will receive a 21 day hold until testing can be done again

For the so-called Freitesten from an official segregation are these gargle tests not allowed – this is arranged by the health authorities.

Do you need help?

The following link will take you to our help center. We will be pleased to help you there.

Here you can find our issuing and delivery points

The samples are collected daily at 10 a.m. Sundays and holidays are excluded.
Please note the opening hours of the respective office.

Pure test set issuing point Issuing and dispensing point Pure sample dispensing point.

Still questions?

General questions

There are no costs for the participation in.

Please note the opening hours of the collection points. Not all are accessible on Sundays and holidays.

Specimen collection only takes place on working days. This means that if you z.B. if you send in the sample on Sunday or on a public holiday, the sample will be collected and analyzed only on the following working day.

Minors may also participate under the supervision of a guardian/legal guardian, if the guardian/legal guardian carries out the registration and the sample registration.

samples from other analysis kits or analysis systems can not be evaluated.

Questions about the test procedure

We ask that you do not eat or drink anything for 30 minutes prior to sample collection or. Oral hygiene to be performed. This may result in a sample that cannot be evaluated.

To ensure rapid availability of the PCR test sets, there are 2 different pooling test systems. These differ by a different procedure for sample preparation. The PCR analysis procedure is identical.

Therefore, please always proceed according to the instructions included in the set.

The pooling procedure is used for the tests.
In pooling, multiple samples are tested together for viral DNA by PCR analysis.

Only if the total sample is positive, the individual samples will still be registered
tested once separately.

Each label sheet has its own QR code. This must be registered once per sheet. Through the registration the code is bound to the person. Thus, the set can be used by a maximum of 3 people.

If a sheet is lost or you have used up all QR codes, you can register a new sheet in your customer account. Just make sure that the sheet and its QR codes are not used by another person.

If all sheets are personalized or used up, a new set is required. Individual QR sheets cannot be issued.

Questions about the result

You will usually receive the result on the next day if the sample has been placed in the collection box in time. This means before the daily collection. At which times the collection boxes are emptied can be found at the chosen location.

Please note: Delays may occur.
The reasons for this are z.B. insufficient sample quality, extended analyses in case of a positive result in the pool or incorrect procedure for testing and/or registration.

Failure to obtain a result may be due to a number of reasons.

Please remember that your result the following day after sample collection obtained, provided that no delays occur.
Sample collection does not take place on Sundays and public holidays, therefore your sample will be analyzed only on the following working day.

Reasons for delay

Since the samples are analyzed in the pooling procedure, an extended analysis can be performed if a positive case has occurred in the pool. Also, delays may occur if the sample quality is not sufficient or the sample has not been collected and prepared correctly as described in the instructions.

Notice: There are different test sets and analysis procedures.
Therefore, please always follow the instructions included in the test kit and use only the included components of the kit (such as z.B. QR codes and sample tubes). Mixing of different test systems also leads to a lack of result.

In some cases your result may not be available at all. This is due to incorrect sample registration.

Was your sample properly registered?

Please follow the instructions exactly.

If you have registered for the first time, please note that the process from 2 steps exists:
1. Account registration and 2. Sample registration.
You must enter in the account the "test now" so that the process is started properly.

It is also extremely important that your data was entered correctly during registration. If there is an error in your personal data (z.B. the date of birth) is available, no result can be produced. There is also no possibility to get the result retrospectively.

You can always check and correct the data in your customer account. Please note that any correction must be made before the sample is registered again. Corrections that take place when a sample is already in progress do not count for this. Incorrect data on the result cannot be corrected afterwards.

Via an interface we send your result to the green passport. As soon as it is available there, you have the possibility to download the certificate at download.

Through the link you received by email and SMS, you can click on the button "Your green passport is ready for download" to download the certificate.

Status "Green passport available here soon"
Please note that the green passport certificate under your result link will be imported with a time delay. Unfortunately we have no influence on this.
You can find more information at

If the test result is positive and therefore a SARS-COV-2 infection is to be assumed,
this person will be informed by the authorities. This then clarifies the further steps.

You can download your test result in German and English.

As a laboratory service provider, we can not give any information about the validity. We ask you to inform yourself at the responsible authorities or organizers. Also we can not give information about entry conditions to other countries.

To open the result you need a PDF reader. This can be obtained free of charge on the Internet or app store.

Password is your date of birth. If you receive an error message after entering your data, your date of birth is stored incorrectly in the customer account. Please check this immediately in your customer account. A test result with wrong data is not valid.

If you cannot open the link for other reasons, you have the possibility to call up and download the result in your customer account.

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