Proper care for long hair: what man must consider!

Practical tips around the casual long hair look You want a well-groomed mane of hair? What you need to do for it, how to succeed in styling and what you can do in the meantime until the hair reaches your desired length, you will learn here.

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Cool hairstyle – without problems

Wearing your hair long doesn’t always have to be a visual decision. Many men just don’t feel like going to the barber every week- and therefore let their hair grow by accident, so to speak. Your luck! Because with it you lie completely besides totally in the trend.

You want to wear your hair long too? Or maybe you have already let your mane grow and want to know how to care for it properly?

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Long hairstyle: not just for surfer boys

Long hairstyle: not just for surfer boys

Long, wild hair has always been a trademark of skaters and surfers . But don’t worry , you don’t have to get on the board to look just as cool !

Long hair? Men, I dare you!

Who does the long hair look good on?

Men with long hair are as trendy today as they were in the wild 70s. But does the unconventional mane suit you?? It depends mainly on your inner attitude- because the optical counter design to the classic short hairstyle requires first of all a healthy self-confidence.

Whether intellectual, rocker, creative or surfer type: Long hair often characterizes its wearer at first sight, makes him interesting and also gives him a youthful appearance.

The optimal hair structure

Of course there are also a few Genetic preconditions, Which play into the casual long hair look:

  • Tends to be suitable thicker hair better to grow it long. It usually stays strong up to the tips.
  • Fine hair usually becomes even thinner towards the bottom. Without appropriate styling it often fails.
  • Natural frizz is a completely different story: Long locks look lively, but also need your full attention to look well-groomed.

Striking dream team: long hair and beard

Of course, you can wear and visually combine your proud head of hair just the way you like it. If you like it grittier, a beard is the perfect complement to long hair. It gives contour to soft faces, makes you look masculine and older.

Let hair grow – a question of patience

Long hair for men: tips for letting it grow – and for the transition

For long hair you do not need much- only time and perseverance. On average, a head of hair grows about 0.3 to 0.4 millimeters per day. Ten extra centimeters thus require about eight months of patience.

Unfortunately, you can not accelerate the whole thing. A healthy lifestyle (such as giving up cigarettes and eating a diet rich in vitamins), however, ensures that the hair root remains healthy and your hair grows as strong as possible as a result.

Between mop and mat: tips for the transition

If you want to change from short to long hair style, you can’t avoid the unloved transition phase. During this time, you will probably have single strands hanging in your face more often-they are still too short to tuck behind your ears or to tame in a braid.

The most important thing now is to resist the temptation to just cut off everything. These tips will help you keep going:

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