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How many actors are in the film? How old is the groom? When does the drunken husband come home? These and other exciting questions promise entertaining moments for real puzzle fans. Discover now many ingenious puzzles and bring your grey cells so correctly on the way up. Some of these clever puzzles may seem quite straightforward at first glance. But attention, also apparently simple riddles can have it in itself. Alert minds are needed when it comes to thinking around the corner and up to the right solution. Of course, under each riddle you will also find the hidden solution. This way you can quickly check if you were right with your idea.

Little hint: These entertaining puzzles are also perfect fodder for social puzzle nights. Just print it for free with the solution and start guessing together!

Word puzzle

Which people are blind on a ship at the same time and yet can see?

Riddle solution:

The new Hollywood movie – puzzles

In a comedy in which world domination is at stake, you can observe the following characters. Five gangsters being chased by 8 policemen because they stole the picture of the 12 apostles. An African bus driver taking 26 students to see the seven wonders of the world. Six robbers breaking into the twenty-fifth floor in a skyscraper to steal 9 valuable statues. A homeless man who lacks 5 senses and walks 4 dogs on a leash. 3 scouts who do 12 good deeds on 6 days of the week. As well as a captain who sails with his 83-man crew in all four cardinal directions.

How many actors are playing in this movie?

The solution to the puzzle:
134 actors play in this movie.

Children’s name

Peter’s mother has 4 children. The first child was christened "January". The second child has been given the name "March". The third child is called "Mai".

What is the name of the fourth child?

The fourth child is called Peter.
The explanation: Peter’s Mother has 4 children!

Where are you? – Puzzle

Walk five steps forward. Turn 90 degrees to the right and take another five steps forward. Now turn right one more time and go 10 steps further.

Now 90 degrees to the left and 3 steps forward. Then another left turn and again 5 steps ahead. Finally, turn left one last time and walk forward eight steps.

Where are you now?

You are back at the starting point!

Riddle - Where are you

What happened here? – Puzzle task

10-year-old Ben has just come home from school, greets his mother briefly and then heads purposefully for his nursery. But what must he see there in horror? Caesar and Cleopatra are both lying dead in a pool of water on the floor. Around the two are broken glass but blood is nowhere where to be seen.

What happened here cruelly?

The solution:
Ben has a small aquarium in his nursery with two goldfish – Caesar and Cleopatra. Unfortunately, one of the glass panes broke this morning and the water spread on the floor with the two fishes.

The car and the young woman

A young woman borrows for ca. 1 hour a car off. After this time, she wants to return the car to the designated station. But just before you reach your destination, a strange man comes rushing up to you and hands her some money for the wagon. The woman accepts the money and gives the car to the stranger without looking back.

Yet the young woman did nothing forbidden. Why not.

It was a shopping cart that the young woman borrowed from a supermarket parking lot.

Who is wanted here?

Who drinks something that he does not own and if he did, he would never drink it?

A vampire

Puzzles tricky

What is felt to the maximum volume and yet remains empty?

A balloon

Tina and the alarm clock

Tina woke up an hour early that morning. Normally your alarm clock would ring at 7.00 o’clock. But today she didn’t feel like crawling out of bed at all and certainly not at 6.00 o’clock in the morning. Then she had a brilliant idea. She simply set the alarm clock from 6.00 o’clock at 4.00 o’clock back and so she could still sleep 3 hours. But after an hour the alarm clock rang like every morning and showed exactly 7.00 o’clock at. How was it possible?

Tina had a radio alarm clock and after ca. 5 minutes it automatically reset itself to the right time.

Wedding with obstacles

An older gentleman wants to marry a very beautiful and much younger woman this Sunday. His best friend advises him against it. "You are three times as old as your future bride" he reproached him. The latter countered calmly: "Yes! But in 20 years I’ll only be twice her age".

At what age will they get married on Sunday??

The solution to the puzzle:
He will be 60 years old at the wedding and she will be a tender 20 years old.

When will Peter come home? – puzzles

Peter was out drinking with his friends and comes home a bit drunk. His wife asks him anxiously: "Where have you been all evening and do you even know what time it is??"

Peter slurred: "At 60 to 5 p.m. Klaus came to our house and we both watched 125 minutes of a cool movie. 25 minutes, after the movie was over, Tom finally arrived. The three of us first ordered a pizza. Another 36 minutes passed before it was delivered. And to eat the pizza we needed another 30 minutes. Then beer drinking was on the program. I needed just 24 minutes for a crate. Now everything went very fast – cab ride to pub 18 minutes, 6 rounds of schnapps in 36 minutes, 6 minutes on the toilet to get rid of the beer again. Second cab ride to the disco 15 minutes and 240 minutes dancing in the disco. For the way back we had no more money, therefore we walked. My feet hurt, after 2 hours of disoriented swaying back to you, my darling!

When did Peter really come home?

The solution to the puzzle:
03.15 o’clock at night

The elevator

In a department store in 1. Stick women’s clothing, in 2. Stick men’s clothing, in 3. Stock children’s clothing and in the 4. Stock electronic items and sporting goods offered. Many customers take the elevator in this department store.

Which button is pressed most often in this elevator??

The button "E" for the first floor.

Word puzzle

Which word in a 2019 dictionary was correctly misspelled?

The puzzle solution:
The word "wrong.

The swimming race – number puzzle

Two friends stood on the bank of a raging river and wanted to find out which of them was the better swimmer. They wanted to settle this with a swimming race to the other shore, which was 500m away. "If we are going to have a swimming race", said the one friend "then let’s swim the distance there and back. Whoever gets back here first is the better swimmer".

So it happened that both friends at 12 sharp.00 o’clock we jumped into the water to get to the other side of the river. The first came at 12.30 o’clock at the opposite shore, turned around briefly and swam back again. At point 13.00 o’clock he had also swum the second distance and was the winner.

"Thunderstorm", said the second, when 15 minutes later he had also reached the shore again."

"How fast did you swim with such a strong current??

He swam exactly 1 km/h.

From 12.00 o’clock to 13.00 o’clock it is exactly 1 hour and the swum distance was 2 x 500m long = 1000m or 1km. Therefore 1km per hour!

Who or what am I? – Puzzler

I get wet so that another no longer need to be wet. Who or what am I?

A towel

The famine

An archaeologist claims to have found a very old writing from the Roman times. This describes a very great famine that the Roman people are said to have suffered. Many thousands of women and children are said to have starved to death or died of diseases. Literally, the writer writes, "We are currently in 52 B.C., and the proud Roman people must suffer hunger and torment."

Why can’t it be? And why is the document a forgery??

The writer of this writing could not have known at the time of writing when Jesus Christ would be born. After all, he could not see into the future and thus could not make a statement "52 B.C.".

The marble floor – difficult puzzle for clever minds

Every evening in the museum the marble floor is cleaned. The first three days of the week this is done by Mr. Baum. It takes 2 hours per day to do this work. On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays this is done by Mr. Red. Since Mr. Red started the work only a few days ago, it takes him twice as long as Mr. Baum.

The museum is normally closed on Sunday. But this Sunday there will be a special exhibition. To speed up the cleaning of the floor on this day, Mr. Baum and Mr. Rot were asked to clean the floor together.

How long will it take the two cleaners together to clean the museum floor?

The puzzle solution:

They need both together 80 minutes (1 hour and 20 minutes) for the complete cleaning of the museum floor.

Calculation path

Mr. Baum needs 2 hours = 120 minutes
Mr. Red needs 4 hours = 240minutes

After 60 minutes, Mr. Baum has cleaned half of the floor (1/2 = 60min)
Mr. Red has cleaned a quarter of the floor after 60 minutes (1/4 = 60min)

Since both work at the same time:
1/2 + 1/4 = 2/4 + 1/4 = 3 / 4 of the floor in 60 minutes.

According to this, three quarters of the floor was cleaned after 60 minutes.
3/4 = 60 minutes
1/4 = 20 minutes

3/4 + 1/4 = 4/4 = 100 %

60 minutes + 20 minutes = 80 minutes

Thus, the entire marble floor is completely cleaned after 80 minutes (1 hour and 20 minutes).

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