Relationship tips: this is how you win back his attention when he has lost interest

Desperation spreads when we notice that the man of our hearts threatens to lose interest in us. We have five tricks for you, with which you are guaranteed to attract the attention of the man of your dreams.

It is a nerve-racking situation when we notice that the man we love suddenly loses interest in us. However, we do not have to accept this circumstance just like that. With certain tricks we can try to attract his attention again

It’s a nerve-wracking situation when we notice that the man we love suddenly loses interest in us. However, we definitely do not have to accept this circumstance just like that. With certain tricks we can try to get his attention again

You want to despair most when the relationship is about to end or has not even really started because he begins to lose interest. The good news: If we behave correctly and send the right signals, we can win him back

When the man we love apparently starts to lose interest in us and no longer pays attention to us, it is a very painful and nerve-wracking situation for us. Of course, in this situation, we want to do everything we can to get him to notice us again and win back his love. Unfortunately, our feelings all too often tempt us to keep sending him messages, calling him all the time or even driving by and paying him unwanted visits. But this behavior usually does not make the situation better. On the contrary: It will most likely drive him even further away from us. Just waiting and twiddling our thumbs often doesn’t seem to be the right solution either. We have for you five tips to follow when he seems to lose interest in you. &&

1. Don’t be too clingy

Especially when we are at the beginning of a relationship and are head over heels in love, we tend to shower our partner with attention. Sure we would prefer to have him around all day, but that is exactly what most men find exhausting and above all unsexy. They don’t want to feel that they have to please us all the time and that they have to adjust their lives to us. This can quickly become too much for our partner and he starts to lose interest in us. Right now, we need to try to step back and focus a little more on our own lives again. Even if it is hard, we should try to suppress the impulse to send him a message or call him and instead distract ourselves by going out with a friend or doing some sports. &&♀️

2. Give him his space

When we notice that a man begins to withdraw, it is clear that we immediately want to know what the reasons for his behavior are. But pestering him with questions right away is most likely the wrong strategy to regain his interest. It is better to leave him alone for the time being and let him reflect on the situation himself. By giving him his space, we show that we too can take charge of our own lives and don’t have to sit by his side all the time. This behavior will impress him and most likely rekindle his interest. &

3. Does not immediately ask for a conversation

Even if we have an immense need to talk in such a situation, it would probably be the wrong decision to contact him immediately with all our questions and impose a long, clarifying conversation on him. Wanting to talk to him too soon about the situation we are in together might make him even more distant from us rather than interesting to us. It is better to let him think about the reasons for his behavior and give him a long time, until he has found the right time for himself and wants to talk about the situation on his own. &

4. Show him your interest

As women, we take it for granted that our partner is the one who calls us, gives us flowers and plans the next outings. We just sit back and let him simply carry us on his hands. However, this attitude can be the reason that it drives him away from us. This does not necessarily mean that he has lost interest in us. It could simply be that he needs time to himself to regain strength. So we should start letting our partner know that we want to be with them and have not lost interest. In doing so, it is important that we respond to his situation with understanding and not bombard him with messages. Instead, we should just let him know from time to time that we are thinking about him and are happy to see him again. &

5. Think over the whole situation

If our partner loses interest in us, we are naturally so offended that we compulsively try to save the situation that we can’t even reflect on how our relationship is actually doing. Our hurt ego makes us do everything to attract his attention again. We do not even notice that we completely lose sight of whether the current situation is still what we really want. Do we really want to win back a man who has lost interest in us?? Just when our efforts are fizzling out and the tense situation is increasingly upsetting us, we should be clear about whether this is the kind of relationship we want to have. If we come to the conclusion that we have imagined a partnership differently, it is perhaps better to go separate ways and to concentrate on our own lives again. &&

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