Protection mechanisms on android smartphones: secure folders, app locks, etc

Our smartphones are full of sensitive data. Be it private or business messages or contacts, pictures, access to online shopping or the account balance. As convenient as it is to be able to manage all these things with a device that fits in your pocket, it also poses just as many dangers. In this article, we show how you can protect sensitive data if you let your smartphone out of your hand or accidentally leave it unattended.

Google itself does not yet have a feature that can lock apps or files with passwords. Some smartphone manufacturers have developed something of their own here. Otherwise, there are apps that can do that in this case as well.

Samsung – The secure folder

/>Samsung calls the tool for securing sensitive data "Safe Folder". Apps and files can be stored in this secure folder and are thus protected with an additional password. The data from the secure folder can also not be read out via a computer. To be able to use the secure folder, the user needs a Samsung account. Here’s how to set up the secure folder: In the settings, under the "Device Security" section, there’s a "Safe Folder" button quite far down the page. Now you have to set a PIN for the safe folder. The secure folder is then set up on the device. If you open it, you can now select files, folders and apps, which from now on will only be displayed after entering the PIN or the PIN code. can be started.

Huawei – safe folder and app lock

Protection mechanisms on android smartphones: secure folders, app locks, etc

Huawei and also Honor offer two different features at once to protect sensitive data. Both options can be found in the settings under "Fingerprint ID. This menu can only be accessed after entering the on-screen password. Now both the safe and the app lock can be set up. For both, you need a six-digit password and a security query in addition to the fingerprint. After these have been set up, you can go to the settings under "Security& Privacy" under "File safe" after checking the fingerprint, you can select which data should be placed in the safe and can thus only be opened after authentication. If you select the "app lock", after authentication you can choose which apps can only be opened after verification.

LG – content lock

/>LG doesn’t have as many options as Samsung or Huawei, but at least there is the possibility to secure pictures and videos. In the settings under "Content lock", you can specify how the locked area is to be unlocked, whether via fingerprint or PIN. Then you have the option to lock individual pictures or videos via the gallery.

Other protection mechanisms

For users of other devices, there are still special apps that offer more protection. This includes, for example, Smart AppLock. After downloading and then starting the app, you set a master PIN and can optionally use your fingerprint without having to store it again. Subsequently, it is possible to select which apps can only be opened after authentication. In addition, "error messages" can also be set, which are displayed if the PIN is entered incorrectly, so that it looks to unauthorized persons as if the app has crashed.

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