Quarantine: is it allowed to go for a walk?? These rules apply

Quarantine: is it allowed to go for a walk?? These rules apply

Omicron variation: Will quarantine rules be relaxed?

At the next federal-state roundtable on how to proceed with the Corona pandemic, it could be decided to relax the quarantine rules. In view of the highly contagious omicron variant, this is intended to relieve areas of critical infrastructure such as energy suppliers or hospitals.

Does everyone who has had contact with a Corona-positive person have to be quarantined?? Also vaccinated and boostered? The new rules at a glance.

  • Anyone who has had contact with a person infected with Corona must be quarantined
  • May I go for a walk? What rules do I have to follow?
  • How long do I have to be in quarantine? These rules have been adopted for unvaccinated, vaccinated and recovered persons

The holidays are over, the new year has begun – and the Corona case numbers are again rising to the heights. Anyone who had contact with infected people over Christmas or New Year’s Eve is now wondering: Do I have to go into quarantine, even if I have been vaccinated or have recovered?? On the youngest Corona Summit new quarantine rules have been agreed by the federal and state governments.

Basically a distinction is made between Quarantine and isolation. Both are measures designed to stop the spread of coronavirus. Isolation is a government-mandated measure for people who have tested positive for the coronavirus using a PCR test. Read also: Flurona: What is behind the new Corona phenomenon??

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In quarantine, on the other hand, must be people who have a Suspicion on an infection exists. These are usually either contacts of infected people or travelers coming from high risk or virus variant areas. The quarantine can either be ordered by the authorities or be voluntary.

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Coronavirus: Who is considered a contact person?

So-called contacts are people who:

  • Live in a household with a person who has tested positive for the coronavirus
  • Have been in the vicinity (1.5 meters) of an infected person for more than 10 minutes without wearing a mouth-nose protection or FFP2 mask
  • have been in the same room with an infected person for more than 10 minutes, regardless of distance or whether you wore a mouth-nose protection or an FFP2 mask
  • have had a conversation with an infected person without mouth-nose protection or an FFP2 mask, at a distance of less than 1.5 meters and regardless of the duration
  • Have been on an airplane trip for at least five hours and have sat in the same row or in the two rows in front of or behind an infected person, regardless of whether you wore a mouth-nose protection or an FFP2 mask
  • Have had contact with respiratory secretions of an infected person, such as by kissing, sneezing or coughing on them

May I go for a walk? How must I behave in the quarantine??

Those under quarantine are not allowed to leave the house. Even walks are prohibited with it. The Ministry of Health provides the following information on its website:

  • "You must stay at home.
  • You are not allowed to go outside.
  • You must not have direct contact with others.
  • Measure your body temperature regularly and observe possible signs of disease. Write down your observations daily."

Corona Summit: Who is exempt from quarantine?

After recent Federal and state resolution Contacts are exempt from quarantine if they have a booster vaccination, are newly double vaccinated, are vaccinated and recovered, or are newly recovered. Fresh means: the vaccination or illness was less than three months ago.

Despite exemption from quarantine, contacts are advised to monitor their health and continue to follow hygiene rules. Contact with individuals at increased risk of severe progression should be avoided. Enter Symptoms If a person is infected with the virus, he or she should immediately isolate himself or herself and have a PCR test performed.

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With that Omikron does not bring the country to a standstill, the specifications for the Quarantine shortened. The aim is to ensure that police, firefighters and energy providers, i.e. the "critical infrastructure", are not affected does not lead to staff shortages.

Federal-state roundtable still agreed to rules on quarantine and isolation

Corona: How long does the quarantine last??

The first day of quarantine is considered the day after the last contact with an infected person. Isolation or quarantine should usually end after ten days, if they do not have contact persons freiteste beforehand. Accordingly, for the general population, a quarantine after contact with infected persons or isolation after own infection can be terminated after seven days. However, the prerequisite is a negative PCR test or a "qualified Antigen rapid test.

Schoolchildren and daycare centers can quarantine themselves (i.e., as a contact person) after five days PCR or rapid testing free. Infected children and adolescents can leave isolation after seven days with a test.

Special rules should apply for Employees of critical infrastructure such as hospitals or care facilities apply:

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